Class Giving

Contribute to your 2020 Class Gift

The Class of 2020 Cares

Not long ago, you felt your heart race with anticipation as you stepped foot into your first class at Brock University. Since then, you have spent countless hours at Brock: learning, growing and maturing into the person you are today. As a result, there are few who understand what it means to be a student more than you do. You appreciate the joy that accompanies success, you can empathize with challenges students face and recognize the impact that a small gift can have on a student.

How can we help?

As part of the graduating class of 2020, you have the opportunity to lead by example and show the students at Brock that you understand their journey and want to help. Through donations to the Student Emergency Fund you can ensure that a student’s education is not derailed by a particularly challenging time.

Commemorate your gift

This year as a part of the 2020 Class Gift when you donate $10 to the Student Emergency Fund you will receive a Brock branded coffee mug.*

*Please note that coffee mugs will be available for pickup during convocation week. If you donate to the Student Emergency Fund following your graduation date you will need to pick up your coffee mug from the Thistle 265E.