Deadline extended for article submission

The deadline to submit papers for the Brock Education Journal has been extended to Jan. 20, 2017. The projected publication date for the journal is Fall 2017.

Call for Papers Theme: “Academics & Activists: Advocating for Equity, Justice and Action.”

The White Privilege Symposium – Canada, Brock University (BU) is a landmark event supported by the USA’s premier annual equity conference, The White Privilege Conference (WPC) a program of The White Privilege Institute (WPI).

WPSC features the work and talents of local and regional racial justice activists, artists and academics who will provide interactive workshops for attendees. People from numerous sectors, including high school and college students, K-12 and higher education faculty, grassroots activists, social workers, non-profit and government employees, members of spiritual/faith communities, among many others have recognized the importance of attending WPSC.

This call is for contributions to a double issue volume named in honor of the inaugural WPSC event, to be published by: 1. Understanding and Dismantling Privilege Journal; and 2. Brock Education Journal. We are collaborating on a double issue journal that grows out of our mutual desire to exchange knowledge across Canadian and US borders specifically regarding strategies and actions plans that are being used by individuals and organizations that strive to merge duality between environments (the world of social activists and that of academics).

This call is extended to folks interested in the theme of the symposium as such we also invite submissions from those who were not able to attend WPSC. The double issue welcomes contributions in various forms including: research, tools and strategies, narratives, case studies, counter story, life stories, creative works, and community action plans, from a wide range of conference participants, including:

  • Grassroots activists
  • Social workers
  • Non-Profit government employees
  • Teachers, Faculty and Keynotes
  • Members of spiritual/ faith communities
  • Students

Contributions should be submitted by January 20, 2017 and sent to Dolana Mogadime, Editor ‘Brock Education Journal’ Email:, Brock Education Journal and Abby Ferber, Editor ‘Understanding and Dismantling Privilege Journal’ Email:, White Privilege Conference Journal.