• Oya has an MA!

    A huge congratulations to Oya Pakkal, who defended her Master’s thesis in Psychology and earned her MA! We’re thrilled that Oya is continuing on to her PhD at Brock and stays with the lab!

  • Congrats Jiayi Li, MA!

    Jiayi successfully defended her Master’s Thesis on friendship homophily and peer victimization, and then presented this work at the Society for Research in Adolescence in San Diego! Great work Jiayi!

  • Faculty awards recognize research looking forward, back

    A trio of researchers in Brock’s Faculty of Social Sciences is being recognized for their work to advance their respective fields.

    Assistant Professors of Child and Youth Studies Naomi Andrews and Chelsea Jones are joint recipients of the 2021 Faculty of Social Sciences Early Career Researcher Award, while Professor Robert Dimand in the Department of Economics has been named the Faculty’s 2021 Distinguished Researcher.

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  • Research offers insight into key supports for university students with learning disabilities

    Transitioning from high school to university can be a big adjustment for any student, but for those with learning disabilities, misconceptions and stigma can add to the challenges.

    Research from Child and Youth Studies PhD student Emma Peddigrew (MA ’21) recently gave voice to first-year students with learning disabilities in the Brock community. In February 2020, she conducted in-person interviews for her master’s thesis under the supervision of Professor John McNamara, focusing on emotional and social impacts of learning disabilities in the transition to first year.

    “Almost all of the participants said there were misconceptions about what their diagnosis actually meant, not only for them, but also for the people around them,” Peddigrew says. “Even close family members didn’t fully understand what a learning disability meant, so students were trying to navigate how to communicate their needs to those around them.”

    Peddigrew observed significant issues around self-esteem and mental health concerns, as well as high pressure from loved ones to succeed.

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  • Save the Date!

  • Research Participants Needed!

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  • “It Takes a Village:” Fostering Child Wellbeing in COVID and Beyond

    Dr. Andrews speaks at a panel hosted by Start2Finish, a national organization committed to breaking the cycle of child poverty through educational programs to support at-risk children. As part of Start2Finish’s Thinkers and Doers Series, the panel, presented live on May 27 2021, focused on the Canada’s poor outcomes for children and youth according to the UNICEF Report Card, COVID, and what this means for the well-being of Canadian children now and in the future. “How might we increase outcomes and foster healthier and happier children? How do we reckon with the growing inequalities in this country?”

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  • Perspectives on Mental Health

    How does the Faith and Wellness Resource work? Emma talks about mechanisms supporting change at Perspectives on Mental Health; a new interdisciplinary symposium series by Brock’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

    See more and access the slides here:

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  • Faith and Wellness Resource at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

    Elizabeth presents the outcome evaluation of the Faith and Wellness Resource at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting, as part of a symposium called Health Promotion Interventions Involving Children and Adolescents: What Works, For Whom, and Under Which Circumstances.

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