Celebration of Outstanding Achievements

Thank you for joining us virtually as we honour the accomplishments of our undergraduate students in achieving the annual Dean’s Honours List.

Each year our faculty enjoys taking the time to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. Although this year may look a bit different due to the ongoing pandemic, I am delighted to once again host this event virtually and congratulate each of you on your notable successes.

There is so much to celebrate, and we are pleased to recognize not only your hard work, but those who support you every day. As each of you continue to strive for excellence on your journey through academia, please take a moment to thank those who are helping you along the way. On behalf of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, welcome and congratulations.

Peter Tiidus

Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Welcoming remarks

Peter Tiidus

Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Kirsty Spence

Associate Dean, Teaching & Undergraduate Studies

Keynote presentation

Stefanie Pavlovich

Program Leader of Health and Physical Education /
Athletic Director, Eden High School
Brock Alumna (BPHEd ‘10, BEd ‘10, MEd ‘11)

Stefanie graduated from Brock University (BPHEd ‘10, BEd ‘10, MEd ‘11) and then went on to complete additional qualifications in dance, cooperative education, special education, alternative education, and leadership in health and physical education.

Stefanie has been a teacher with the District School Board of Niagara since 2011. Currently the Program Leader of Health and Physical Education and the Athletic Director at Eden High School, Stefanie has successfully developed curricula in female-focused fitness, leadership in sport, dance for students with special needs, and rugby-focused physical education. Prior to her current role, Stefanie was an instructor within the Faculty of Education and the head coach of women’s rugby at Brock University. She has also presented at several conferences and universities across Ontario on the importance of student enjoyment in health and physical education.

In addition to her extensive portfolio, Stefanie has a passion for giving back to the community, coaching youth in Niagara, and mentoring the next generation of physical education teachers.

She enjoys sharing her time and expertise by sitting on the Dean’s Advisory Council for Applied Health Sciences, connecting with alumni at various Brock events, and creating leadership opportunities for students at Eden High School.

There is an extensive list of awards to showcase Stefanie’s passion for volunteer involvement with sport. During her time as a student-athlete, Stefanie received the Director’s Award in Sport and was recognized as an OUA Women of Influence (2010). While coaching the Badgers, Stefanie received both the prestigious honour of OUA Coach of the Year and Brock University Coach of the Year (2019).

We are pleased to recognize Stefanie Pavlovich as one of our distinguished alumna and we are thrilled to have her as the keynote speaker at this year’s virtual event.

Dean's Honours List

Aaron Clarke
Aaron Kizel
Aaron Olmstead
Aaron Preiano
Aaron Wexler
Aatir Ahmad
Abas Alsaidi
Abbey Brown
Abbey Retta
Abby Bolton
Abby Rosa Kay
Abby Ruetz
Abigail Adamson
Abigail Burdett
Abigail Crane
Abigail Dupon
Abigail Jager
Abigail Joris
Abigail Stewart
Abigail Thomas
Abigayle Mimms
Abishika Sivanandarajah
Abygale Schrapp
Adam Banner
Adam Burgess
Adam Campbell
Adam Douglas
Adam Green
Adam Mandarano
Adam Murphy
Adam Nielsen
Adam Wochenmarkt
Addie Hambly
Adrian Butrimas
Adrianna Belfer-Marin
Adrianna Deanovic
Ahmad Mohammad
Ahmed Hamid
Aidan Cvetich
Aidan Glassco
Aidan Hughes
Aidan Miess
Ainslyn Sharp
Akanksha Guleria
Akin Efe Aksu
Alanna Lane
Alanna Patrice Norris
Alec Chunta
Alec Deschamps
Aleiah Torres
Aleiyah Miller
Alejandro Salvadori
Alex Brisson
Alexa Beal
Alexa Florez
Alexa Rose Halliwell
Alexander Christie
Alexander Darling
Alexander Gibson
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hartley
Alexander Jakovljevic
Alexander Magli
Alexander Marcucci
Alexander Marko
Alexander May
Alexander Palios
Alexander Schofield
Alexander Tousignant
Alexander Warner
Alexandra Azzopardi
Alexandra Botelho
Alexandra Bula
Alexandra Mccreary
Alexandra Pacaud
Alexandra Pepper-Murray
Alexandra Rhoades
Alexandre Joubert
Alexandre St-Amour
Alexandria Plue
Alexie Valko
Alexis Andrew
Alexis Devries
Alexis Knowles
Alexis Napper
Alexis Shone
Alexis Whiteley
Alexy Limcolioc
Alia Mckague
Alice Melnitchenko
Alicia Pontes
Alicia Siracusa
Aliesha Robinson
Aline Hironaka
Alisa Ermarkaryan
Alisha Rathaur
Alisha Sloan
Alison French
Alison Smoke
Alison Steinhoff
Alison VidasAlissa Power
Aliyah Blanchette
Aliyah Taheem
Allayna Barrett
Allison Biamonte
Allison Ireland

Allyson Kerr
Alyssa Bell
Alyssa Carrey
Alyssa Fong
Alyssa Scalera
Alyssa Voros
Alyssia Silenzi
Amaljeet Sembhi
Aman Chera
Amanda Byj
Amanda Fazari
Amanda Insley
Amanda Schnarr
Amanda Tripp
Amanda Whitehall
Amaris Arnt
Amber Briar
Amber Hewitt
Amber Williamson
Amelia Brushett
Amelia Davis
Amelia Hodgson
Amelie Marais
Amir Bayat
Amir Geressu
Amit Virdi
Amy Battista
Amy Brady
Amy Gibbons
Amy Mong
Amy Munro
Amy Rustico
Ana Ferreira
Ana Perencevic
Anaiah Pitt
Anastasia Vakoulich
Anders Butcher
Andjela Kosevic
Andrea Cristini
Andreas Freitag
Andreas Freitag
Andrej Prpa
Andrew Bellefontaine
Andrew Cascagnette
Andrew Murray
Andrew Nebiolo
Andrew Prystanski
Andrew Wilson
Angela Laarakker
Angela Mae Espinosa
Angelica Anderson
Angelica Nowak
Angelo Ilersich
Angelo Olindo
Angelo Russiani
Anmol Sembhi
Anna Davidson
Anna Donich
Anna Firman
Anna Khutornaya
Anna Smythe
Anneka Simpson
Annie Dick
Anthony Colosimo
Anthony Gerges
Anthony Hornsby
Anthony Porcari
Antonio DiDomenico
Anuoluwapo Jones
Anuoluwapo Oreyingbo
Anusha Chacko
Anushka Soni
Aquilina Laidlaw-Allan
Ara Antonides
Araceli Wilkinson
Arashdeep Kaur Sidhu
Arden Harrop
Arduino Vacca
Arianna Paolone
Ariele Calberry
Arun Maheswaran
Arvith Jhirad
Asher Marcus
Ashiedu Esther Amede
Ashika Dhiman
Ashleigh Watson
Ashley Franko
Ashley Giroux
Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Jensen
Ashley Leggett
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Romano
Ashley Romano
Ashton Nademi
Asya Munshi
Aubin Queh
Austin Hurley
Austin Miersch
Austin Shaw
Autumn Wild
Ava Iannou
Avani Patel
Avelino-John Gomez IV
Avery Sabourin
Aya Al-khateeb
Ayena Ahad
Azalfa Tanveer

Bailey Allport
Bailey Brooks
Bailey Carr
Bailey Demeulenaere
Bailey Donaldson
Bailey Forster
Bailey Hallett
Bailey Kay
Bailey Munger
Bailey Schaefer
Bailey Stewart
Bailey Vanderee
Baker Bayat
Bakhshish Dhaliwal
Bavneet Azra
Bella Bowman
Benjamin Bogdonov
Benjamin Dewmyn
Benjamin Fairweather
Benjamin Guthrie
Benjamin McIntyre
Benjamin Muldoon
Benjamin Pretty
Benjamin Soja
Benjamin Vasko
Berlynn Boyter
Bianca Caparello-Wanless
Bianca D’Amore
Bianca Lupia
Bijan Merali
Blake Ball
Blake Sloan
Blake Willmore
Blakeley Boakes
Blessing Bayeshea
Blessing Nwogu
Bobby Narwal
Boreyrum Chum
Braden Morrison
Brady Ash
Braeden Zahn
Bram Greczkowski
Bram O’Connor
Brandee Lyn Paterson
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Pe Benito
Brayden McReelis
Brayden Micallef
Brayden Shomphe
Breanna Arenburg
Breanna Dupe
Brenda Phan
Brenna Allore
Brenna Wills
Brennan Marchessault
Brennan Richardson
Brent Dryczewycz
Brent Young
Brett MacLeod
Brian Bowman
Brian Hudson
Brianna Azzopardi
Brianna Birkett
Brianna Demeris
Brianna Divincenzo
Brianna Lutz
Brianna Miller
Brianna Paszt
Brianna Roussell
Brianna Sirotnik
Brianna Tremblay
Brianna Warchol
Brianne Smith
Brielle Jones
Brittany Cornacchia
Brittany Giles
Brittany Hutchinson
Brittany Mason
Brittany Storey
Brittany Tiseo
Brodie Gagnon
Bronwen Mccomb
Bronwyn Goulet
Brook Bolton
Brooke Cuthbert
Brooke Foschini-Carpenter
Brooke Milliner
Brooke Pirson
Brooke Porter
Brooke Roorda
Brooklyn Brown
Brooklyn Groves
Brooklyn Nunnikhoven
Brynn Williams
Bryson Boddy
Byron de Rose

Cailin Dempsey
Cailyn Barber
Caitlin Fairchild
Caitlin George
Caitlin Goertz
Caitlin Mahaffy
Caitlin Melissa Boon
Caitlyn Hills
Caleigh Randall
Calourin Shehata
Cameron Brenner
Cameron Clarkson
Cameron Feldt
Cameron Knox
Cameron Lang
Cameron Lattemore
Cameron Lobsinger
Cameron Lynn
Cameron Saunders
Camie Matteau Rushbrook
Camilla Trojanowski
Campbell Macinnis
Camryn Greenleaf
Candace Gabel

Cara Persia
Caragh O’Mahoney
Carey Groot
Carina Didiodato
Carl Alano
Carl Chunta
Carley Honorina Blomberg
Carlie Gravett
Carlington Denholm
Carly Ann Pereira
Carly Caplan
Carly Lavieille-Trimble
Carmelo Cottone
Carmen Hode
Carola Bromberg
Carrie Houston
Carrie-Lynn Crampton
Carson Crestohl
Carson Currie
Carson Johnston
Carson Sorge
Carson Terry
Carter DeForest
Carver Leggatt
Casey Lynn Botbyl
Cassandra Hesselink
Cassandra Jones
Cassandra Rever
Cassandra Stirpe
Cassandra Tsioros
Cassidy Kiers
Cassidy Kiers
Cassie Zwarych
Cassundra Dutot
Catarina Da Silva
Catelyn Nuttycombe
Catherine Beech
Catherine Beech
Catriona Cormier
Caura Ling
Celia DeFazio
Chad Smith
Chan Ly
Chandler Mcfall
Charisma Sangster
Charlie Anderson
Charlotte Hickey
Charlotte Leyland
Chelsa Sunil
Chelsea Bilton
Chelsea Brown
Chelsea Castilloux
Chelsey Roberts
Chenxi Chai
Cheyenne Taylor Nevado
Chhavee Asija
Chier Estabillo
Chloe Morby
Chloe Peters
Chloe Rossi
Chloe Smith
Christabel Oghinan
Christian Garcia
Christian Maniatis
Christian Reid
Christiana Pietrantonio
Christina Grimo
Christina Lott
Christina Rosa Josephine Cappelletti
Christina Sacha
Christine Acheampong
Christine Odicho
Christine Vigo
Christopher Bower
Christopher Buccella
Christopher Chivalan
Christopher Coit
Christopher Crocco
Christopher Quan
Chukwudumebi Onyeagwu
Chyenne Neath
Cindy Nguyen
Cindy Perley
Claire Buckridan
Claire Cunningham
Claire Melanson
Claire Randell
Clara Walker
Claudia Jameel
Claudia Murphy
Claudia Rodrigues
Cole Gordon
Colin Drybrough
Colin Duizer
Colin Hornibrook
Colin Johnson
Colleena Ng
Connor Bassie
Connor Bassie
Connor Brown
Connor Culliton
Connor De Koning-Koehler
Connor Humphrey
Connor O’Rourke
Connor Patrick Maitz
Cordelia McNeil
Courtney Christy
Courtney Ferren
Courtney Goodhew
Cristina Lucisano
Crystal Wu
Cullan James Voelkner
Curtis Ruetz
Curtis Tenhag

Dalia Fiorda
Damian Ksenych
Damyen Henderson-Lee Wah
Dana Long
Daniel Billingsley
Daniel Billingsley
Daniel Caldwell
Daniel Collins
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Kalfus
Daniel Krowchuk
Daniel McAuley
Daniel Strong
Daniel Tsaiger
Daniel Tsaiger
Daniel Yousif
Daniela Armstrong
Daniela Hernandez Garcia
Daniela Rajcevic
Daniella Scurto
Danielle Datzkiw
Danielle Huschilt
Danielle Lentini
Danielle Lovell
Danielle Topic
Danqing Chu
Darci Richmond
David Bertulli
David Corcoran
David Fratarcangeli
David Polson
David Pulgarin Mesa
Dawson Haas
Dawson Kays
Dayna McNeill
Dean Nguyen
Debby Lontoc
Delaney Wright
Demi Spiliotopoulos
Dennae Dawkins
Dennis Koshman
Destiny George
Destiny Schwenker
Devin D’Gama
Devon Boyle
Devon Hawes
Devon Mandarich
Devon Smith
Dhairya Shah
Dharma Bonneau
Dharmi Kaushik Patel
Dhruv Mehta
Divya Alex
Dominic Labrecque
Dominic Scibetta
Dominika Bobel
Dominika Pawlikowski
Dordaneh Mirbabaei Ghafghazi
Drew Haun
Duncan Sanders
Dylan Jessiman
Dylan Main
Dylan Rachman

Edona Demiri
Eli Trestan
Elisa Mongillo
Elise Cardamone
Elise Euale
Elisha Fogg
Elizabeth Cuviello
Elizabeth Pirritano
Elizabeth Plue
Elizabeth Walters
Ellie Lang
Elsbeth Carpenter
Elyse Fath
Elyse Hesp
Emelia Piper
Emelia Sewell
Emilie Faria
Emilie Faria
Emilie Fortier

Emily Angi
Emily Ashton
Emily Bonisteel
Emily Charron
Emily Charron
Emily Drobena
Emily Erickson
Emily Grady
Emily Irwin
Emily Jane Asante
Emily Jones
Emily Kruspel
Emily Nadyne Neudorf
Emily Neal
Emily Perdue
Emily Piccoli
Emily Richard
Emily Scime
Emily Sharik-Carreiro
Emily Simpson
Emily Sotola
Emily Sweet
Emily Winter
Emma Boswell-Hicks
Emma Brooks
Emma Brown
Emma Brownlee
Emma Croswell
Emma Dupuis
Emma Foster
Emma Hendrie
Emma Hunt
Emma Irwin
Emma Larabie
Emma Lavor
Emma Love
Emma Teutenberg
Emmeline Berger
Emmett Britton
Eric Amoff
Eric Lowe
Eric Wilson
Erica Murray
Erica Scarff
Erik Zagrodzki
Erika Anger
Erika Darling
Erin Fiorillo
Erin McMahon
Estella Crawford
Ethan Boc
Ethan Crystal
Ethan Gronsdahl
Ethan Keus
Ethan Libera
Ethan McLean
Ethan Miskolczi
Ethan Pomeroy
Ethan Stolar
Ethan Wong
Ethan Zaichick
Evan Curnew
Evan Fraser
Evan Jeffrey
Evan McIntosh
Evan Pike
Evelin Melekh
Evidence Eriamiatoe

Fadel Ali
Faith Hill
Faithlyn Agyemang
Farrah Fitzgibbon
Farris Bakir
Faten Darbaj
Fatimah Al Hilal
Fermisk Khairadast
Fernande Rosenboom
Filzah Afridi
Finley Bond
Francesco Di Biase
Frank Hou

Gabrianne Webster
Gabriel Costantini
Gabriel Di Pede
Gabriele Brieiro
Gabriella David
Gabriella Suarez-Requina
Gaetan Imbeault
Gasmitha Jeyarupan
Gavin Andison
Gavin Russell
Geoffrey David Canal
George Gibbons
Gerry Coyle
Gillian Delaire
Gillian Golosky
Gillian Greco
Ginetta LaRose
Giorgia Alvergue
Glorassia Fares
Gordon Restivo
Grace Beaman
Grace Blamauer
Grace Cave
Grace Otto
Grace Pyatt
Grace Skeffington
Gracelyn Shantz
Graeme Hambleton
Graeme Heighway
Graeme Kingswood
Graydon Farwell
Gregory Surnois
Gregory Taylor
Griffin Lewicki
Guillermo Taneza
Gurvinder Thiara
Gurvir Hayer

Hailey Gray
Hailey Harkins
Hailey Morgan
Hailey Ruzgys
Haleigh Wilson
Haley Stears
Hamdan Aalsanad
Hamed Karagahi
Hamza Adwan
Hanna Smids
Hanna Teutenberg
Hannah Booker
Hannah Constable
Hannah Doan
Hannah Dolan
Hannah Farrell
Hannah Galati
Hannah Gougeon
Hannah Hesch
Hannah Ibbott

Hannah Knowles
Hannah Pontello
Hannah Rongits
Hannah Scriven
Hannah Skarnikat
Hannah Slawich
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Walpole
Hannah Zanetti
Hannah Zondag
Haris Mehmood
Harkirat Kainth
Harleen Brainch
Harris Goan
Harroop Ahuja
Hashini Pallewatta
Hassabel El-Siddig
Hassen Nandwani Manghnani
Hayley Adame
Hazel Campbell
Heather Tuck
Hebah Ali
Heidi Lasica
Hinano Mori
Hind Alashi
Holly Ann Coulson
Holly Bihun
Holly Hanchiruk
Holly Remisch
Holly Shantz
Holly Warren
Holly Wright
Hope Ryan
Hope Spitzig
Hue Tung Leung
Hussain Chattha
Hussein Farhat

Ian James Rourke
Ian Macintosh
Ifeyinwa Obikwelu
Ilhaam Al-Harazi
Indra Wood
Ipsa Gusain
Isaac Mussie
Isabella Agnino
Isabella Frankovich
Isabella Greco
Isaiah Bultje
Isaiah Clelland
Isamaris Escano
Iseah Montgiraud
Ishaan Sachdeva
Ishan Kumar Shah
Ishraq Malik
Ishrat Mamdeen
Isobela Huras
Issra Ibrahim
Itunnu Atere
Iulian Firica-Corila
Ivan Harhaj
Ivana Kanisek

Jacinta Addai-Sarfo
Jack Morris
Jack Said
Jackson Pretli
Jaclyn Charanduk
Jaclyn Gillan
Jacob Andres
Jacob Augimeri
Jacob Bach
Jacob Barker
Jacob Dekker
Jacob Ferland
Jacob Hammill
Jacob Hutchings
Jacob Klein Goldenberg
Jacob Koolen
Jacob Krukowski
Jacob Lafrance
Jacob Mergl
Jacob Moon
Jacob Moore
Jacob Pickup
Jacob Spear D’Abreau
Jacob Walters-Salvatori
Jacob White
Jacqueline Boin
Jacqueline Fremah
Jacqueline Gori
Jacquelyn Princess Achioso
Jacquelynne Iarocci
Jada Lo
Jade Logan
Jadedawn L’Ecuyer-Prytula
Jaden Milner
Jadon Bernatsky
Jaida Steenhuis
Jaime Brioux
Jaime Saul
Jake Lawr
Jake Lawr
Jake Matthews
Jake Michael Peltier
James Duke
James Gowland
James Groszek
James St. Louis
James Vorvis
Jamie Bell
Jamie Farrell
Jamie Irish
Jamie Nuziato
Jamie Poulton
Jamie Quinton
Jamieson Brock
Jamila Ibrahim Habib Makii
Jana Alhegagi
Jana Bataineh
Jane Oleksiw
Jane Togeretz
Janelle Klosler
Janelle Segeren
Janique Grootenboer
Janna Mcquade
Janna Mcquade
Jared Seick
Jared Sloan
Jarod Shea
Jasmine Bryce
Jason Corry
Jason Nauta
Jason Sheng
Jaspreet Randhawa
Javairia Qureshi
Jay Powless
Jayce Anderson
Jayden Anthony
Jayden Metade
Jayden Miller-Boothe
Jayden Zylstra
Jayla Babcock
JaymieAnn Albrecht
Jeanisa Haneiph
Jeffrey Burgess
Jeffrey Dertinger
Jeffrey Mattina
Jena Berndt
Jenavieve Agro
Jenna Churchill-Anderson
Jenna Folk
Jenna Hall
Jenna Manes
Jenna Nuziato
Jenna Wiegand
Jennifa Jiffry
Jennifer Hillier
Jennifer Klys
Jennifer Sandra Rivera
Jennifer Torres Velasquez
Jennifer Wator
Jennifer Wubs
Jeremy Hobbs
Jeslin Kaipada
Jesse Shrier
Jessenia Sosa
Jessica Crosthwaite
Jessica Curnew
Jessica Darby
Jessica Dobroski
Jessica Dobroski
Jessica Guilbault
Jessica Henneke
Jessica Janicki
Jessica Lacasse
Jessica Liem
Jessica Milosevski
Jessica Mrezar
Jessica Ogbeide
Jessica Patterson
Jessica Sabat
Jessica Scerbo
Jessica Shimon Karborani
Jessica Trojan
Jessica Turza
Jessica Viksne
Jevan Banks-Cross
Jia Annie Wang
Jillian Page
Jimmy Huynh
Jisook Ryoo
Joceline Gaffan
Jocelyn Costantini
John Allen
John Christian Vega
John Gleason
John Gobin
John Robert Edmands
Johnathan Ljubanovich
Jonah Dayton
Jonathan DeLuca
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Pinnington
Jordan Gallant
Jordan Masi
Jordan Petrilli
Jordan Sambrook
Jordan Tomas
Jordana Zink
Jordyn Pitt
Joseph A Vercillo
Joseph Colasurdo
Joseph Evans
Joseph Gebru
Joseph Kallu
Joseph Sayej
Joshua Bednarek
Joshua Di Francesco
Joshua Hamilton
Joshua Hubert
Joshua Kattsir
Joshua Lenson
Joshua Llewellyn
Joshua Sussman
Joyce Adio
Juan Moreno
Juhi Jayakumar
Juleen Patel
Julia Ashley-Smith
Julia Bomben
Julia Burns
Julia Cerminara
Julia Dixon
Julia Ford
Julia Howcroft
Julia Mcneaney
Julia Pericak
Julia Serrame
Julia Spafford
Julia Szelag
Julia Vigna
Julianna Fabiano
Julianna Posavad
Julie Kim
Julie-Anna Saynavong-Dube
Julien Legault
Jullienne Brigitte Pagaduan
Justin Dietrich
Justin Gould
Justin Michael Demaria
Justine Allen
Justine Serro

Kahlan Woodhouse
Kailey Webster
Kailyn De Zilva
Kaitlin Hinz
Kaitlin Shanks
Kaitlyn Austin
Kaitlyn D’Souza
Kaitlyn Haller
Kaitlyn Riemer
Kaitlyn Rollo
Kaitlyn Wiebe
Kajal Brar
Kaleb Sneek
Kalyn Carrigan
Kamron Mirshahi
Kanishka Wijesundara
Kara Thomas

Karanpreet Azra
Karen Huang
Karlissa Howard
Karly Richards
Karylle Vallente
Kashmira Parikh
Kassandra Madsen
Kate Beverly
Kate Ceci
Kate Greenwood
Kate Prychitka
Kate Raso
Katelyn Kennedy
Katelyn Majaury
Katelyn Martens
Katelyn Minor
Katelyn Stachow
Katharina Symonds
Katherine Allen
Katherine Moroz
Katherine Vasila
Kathleen Wright
Kathrynn Yungblut
Katie Hinton
Katie Rankin
Katie Young
Katija Rozenberg
Katrina Rabczak
Katrina Valliant
Kayla Boyle
Kayla Macdonald
Kayla Spinks
Kayleigh Koufis
Kayleigh Matthews
Kaylin Mcneely
Kazumi Alguire
Kazumi Alguire
Kean Snider
Keara Culliton
Keaton Wilson
Keegan Hill-Brown
Keegan O’Connor
Keeley Caddis
Keenan Taylor-Hancock
Keira McIlveen
Kelsey Kovar
Kelsey Lee Lawrence
Kelsey Moon
Kelsey Talbot
Kelsie Young
Keltie Wilkin Couture
Kendra Abbey
Kendra Awuah
Kendra Horlick
Kendra McConkey
Kendra Zankl
Kennedy Chisholm
Kennedy Debruyne
Kennedy Seebach
Keyana Gilbert
Khloud Abu Dagga
Khushi Anilkumar Patel
Kian Rego
Kiara Kalenuik
Kiera Marson
Kiera Moroziuk
Kieran Boyle
Kieran Cordy
Kiley Ellis
Kinley Wilson
Kira Eggengoor
Kira Fenster
Kirsten Lill
Kirsten O’Brien
Kody Degenstien
Kolby Wheaton-Fuerst
Krisha Subhashbhai Patel
Kristen Gross
Kristen Sanders
Kristina Nash
Kristina Sommerville
Kristopher Black
Kurtis Woodland
Kyle Cooper
Kyle Courts
Kyle Crouse
Kyle Duquette
Kyle Fortuna
Kyle Goodwin
Kyle Karwur
Kyleigh Gorza
Kylie Ann Thomson
Kylie Mcdonald
Kyra Kwan
Kyra Kwan

Lahvanya Thayananthan
Lailanie Grace Gao-Ayen
Lara Daher
Lara Fluri
Larissa Dellaventura
Larry Burcher
Lataya Thiessen
Laura Cabrera
Laura Chang
Laura Naccarato
Laura Toth
Laura Troiani
Laura Ventresca
Laurel Natale
Lauren Bartels
Lauren Brownson
Lauren Carfagnini
Lauren Coulson
Lauren Diks
Lauren Elizabeth Gay
Lauren Falzon
Lauren Hooey
Lauren Mainprize
Lauren Pratt
Lauren Robertson
Lauren Teehan
Laurence Guay-Marceau
Lauretta Petramala
Lauryn Hackel
Lauryn Hamilton
Laynee Partridge
Leah Kadikoff
Leanna Line
Leona Noble
Leslie Keza
Levente Csiszer
Liam Bull
Liam Goodyear
Liam Jewell
Liam Macarthur
Liam McCrimmon
Liam Miller
Liam Muirhead
Liam Nielsen
Liam Pollock
Lily Freiburger
Lily French
Lily Iantomasi
Lily Mainprize
Lindsay Appleton
Lindsay Bott
Lindsay Nichols
Lindsay Tait
Lindsay Vinnai
Lindsay Vos
Lindsey White
Lisa Faulkner
Lisa Mochrie
Lisa Roselli
Lisa Stansfield
Livia Gubco
Logan Deller
Logan Foeller
Logan Graves
Logan Smith
Logan Thurston
Lona Ahmed
Loramhel Mateo
Luc Broschek
Luca Andreetta
Luca Romano
Lucas Aceti
Lucas Fusco
Lucas Melchiorre
Lucas Pernfuss
Lucas Ramagnano
Lucas Rotondo
Lucas Valentini
Lucy Driscoll
Luke Bagshaw
Luke Buys
Luke Drewitt
Luke Dunlop
Luke Miscio
Luke Noonan
Luke O’Brien
Luke Sweeney
Luke Turner
Lydia Abraha
Lydia Seif
Lyncia Jaggan
Lynette Appiah

Maan Patel
Mackenna Reilly
Mackenzie Bloem
Mackenzie Craig
Mackenzie Damiano
Mackenzie Dorencec
Mackenzie Harrison
Mackenzie Kauth
Mackenzie Pilkington
MacKenzie Poole
Mackenzie Rye
Mackenzie Steele
Madalyne Nolan
Maddie Applegate
Madeleine Mungal
Madeline Lamovsek
Madeline Mantler
Madelyn Cryer
Madelyn Grossi
Madelynne Harrigan
Madilynne Charles
Madison Baker
Madison Ban
Madison Buck
Madison Cruickshank
Madison DiSalvo
Madison Ferrara
Madison Hughey
Madison Hunter
Madison Hutton
Madison Konior
Madison Kretz
Madison Peters
Madison Rotella
Madison Schnier
Madison Sebesta-Girard
Madison Squires
Madison Wright
Madisyn Gionet
Magdalena Olason
Maggie MacInnis
Maggie Smith
Maguire Hollefriend
Maia Liszt
Majuriha Gnanendran
Makafui Morrow
Makayla De Bellis
Makayla Egan
Makenna Konig
Makenna Lamb
Makenzie Murray
Malavika Dagar
Malcolm Goveas
Malcolm Lepp
Malcolm Sanderson
Mallorey Jackson
Mallory Laidlaw
Maneth Nanayakkara Sirivett
Manpreet Chera
Manroop Minhas
Mansi Mehta
Marcos Urbina
Marcus Fogh
Marcus Mazzocato
Margaret Cassar
Margaret O’Brien
Maria Fennema
Maria Jadgal
Maria Michela Venosa
Maria Pashynsky
Maria-Laura Loughran
Mariam Aziz
Mariam Gohar
Marianne Legault
Marie Lynch
Marijana Loncar
Marilena Spagnolo
Marina Lynn Mclaughlin
Marina Maisuria
Marina Youwakim
Marissa Mucciarelli
Marissa Raso
Mark Cremasco
Mark Giangregorio
Mark Soliman
Mark Summers
Marko Vlasic
Markus Hale
Marlee Lafleur
Marlon Rohoman
Marta Lopat
Martha Augustine
Martin Naumovski
Mary Philopos
Mary Wright
Mason Boruch
Mason Seward
Mason St-Onge
Mathew Boere
Mattea Lodewyk
Mattea Miele
Matthew DiVittorio
Matthew Fantini
Matthew Hipple
Matthew Hitzig
Matthew Hodgkinson
Matthew Kapogines
Matthew Mattina
Matthew Mooney
Matthew O’Krafka
Matthew O’Neill
Matthew O’Neill
Matthew Rose
Matthew Stechnicki
Matthew Sudiyono
Maverick Blackmere-Hughes
Maximilian Czul
Maximus Di Diomede
Maya El Ghazzoui
Maya Habjan
Mckenna Faragher
McKenzie Jaglowitz
Meagan Brewing
Meagan Jackson
Meaghan Duffy
Meaghan LaVigne
Meaghan Tartaglia
Meera Sayal
Megan Ashley Kish
Megan Cocksworth
Megan Darlow
Megan Dennis
Megan Doyle
Megan Evans
Megan Guarascia
Megan Hathaway
Megan Lugtenburg
Megan Mcbain
Megan McKenzie
Megan Muraki
Megan Piché
Megan Sabourin
Megan Salter
Megan Speight
Meghan Busca
Meghan Gibbons
Meghan Laird
Meghann Fahey

Mei Jian Yau
Melanie Lachnit
Melanie Proulx
Melina Stang
Melissa Clausner
Melissa Duda
Melissa Kobe
Melissa Lacktin
Melissa Mann
Melissa Mann
Melissa Rea
Melissa Rockx
Melissa Syragakis
Melissa Webster
Mendy Ramanand
Merick Bolognone
Meriem Imam
Mia Moreau
Mia Slater
Miah Dellapina
Micaela Noelle Pflance
Michael Barfoot
Michael Caputo
Michael Cubelic
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Globocki
Michael Iantomasi
Michael Leighton
Michael Marques
Michael Nespolo
Michael Owen Evans-Branagh
Michael Reimer
Michael Truong
Michael Zutautas
Michaela-Ray Scornaienchi
Michela Di Marcantonio
Michela Torchia
Michelle King
Michelle Lillie Vinod
Mikaela Robbins
Mikayla Flanagan
Mikayla Gosnell
Mikayla Hackbart
Mikayla Whitney
Mila Janjic-Zarab
Miles Bates
Miles Ofosu
Miranda Smith
Miriam Aycho
Mishayla Christensen
Mitchel Peter Kvacica
Mitchell Elborn
Mitchell Garber
Mitchell Gwynne
Mitchell Ianiero
Mitchell Leblanc
Mitchell Santilli
Mohabat Rahmaty
Mohamed Alnhisi
Mohamed BenHalim
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohammed Salih Thiab
Mohini Rathod
Mohit Mukeshbhai Chovatiya
Molly Mitchison
Mona Shivafard
Monica Urbina
Monika Cyfko
Monique Genard
Montana Johnston
Morgan Caughey
Morgan Coverdale
Morgan Dezell
Morgan Sims
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Wagner
Moyinoluwa Tomori
Muskoka Sclater

Nada Khairi Nasr
Nadia Potapov
Nadjah Kurreembukus
Nancy Petrie
Nanette Amponsah
Naomi Tufts
Naomi Vos
Natalia Lanzillotti Moises
Natalie Bahsous
Natalie Dzamba
Natalie Hamel
Natalie McDade
Natalie Sferrazza
Natalie Weber
Natasha Jamshedji
Natasha Kuehnen
Natasha Kulig
Nathan Bolger
Nathan Langley-Smith
Nathan Looysen
Nathan Monette
Nathaniel Harrington
Navjit Garcha
Navy Millar-Storie
Neil Shenoy
Nguyet Pham
Nicholas Alley
Nicholas Anastasiou
Nicholas Beaudette
Nicholas Duguid
Nicholas Goffredo
Nicholas Lacoste
Nicholas Likins
Nicholas Moroz
Nicholas Pinheiro
Nicholas Porcelli
Nicholas Reimer
Nicholas Romano
Nicholas Spyridis
Nicklaus Reid
Nickolas D’Ambrosio
Nico Rottke
Nicolas Gabriele
Nicolas Petrick
Nicolas Petrick
Nicole Allam
Nicole Brown
Nicole Chappell
Nicole Garcia-Ardila
Nicole Parsons
Nicole Tsakiridis
Nicole Valentim
Nicole Verge
Nicole Welch
Nicoletta Klonizakis
Nicolette Peralta
Nigel McCue
Nikhilesh Moosapeta
Niki Ochinang
Nikita Belski
Nikki Nguyen
Nivashini Nantheesan
Noah Horniak
Noah James
Noah Stickney
Nolan Johnston
Nolan Shapcott
Nour Abu Nafisa
Nour Najem
Nurit Basin
Nyssa Gallop

Ojashwi Shrestha
Ola Hamid
Olivia Almeida
Olivia Capobianco
Olivia Chen
Olivia Crowe
Olivia Crowe
Olivia Estrada
Olivia Fiorucci
Olivia Gallagher
Olivia Hildebrandt
Olivia Lomas
Olivia Mete
Olivia Palmieri
Olivia Robinson
Olivia Turcotte
Olivier Segal
Oluwadamilola Babatunde
Omer Kaplan
Oreoluwa Majekodunmi
Osaruonamen Osagie
Osatohanmwen Omigie
Oscar Elieff
Oshune Pollard
Ottavio Oliverio
Owen Andrew Voelkner
Owen Clavel
Owen Guy
Owen MacInnis
Owen Nadeau

Paige Cohoon
Paige Harris
Paige Judson
Paige Norton
Paige Parker
Paige Robinson
Paige Taylor
Paige Van Goethem
Palak Chopra
Paris Forlin
Pascale Marchand
Patrick Abdel Masih
Patrick Byrne
Pavlo Dyak
Peter Hanna
Phoebe Daramola
Pragina Sivarajah
Pravleen Kaur
Prayag Jotangia
Prayag Jotangia
Prem Thakur

Quaid Austin
Quincey Turnbull
Quinlyn King
Quinn Walker
Qynn Honsberger

Raadhiyah Zowmi
Rabbia Syed
Rachael Kataja
Rachael Lounsbury
Rachael Lynn Curtis
Rachael Nalunga
Rachel Benedetti
Rachel Boase
Rachel Bolland
Rachel Canavan
Rachel Dahl
Rachel Elva O’Connor
Rachel Grady
Rachel Hildebrandt
Rachel Kung
Rachel Kung
Rachel Mechelse
Rachel Seguin
Rachel Simpson
Rachel Webber
Rachel Wulterkens
Rachelle Wayne

Rajkumar Jani
Ramneek Sandhu
Raneem Kalbouna
Rawan Hegi
Raymond Goodman
Raymond Kwabena Anomah
Rayyan Zubair
Rebecca Balyk
Rebecca DeValadares
Rebecca Gross
Rebecca Hogan
Rebecca Rios
Rebecca Shields
Rebecca Thompson
Rebekah Feld
Reed Culley
Reem Abou-Merhi
Renad Alghamdi
Renato Mesaros
Rhea Alitawi
Rhianne Ivison
Riana Botnick
Richard Lamothe
Richard Popik
Rielly Misener
Rihab Nori
Riley Demille
Riley Greenberg
Riley Knysh
Riley Shannon
Riley Torrie
Rita Kocsis
Robert Battaglia
Robert Fusco
Robert Kauth
Robert Marcon
Robert O’Halloran
Robert Wilson
Roberta Venslauskaite
Roberto Sinclair
Robin Ayre
Rogan Doyle
Rohan Archer
Roman Bezchlibnyk
Roman Lopuch
Rose St. Armand
Ruth Esedafe
Ruth Martinez Guzman
Ruth Romagnoli
Ruthanne Nicholson
Ruxandra Mandras
Ryah Wheeler
Ryan Bader
Ryan Basnicki
Ryan Crilly
Ryan Dykstra
Ryan Evans
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gitlin
Ryan Haba
Ryan Hyndman
Ryan Leonard
Ryan Lewis
Ryan McNally
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Stark
Rylee Tebworth
Rylie Kaszuba

Sabreena Bhullar
Sabrina De Souza
Sabrina Jones
Sabrina Tigwell
Sadie Walters
Safa Khan
Safwa Liban
Sahejpreet Kaur Chahal
Saif Gohar
Saif Pirani
Saino Varghese
Salina Chhantyal Pun
Salina Spadafora
Sally Mckenzie
Sam Palumbo
Samantha Adams
Samantha Bayer
Samantha Beaudoin
Samantha Blackley
Samantha Cameron
Samantha Casey
Samantha Duncan
Samantha McCain
Samantha Meere
Samantha Murray
Samantha Piskorz
Samantha Sanchez-Ortiz
Samantha Sgro
Samantha Spurling
Samantha Taylor
Samantha Van Oosten
Sammarah Calixte
Sammy Saddik
Samuel Allan
Samuel Gordon
Sara Bannister-Stachiw
Sara Dardarian
Sara Olsson
Sara Wodiany
Sarah Abdunnabi
Sarah Al Aido
Sarah Barone
Sarah Bellaflor
Sarah Beraldo
Sarah Cowan
Sarah Hovingh
Sarah Kendrick
Sarah Krigos
Sarah Leaist
Sarah Matthews
Sarah Maw
Sarah Medeiros
Sarah Oei
Sarah Prenger
Sarah Ricker
Sarah Riordan
Sarah Scholten
Sarah Smith
Sarah Wahidi
Saul Rosal
Savannah Fretter
Sean Holman
Sebastian Death
Selby Warren
Selena Seeram
Serena De Souza
Serena Sookraj
Seth McMahon
Shannon Beckett
Shannon Kent
Shanuga Sivalingam
Shari Nash
Shawneil Villaspin
Shaylyn McArthur
Shelby Berard
Shelby Fitzmorris
Shelby Sandford
Shelby Schmidt
Sheridan Simpson
Shindaji Aqeel Sean Deane
Shreeya Patel
Shruti Patel
Shu Kyi Lai
Sierra Birchard
Sierra Smith
Silena Kidane
Simone Fortuna
Simran Bedi
Simran Sandhu
Simrat Thamber
Skylar Kennedy
Skyler Stewart-Arsenault
Sofija Djuricic
Solomon Manful
Sonia Romano
Sophia Nikitin
Sophie Johnston
Sophie Smith
Spencer Hayward
Stacey Campbell-Carter
Stacy-Ann Akaliza Austin
Stefan Radovic
Stefane Deeks
Steffi Joseph
Stephanie Dalli
Stephanie Opalka
Stephanie Payne
Stephanie Wadge
Sterling Walker

Steven Kottaras
Steven Lam
Sueanne Russell
Sullivan Murphy
Sunita Jyani
Supreet Muker
Suruthi Rasalingam
Sushant Sharma
Sweeny Esperanza
Sydney Bartlett
Sydney Coombs
Sydney Foster
Sydney Hollander
Sydney Mancuso
Sydney Mceachern
Sydney Mumford
Sydney Nutt
Sydney Sloane
Sydney Sloane
Sydney Webb
Sydney Williams
Sydney Wolanski

Tahmina Mohammad Alem
Taia Steward
Tamar Kritzer
Tamuno-Ibelema Ubani
Taneal Lockstadt
Tanner Sanford
Tanraj Saini
Tara Lundy
Tara Napper
Tasnim Musa
Tate Smith
Tatiana Bagni
Tatum McLean
Tatum Sandercock
Tawnya Van Hoorn
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Beckett
Taylor Beckett
Taylor Graham
Taylor Todd
Taylor Todd
Teanna Cesar
Teddy Greene
Temidayo Odunuga
Temiloluwa Ojo
Teninla Oladipo
Tenzin Lhatso
Terjinder Bains
Tess Lovell
Tessa Czerlau
Teya Saba
Thi Duong
Thomas Morand
Thomas Rigas-DiDomenico
Tiana Samuel
Tiana Wieleba
Tianhe Xi
Tianna Rolfe
Tiarna Franklin
Tien Truong
Tiffany Thach
Tiffany Tordecilla
Tijana Garalejic
Tina Lam
Tina Sran
Tineke Grootenboer
Tomas Morgan
Tommy Tran
Travis Winteler
Trent Montgomery
Trevor Wakayama
Troy Charman
Twishaben Nitinkumar Patel
Tyler Bell
Tyler Evans
Tyler Mcnicholl
Tyler Pe Benito
Tyler Peach
Tyler Rajpaulsingh Matute
Tyler Seguin
Tyson Jurchuk

Umar Yousufy
Umberto Migliazzo
Utkarsh Sood

Valentina Jerez Romero
Valeria Teresa Lazo de la Vega
Valerie Pagnotta
Vanessa Lombardi
Vanessa Morcone
Vani Sharma
Varshit Urvangkumar Vakharia
Veronica Zajic
Vibhash Balasundaram
Victor Fahmy
Victoria Barber
Victoria Barnes
Victoria Berlin
Victoria Caines
Victoria Da Silva
Victoria Danelski
Victoria Dewar
Victoria Hingley
Victoria Klauck
Viktoriya Mynash
Viktoriya Mynash
Vina Ong
Vincenzo D’Astice
Vinita Hatanaka Chotai
Violette D’Amboise
Vishva Hiteshkumar Bhatt
Vivian Liu

Walker Haight
Wijemuni Mendis

Willem Le Goaix
William Brearley
William Guitard
William James Ratskos
William Mar
William Ord
William Schepens
Wyatt Barnsley

Xanthi Zourntos
Xavier Rutherford
Xaysha Solomon
Xu Lun Gao

Yaa Asare
Yamini Singh
Yanik Ladouceur
Yasmina Khan-Poulin
Yousra Anwar
Youssef Nassar
Yutee Desai
Yvon Chen

Zabrina Kerr
Zachary Bint
Zachary Coolen
Zachary Fleming
Zachary Meyer
Zachary Pieter Franklin Noordijk
Zackary Leal
Zahra Akasha
Zainab Sarwari
Zina Ali
Zjaya Doman
Zoey Young
Zohie Lindsay

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