Teacher Education FAQs

Use the TEAS application at ouac.on.ca/teas. At this site, you will find detailed information regarding admissions requirements and will be able to download the Experience Profile package once you have successfully applied and received your acknowledgement e-mail from Brock.

The program is 4 terms in total (Fall/Winter/Fall/Winter) with the exception of the Technological Teacher Education Program. Each term is approx. 4 months with Fall term typically starting in late August or early September and Winter term ending in May.

B10 – Primary/Junior and B20 – Junior/Intermediate will only be offered at the St. Catharines campus. B30 – Intermediate/Senior will only be offered at the Burlington campus.

For information on tuition and other fees, please refer to the Student Accounts and Financial Aid Office website, or you may contact the office directly at: central@brocku.ca for details.

The minimum required average of 70% for the academic component is based on your best 10.0 full undergraduate credits only. Credits earned within a Masters or Doctoral program or degree will not be considered in the calculation of your average; however, we do grant some preference in the overall assessment score for those that have a completed credential at the time of application. Masters or Doctoral courses may be eligible for consideration towards the teachable subject areas.

Our Admissions staff cannot pre-assess nor pre-approve courses for application purposes. In order for a course credit to be eligible for consideration toward a particular teaching subject, as a general rule, it is best that they be presented from the teachable subject in question (i.e. if your teachable subject is mathematics, a course in political statistics or engineering will not normally be recognized). In most cases, only courses eligible to meet requirements for major programs can be counted in support of teachable subjects. There are exceptions. A course that is cross-listed can normally be used towards satisfying teaching subject requirements.

Please refer to the admissions criteria section located at ouac.on.ca/teas or review information provided above in the ‘Clarification of Teachable Subjects’ section. If you have earned credits in specialized programs or in disciplines not consistent with the list of teachable subjects listed in our program information, please refer to the following guidelines:

  1. Review the particular credits you have earned to see if some courses may be eligible for consideration as an identified teachable subject.
  2. Check your academic calendar to determine if courses can be used to satisfy the degree requirements in that teaching subject. (i.e. If you believe there is enough biology content in a Geology course you took, then you may use the ‘clarification of teachable subject’ form to outline this.  We will consider, but it is not guaranteed that this will satisfy the teachable requirements).
  3. The more information you can provide on course specifics the better (i.e. if you have a course outline, syllabus, etc.) The admissions officers will not have course descriptions readily available from other institutions. Course assessments will be done on the basis of the documentation you provide at the time of application.

Yes, as long as you provide their current email contact information.

Candidates must complete their practica within the school boards with which we have partnerships. These boards are the District School Board of Niagara, the Niagara Catholic District School Board, the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, the Halton District School Board, the Halton Catholic District School Board, the Grand Erie District School Board, the Peel District School Board, the Dufferin-Peel District School Board and designated schools within these boards. Any arrangements with outside boards must be made through your Faculty Advisors and the Out-of-Region Coordinator, and is conditional upon their approval.

The Department of Teacher Education tries not to place candidates in schools where they have personal contacts due to potential conflicts of interest.

Yes, you can. Upon acceptance into the Teacher Education Program candidates will be asked what school system they would like to practice teach in (Public or Catholic). That information is taken into consideration when candidates are placed in the Public or Catholic Cohort Groups. Once candidates are placed in Catholic Cohorts they complete their practica in the Catholic school system.

For universities in Canada, we utilize a grade translation scale to determine letter equivalencies. Generally, if your transcript indicates both numeric and letter grades, we will use the numeric grades provided. The scale used to calculate academic letter averages is as follows:

A+ 92   A 87   A-82   B+ 78   B 75    B- 72   C+ 68   C 65   C- 62   D+ 58   D 55   D- 52

Grade translations for universities outside of Canada are completed on an individual basis, and scales are generally unique to each country.

Brock’s Consecutive Teacher Education program is highly competitive. Due to the very strong applicant pool competing for few spaces, we can not extend offers to all candidates who meet minimum requirements. Please understand that even the most academically strong performers presenting high quality experiences do not necessarily receive offers. Enrolment in this professional program is limited.

If you did not receive an offer, it is likely due to one or more of the following:

  • You did not submit all documents by the deadline
  • The documents you submitted were incomplete or didn’t follow submission guidelines
  • Your overall score, comprised of your academic grades and your Experience Profile were not strong enough to position you in the top tier of the candidate pool for an offer. 
  • Your Experience Profile Verifier(s) (a) did not agree with the experience you provided or (b) did not respond to the verification request. *It is the student’s responsibility to discuss the details of their experience with the verifier IN ADVANCE of submitting the Experience Profile and to follow-up with the verifier to confirm they have responded on your behalf. Brock will not discuss verifier activity with an applicant.