University transfer students

General admission requirements

  • Admission consideration is primarily based on your most recent studies however we will review your overall academic record.
  • Applicants who have completed a minimum of one full-time semester of university study (with final grades) and an overall average of 60% (1.70 GPA on a scale of 4.0) are eligible for consideration. You must also be eligible to re-register at your previous institution.
  • Some programs require higher admission averages. Therefore admission is not guaranteed by the attainment of the minimum requirements.
  • Course prerequisites must be met at the Ontario senior secondary school level or completed as equivalent courses from degree, college degree, diploma or certificate programs. Brock University will make any final determination as to the equivalency of courses.
  • You must meet English language proficiency requirements.

Second Degree and Certificate Admission Policy

If you wish to complete a second degree, you must meet prerequisite requirements for entry, and have successfully completed your first degree with a minimum 65% admission average. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission for some limited enrolment programs. Certificate programs that do not require post-secondary study have the same requirements as undergraduate degrees. Learn more about second degree and certificate regulations.

General Transfer Credit Policy

Degree-level courses completed at an accredited Canadian university, or equivalent accredited institution as determined by Brock University, with a minimum grade of 60% will be recognized for transfer credit up to a maximum 15.0 credits toward a 20-credit degree, or 10.0 credits toward a 15-credit degree.

Second Degree Transfer Credit Policy

If you are seeking a second or subsequent degree, you will be granted transfer credit to a maximum of 10.0 credits for a 20.0 credit degree and a maximum of 7.0 credits for a 15.0 credit degree. Learn more about second degree transfer credits.

Co-op Transfer Credit Policy

In order to meet degree and co-op requirements, transfer credit is limited to 5.0 credits or the equivalent of one academic year. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to complete the Co-op Political Science Public Administration concentration.

Concurrent Education Transfer Credit Policy

In order to meet degree requirements transfer is limited to 4.0 credits (one academic year equals 5.0 credits).

Goodman School of Business Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit will be granted for those courses completed within five years of beginning studies at Brock.