Academic Credential Requirements by Country

The following represents the minimum academic credential required for admission consideration. Attainment of the minimum credential does not guarantee admission because additional factors, including academic standing, program choice, program prerequisites and English language proficiency are also part of the admission decision.

In addition to a minimum academic credential required for admission consideration, applicants must also meet the program-specific admission average and required subjects (prerequisites) to be considered for their preferred program.

Prerequisites must be taken at the Grade 12 university-preparatory level (or equivalent) and are the highest level of secondary studies available in your final year of secondary school.

Curriculum and Credentials

Admission Requirements 

Admission consideration is based on completion of five distinct GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subject examinations with a minimum grade of “C” in each. Applicants must present one of the following combinations for admission consideration: 

  • Two GCE A-Level subjects and three GCSE/IGCSE O-Level subjects 
  • Four GCE AS-Level subjects and one GCSE/IGCSE O-Level subject 

Satisfaction of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Many programs require higher grades or completion of specific prerequisite subjects. All prerequisite subjects, with the exception of English, must be completed at the GCE AS- or A-Level.  

NG4U - EnglishIGCSE/GCSE O-Level English 
MHF4U – Advanced functions  GCE AS- or A-Level Mathematics* 
MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors  GCE AS- or A-Level Mathematics* 
SBI4U - Biology  GCE AS- or A-Level Biology 
SCH4U – Chemistry  GCE AS- or A-Level Chemistry 
SPH 4U - Physics  GCE AS- or A-Level - Physics 

*Completion of GCE AS- or A-Level Mathematics satisfies two mathematics prerequisites but will only be counted as one of the five distinct GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subjects required for admission consideration.   

Transfer Credits 

Applicants that have completed A-Level examinations with a minimum grade of “C” will automatically be considered for up to 3.0 transfer credits.  


Brock University will consider applicants with a BTEC certificate/diploma qualification (or equivalent in other British-patterned countries), on a case-by-case basis.  

Admission Requirements 

Admission consideration is based on completion of five distinct CSEC/CAPE subject examinations with a minimum grade of “3” in each. Applicants must present one of the following combinations for admission consideration: 

  • Two CAPE Advanced Unit 2 subjects and three CSEC subjects 
  • Four CAPE Advanced Unit 1 subjects and one CSEC subject 

Satisfaction of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Many programs require higher grades or completion of specific prerequisite subjects. All prerequisite subjects, with the exception of English, must be completed at the CAPE Advanced Unit 1 or Unit 2 level. 


Admission Requirements  

India Senior School Certificate (awarded by CBSE) or Indian School Certificate (awarded by CISCE) with a minimum overall average of 50% in Year 12 subjects is required for general admission consideration to Brock.  

Many programs require higher averages, some require completion of specific prerequisite subjects, and some prerequisites require a minimum grade. Satisfaction of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 

ENG4U- EnglishEnglish
MHF4U - Advanced functions  Mathematics*
MCV4U - Calculus and Vectors  Mathematics or Applied Mathematics*
MDM4U - Data Management Statistics or Applied Mathematics*
SBI4U - Biology  Biology
SCH4U - Chemistry  Chemistry
SPH4U - Physics  Physics

*Completion of CBSE/CISCE Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics satisfies two Brock mathematics prerequisites. 

Applicants will be considered for admission with completion of the Senior School Certificate offered through the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the National Examinations Council (NECO).  The minimum number of subjects required are noted below:

  • Nigeria – a minimum of 8 subjects
  • Ghana – a minimum of 6 subjects
  • Gambia – a minimum of 5 courses, including both English and mathematics

A minimum overall average of C4 is required for admission consideration.

WAEC SubjectOntario Equivalent
MathematicsMDM4U – Mathematics of Data Management & MHF4U – Advanced Functions
FrenchFSF4U - French
ChemistrySCH4U  - Chemistry
BiologySBI4U - Biology
PhysicsSPH4U - Physics
Further MathematicsMCV4U – Calculus
Elective MathematicsMCV4U - Calculus

We require a minimum Grade 12 diploma with high grades in academic subjects (usually a minimum B average, although higher grades are required for some limited enrolment programs).

If your grading scale differs from the Ontario secondary school scale on which a pass is 50%, your grades will be translated into equivalencies for admissibility and scholarship eligibility.

The grading scale is as follows:

  • A+ = 92%
  • A  = 87%
  • A- = 82%
  • B+ = 78%
  • B  = 75%
  • B- = 72%
  • C+ = 68%
  • C  = 65%
  • C- = 62%
  • D+ = 58%
  • D  = 55%
  • D- = 52%
  • F = less than 50

You are encouraged to select courses with significant academic rigour in your final year of secondary school. The following prerequisite subjects should be completed during the grade 12 year for those intending on entering the sciences: chemistry and advanced mathematics.

The following are helpful in determining eligibility:

  • SAT scores for borderline cases;
  • School profiles (if available);
  • Letters of recommendation from counsellors or teachers.

Applicants who have successfully completed the IB diploma with the appropriate prerequisite subjects will be considered for admission. 

Admission consideration is not based on the overall IB diploma score.   IB subject grades are converted to the equivalent Brock grade and will be used to confirm if prerequisites and the overall admission average have been met. 

Students who are admitted to Brock based on their IB diploma are eligible for the $1000 IB Scholars Award, with proof of diploma awarded. They may be awarded a maximum of 3.0 transfer credits for HL examinations completed at a minimum grade of 5. 

Applicants, who successfully complete an IB Certificate program with a minimum of six subjects including prerequisites may also be considered for admission and transfer credit. Transfer credits will be evaluated once Official IB results are received directly from IBO. 

If you have any questions about how your IB program will be considered for admission, please contact 

ENG4U - EnglishEnglish A: Language & Literature HL/SL
MHF4U - Advanced FunctionsMathematics Studies SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
MCV4U - Calculus and VectorsMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL
MDM4U – Mathematics of Data ManagementMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
SBI4U - BiologyBiology HL/SL
SCH4U - ChemistryChemistry HL/SL
SPH4U - PhysicsPhysics HL/SL
FEF4U, FIF4U or FSF4U - FrenchFrench B HL/SL

Ontario secondary school students

Your courses will automatically be sent to Brock if you are completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Equivalent numeric grades will also be sent on your behalf. An admission average will be calculated using converted grades.

Advanced placement courses may be used to determine admissibility and granting of transfer credit or exemption. If you have completed advanced placement courses as part of an appropriate secondary school credential, and submit an examination grade of 4 on individual results, you may be eligible to receive a maximum of 2.0 Brock credits. An official AP transcript is required for the evaluation process.

Email for information regarding course equivalencies.

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AlbaniaDiploma of State MaturaEurope
AlgeriaBaccalauréat de l’Enseignement SecondaireAfrica
AngolaSecondary School Leaving Certificate/Certificado de HabilitacoesAfrica
Antigua and BarbudaSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
ArgentinaBachillerato/BachillerSouth America
ArmeniaCertificate of Complete Secondary Education with certificate of unified examinationAsia
AustraliaSenior matriculation certificate qualifying for entrance to university >ACT: Year 12 Certificate and ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)/Tertiary Entrance Statement/UAI (Universities Admission Index) >NSW: Higher School Certificate and ATAR/T.E. rank/UAI >NT: Certificate of Education and ATAR/university aggregate/SACE and TER >QLD: Senior Certificate and QTAC Selection Rank/T.E. Statement showing OP (Overall Position) and FP (Field Position). >SA: Certificate of Education and ATAR/TER >TAS: Certificate of Education and ATAR/T.E. score >VIC: Certificate of Education and ATAR/ENTER and study score >WA: Certificate of Secondary Education and ATAR/T.E. scores and rankOceania
AzerbaijanCertificate of Complete Secondary Education (Tam Orta Təhsil Haqqında Attestat)Asia/Europe
BahamasSee UK patterned requirements; or CAPE patterned requirements; or minimum of five AP/Honours subjects completed in the grade 12 academic year; or one year of post-secondary studyNorth America
BahrainGeneral Secondary Education Certificate (Shahadat Al-Thanawaya Al-Aama)Asia
BangladeshHigher Secondary CertificateAsia
BarbadosSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
BelarusCertificate of General Secondary EducationEurope
BelgiumCertificat d’Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur/Diploma Secundair Onderwijs/Abschlusszeugnis der Oberstufe des SekundarunterrichtsEurope
BelizeSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
BeninBaccalauréat de l’enseignement secondaireAfrica
BermudaBermuda Secondary School Certificate, GCSE or, Post-Graduate year at Saltus Grammar School, or one year at Bermuda CollegeNorth America
BhutanBhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate (BHSEC) or Indian School Certificate (ISC)Asia
BoliviaBachilleratoSouth America
Bosnia HerzegovinaMatura/Secondary School Leaving DiplomaEurope
BotswanaFirst-year standing in a recognized universityAfrica
BrazilCertificado de Conclusao de Ensino MedioSouth America
BruneiBrunei/ Cambridge GCE A levelsAsia
BulgariaDiploma of Completed Secondary EducationEurope
CambodiaDiploma of Upper Secondary EducationAsia
CameroonCameroon GCE A levels; BaccalauréatAfrica
CaribbeanFive subjects at the CSEC-Level (minimum grade 3), two of which are completed to the CAPE Advanced Unit 2-Level (minimum grade 4) will be considered. Alternatively, one CSEC-Level subject (minimum grade 3) and four Unit 1-Level subjects (minimum grade 4) will be considered as long as the Unit 1-Level subjects do not duplicate the subject matter at the CSEC-Level. Prerequisite subjects required for entry to a specific degree program must be completed to Unit 1-Level with grades of no less than 4.North America
Central African RepublicBaccalauréatAfrica
ChadBaccalauréat de l’enseignement du second degreeAfrica
ChileLicencia de Educación Media or Licencia de Ensenanza MediaSouth America
China (PRC)(Grade 12) Senior High School Graduation Certificate (3 Years) plus final transcript showing Grade 12 first and second term gradesAsia
ColombiaCertificado Oficial de Estudios de Educacion Secundaria - Admission consideration for general Social Sciences or Humanities. First-year standing at a recognized university for all other undergraduate degrees.South America
Costa RicaFirst-year standing at a recognized universityNorth America
Cote d’IvoireDiplôme de Bachelier de l’Enseignement du Second Degré/BaccalauréatAfrica
CroatiaMatura; Secondary School Leaving CertificateEurope
CubaBachillerato/Pre-university course and the national competitive examinationNorth America
CyprusApolytirion of Lykeion and General Entrance Exam; Lise Bitirme Diplomasi with high standing/Devlet Lisa Diplomasi/Upper Secondary School Leaving CertificateEurope
Czech RepublicSecondary School Leaving Certificate / MaturitaEurope
DenmarkStudentereksamen; Højere Forberedelseseksamen Højere HandelseksamenEurope
Dominican RepublicBachilleratoNorth America
EcuadorBachillerato/BachillerSouth America
EgyptCertificate of General Secondary Education or Thanaweye A’ama with 12 years of studyAfrica
El SalvadorBachillerato /BachellerNorth America
EstoniaSecondary School Leaving CertificateEurope
EthiopiaGeneral Education Certificate and Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance ExaminationAfrica
FijiFiji Year 13 Certificate with five subjects or the USP Foundation ProgramOceania
FranceBaccalauréat de l’Enseignement du Second Degré; Baccalauréat Technologique; Baccalaureat GeneralEurope
GambiaWASSCE with passes in five subjects and strong resultsAfrica
GeorgiaGeneral Education Diploma (Sashualo Skolis Atestati)Europe
GermanyAbitur; Reifezeugnis; Zeugnis der Allgemeinen HochschulreifeEurope
GhanaSenior Secondary School Certificate/ WAECAfrica
GreeceApolytirion of LykeioEurope
GrenadaSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
GuatemalaFirst-year standing at a recognized universityNorth America
GuineaBaccalauréate UniqueAfrica
GuyanaSee UK patterned or CAPESouth America
HaitiBaccalauréat 2e partie/Diplôme d’Enseignement SécondaireNorth America
HondurasFirst-year standing at a recognized universityNorth America
Hong KongHKDSE: minimum entry is Level 2 in 5 subjects (must include all program specific prerequisites) Note: competitive programs will require courses at Levels 3 or 4.Asia
HungaryErettsegi; MaturaEurope
IcelandStudentsprof from gymnasiumEurope
IndiaAll India Senior School Certificate awarded by CBSE (after 12 years); Indian School Certificate (awarded by ICSE)Asia
IndonesiaIjazah Sekolah Menegah Atas (Diploma awarded by Upper Secondary School)Asia
IranCertificate of Dore Dovom Motavasete. Prior to 2019: Pre-university Year Certificate and Diploma MetevasethAsia
IraqSecondary School CertificateAsia
IrelandLeaving CertificateEurope
IsraelBagrut; Mechina/Matriculation certificateAsia
ItalyDiploma di Maturità; Diploma di Superamento Dell’Esame di StatoEurope
JamaicaSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
JapanKotogakko Sotsugyo ShomeishoAsia
JordanTawjihi comprehensive/ Secondary school education leaving certificateAsia
KazakhstanSvidetel’stvo/o Srednem Obrazovanii ; Certificate of Completed Secondary Education, or NIS Grade 12 CertificateEurope
KenyaKenyan Certificate of Secondary EducationAfrica
Korea, NorthFirst-year standing in a recognized universityAsia
Korea, South (R.O.K.)Academic Upper Secondary School Certificate plus Academic Aptitude TestAsia
KuwaitShahadat Al-Thanawiya-Al-A’ama (General Secondary School Certificate)Asia
KyrgyzstanSvidetel’stvo/o Srednem Obrazovanii; Certificate of Secondary EducationAsia
LaosFirst-year standing at a recognized universityAsia
LatviaAtestats par visparejo videjo izglitibu/Certificate of Secondary EducationEurope
LebanonBaccalaureat Libanais/ General Secondary Education CertificateAsia
LesothoFirst-year standing at a recognized universityAfrica
LiberiaSenior High School CertificateAfrica
LibyaSecondary Education CertificateAfrica
LiechtensteinMatura or BerufsmaturaEurope
LithuaniaBrandos Atestatas: Secondary School Leaving CertificateEurope
LuxembourgDiplôme de Fin d’Etudes SecondairesEurope
MacaoSenior Secondary Graduation Certificate; Form 6 Graduation CertificateAsia
MacedoniaSecondary School Leaving DiplomaEurope
MalawiMalawi School Certificate of Education; (See also UK and Commonwealth)Africa
MalaysiaMatriculation Certificate; Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)Asia
MaltaMatriculation CertificateEurope
MauritiusUK patternedAfrica
MexicoBachilleratoNorth America
MoldovaBaccalaureate DiplomaEurope
MozambiqueCertificado de Habilitacoes LiterariasAfrica
MyanmarFirst-year standing at a recognized universityAsia
Namibia *Higher Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate from the National Examination Assessment and Certification BoardAfrica
NepalHigher secondary certificate at grade 12 levelAsia
NetherlandsV.W.O. CertificateEurope
New ZealandHigher School Certificate plus University Entrance ExaminationOceania
NicaraguaFirst-year standing at a recognized universityNorth America
NigeriaSenior School CertificateAfrica
NorwayVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole or Vitnemal Videregaende OpplaeringEurope
OmanThanawiya amma; General Education DiplomaAsia
PakistanIntermediate/Higher Secondary School CertificateAsia
PalestineGeneral Secondary Education CertificateAsia
PanamaBachilleratoNorth America
Papua New GuineaGrade 12 Higher School CertificateOceania
ParaguayBachilleratoSouth America
PeruFirst-year standing from a recognized universitySouth America
PhilippinesSenior High School (K-12 system) Diploma. Before 2017-2018: Second Year completed at a recognized universityAsia
PolandMatura/Swiadectwo DojrzalosciEurope
PortugalCertificado de fim de Estudos SecundariosEurope
Puerto RicoSee: U.S.A.North America
QatarThanawaya Aam Qatari; Qatar Senior School CertificateAsia
RomaniaDiploma de BaccalaureatEurope
RussiaAttestat o Srednem (Polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii/ Certificate of Secondary (Complete) General EducationEurope
RwandaCertificat du Cycle Supérieur de l’Enseignement Secondaire/Advanced General Certificate of Secondary EducationAfrica
Saint Kitts and NevisSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
Saint LuciaSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
Saudi ArabiaTawjihiyah; General Secondary Education CertificateAsia
ScotlandScottish Certificate of Education at the Higher Level (4 subjects); (See also UK and Commonwealth)Europe
SenegalDiplôme de Bachelier de l’Enseignement du Second Degré/BaccalauréatAfrica
SeychellesSee: UK and CommonwealthAfrica
Sierra LeoneSenior School Certificate; WAECAfrica
SingaporeSingapore/Cambridge GCE A levels; (See also UK and Commonwealth)Asia
Slovak RepublicMaturitná skúska/Maturita/Secondary School Leaving CertificateEurope
Solomon IslandsUniversity of the South Pacific Foundation YearOceania
SomaliaFirst-year standing in a recognized universityAfrica
South AfricaSenior Certificate of South African Certification CouncilAfrica
SpainTitulo de BachilleratoEurope
Sri LankaSri Lankan GCE A levels in 3 subjects/ See UK patternAsia
SudanSudan School Certificate with 7 subjects or first year standing at a recognized universityAfrica
SurinamV.W.O. CertificateSouth America
SwaizilandFirst year standing in a recognized universityAfrica
SwedenAvgangsbetyg/Slutbetyg / Higher Education Preparatory DiplomaEurope
SwitzerlandMaturitätszeugnis; Certificat de Maturité; Baccalauréat; Attestato di Maturità;Federally recognized Cantonal Maturity CertificateEurope
SyriaAlShahâda AlThânawiya/Baccalauréat/General Secondary CertificateAsia
TaiwanSenior High School Certificate of GraduationAsia
TajikistanAttestat o Srednem (Polnom) ObrazovaniiAsia
TanzaniaCertificate of Secondary Education + Advanced Certificate of Secondary EducationAfrica
ThailandMathayom 6/ Certificate of Secondary EducationAsia
TogoBaccalauréat de l’Enseignement du TroisiemeOceania
Trinidad and TobagoSee UK patterned or CAPENorth America
TurkeyDevlet Lise Diplomasi/Lise Bitirme DiplomasiEurope
TurkmenistanAttestat o Srednem ObrazovaniiAsia
UgandaUganda Advanced Certificate of EducationAfrica
UkraineAtestat Pro Povnu Zagal’nu Sersdniu Osvitu (at Grade12)/Certificate of Complete General Secondary EducationEurope
United Arab EmiratesTawjihiyya/General Secondary Education CertificateAsia
United KingdomFive GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subjects with at least two at A-level (GCSE grades at C or above). One GCSE/IGCSE/O-level subject (graded C or above) and four AS-level subjects will be considered provided the AS-levels do not duplicate subject matter at the GCSE/IGCSE or O level. VCE A-level, VCE A-level Double Award and BTEC Certificate/Diploma qualifications.Europe
U.S.A.Grade 12 graduation in an accredited high school.North America
UruguayBachilleratoSouth America
UzbekistanAkademik Litsey Diplomi (Diploma of Academic Lyceum)Asia
VenezuelaFirst-year standing at a recognized universitySouth America
VietnamBang Tot Nghiep Trung Hoc Pho Thong/Senior Secondary School Graduation DiplomaAsia
West IndiesSee UK patterned or CAPE *North America
YemenAl Thanawiya; General Secondary Education CertificateAsia
YugoslaviaSecondary School Leaving Diploma/Matura (Serbia & Montenegro)Europe
ZaireDiplôme d’Etat d’Etudes Secondaires du Cycle Long with Homologation CertificationAfrica
ZambiaZambia School CertificateAfrica
ZimbabweZimbabwe Certificate of Secondary Education Advanced LevelAfrica