At Brock University, annual giving forms the foundation of philanthropic support at the institution. Stemming from a community’s dream for a brighter future, Brock has grown as a result of the generosity that our alumni, parents and friends have shown throughout the years.


Donations of all amounts make a difference at Brock University. When the Brock Community bands together a true difference can be felt.

For instance, did you know that:

62% of all gifts received in 2018-2019 were $100 or less, accounting for more than $150,000 raised!

86% of the number of gifts received for the Goodman School of business Expansion project were $100 or less.

Over the last 5 years, annual gifts under $100 allowed Brock to raise enough funds to create 28 Student Emergency Bursaries.

Annual Giving and the Call Centre

Every year Brock University students take to the phones to reach out the Brock Community to share updates about various events, volunteer opportunities and areas or initiatives that need support.

Each time you answer a call, you give a student the opportunity to speak with someone they can learn from. Many of our students are excited to speak with graduates of the University to see where their unique career paths and life experiences have taken them since Convocation. See what our featured callers are saying about their experience each month!

Featured Student Callers


Meet Zelda.

Year of studies: 3

Program: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature and Language.

Interests: Outside of work and school I enjoy the arts and music.

“I enjoy working as a member of the Annual Fund because of the way the job offers a space for me to achieve my personal goals and network with other students.”

I started working at the Annual Fund as a way to support myself throughout the school year, but mostly because I didn’t know anyone since I transferred to Brock in my second year. I thought it would be a great way to interact with all of Brock’s faculties.

Favourite moment: My favourite moment while working in the call centre has been hearing the stories that alumni and my fellow coworkers have to share about their experience with Brock and where life has taken them.

Meet Erin.

Year of studies: 5

Program: Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences

Interests: I’m a bit of a tree hugger, so hiking or just walks in the park or woods is always a good time for me.

“I’m a social butterfly, so getting a chance to speak to new people every day is perfect for me. I love the variety of stories and conversations I get!”

I’ve always worked in the service industry (serving, bartending, etc.) so I knew I wanted to stay in that realm, but wanted a new challenge and that’s when I saw the posting for student fundraisers.

Favourite moment: My favourite moment was when I realized I was making real connections with people and creating friendships. I was worried I wouldn’t really make any work friends because we would all be on the phone and in our own cubicles, but I was pleasantly surprised! I have met so many great people through the Annual Fund call centre.

What Areas Does Annual Giving Support?

Make an immediate, tangible difference in the lives of Brock students by giving to any of the following University priorities. From athletic programs to study facilities, every donor has the option to designate an area where they would like to make a difference.

Annual gifts provide vital resources to every student, program and department, every day.

Every gift, in any amount, helps make a difference.

Brock Campus

When you make a donation to the Brock Fund, you provide Brock University with the opportunity to direct your donation to emerging priorities and campus needs. Your gift will be used immediately and will help to ensure that the student experience continues to come first.

Your support of The Brock Fund will help us:

  • continue to provide a transformational university experience
  • build research capacity
  • foster inclusivity and accessibility
  • enhance the life and vitality of our local region and beyond

Donate to the Brock Fund today and your gift will create an environment where our students continue to thrive.

Students face a wide variety of challenges during their time at University and some of these impact their mental health. Here at Brock we want to ensure the appropriate resources are available so that our students can manage and cope with their issues.

Currently, Brock University ranks first in mental health services as depicted by the Maclean’s University Rankings and your support will help to ensure that this can continue.

When you donate to the Student Wellness Fund you will be making a difference in the life of an overwhelmed student as they cope with stress, learn to study effectively and maintain a healthy life balance.

Click here to learn more about the counselling program run by the Brock University, Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre.

Brock University is constantly looking for new ways to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge. It is a collective passion for innovation that drives the University and with your support we can build greater awareness for research excellence here at Brock University.

With your donation to Brock Research Fund you will help grow the culture of creative excellence and enhance research capacity.

We are incredibly proud of the research that faculties and departments generate at Brock University and the contributions that our researchers make to society.

Click here to learn more about research at Brock University.

At Brock University we recognize that personal growth from learning can manifest from a variety of forms. Whether it be through academic activities or through the pursuit of knowledge coming in the form of exploration, Brock looks to support students as they learn and develop and that is why your donation to the Teaching and Learning Fund will help support BaseCamp.

BaseCamp offers students the opportunity to meet new friends, learn more about the Niagara Region, and participate in an adventure that will help develop leadership skills.

Donate to the Teaching and Learning Fund today to help enhance a student’s overall experience at the University.

Click here to learn more about BaseCamp at Brock University.

At Brock University, students are presented with opportunities to grow, learn and mature. They experience all of the joys that accompany success and will learn to manage the challenges that they will face in every-day life. However, there are some students on campus who will not be able to experience the valuable lessons that Brock has to offer without receiving financial support.

That is why, Brock has introduced the Student Emergency Fund. This funding assists student who may have their education derailed by a particularly challenging time.

Your donation to the fund will help to ensure that students can continue the Brock experience.

Brock Sports is dedicated to providing quality sports programs and leadership opportunities for students in the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence. Through diverse learning experiences, Brock Sports helps students develop life-long skills for growth and advancement.

Your donation to Brock Sports will help the University continue to build upon its rich tradition of athletic excellence.

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