International secondary school student

Brock University has a long-standing tradition of welcoming applicants from around the world.

General admission requirements:

  • Senior Secondary school credential appropriate for entry to university in your home country;
  • Academically rigorous grade 12 year
  • Minimum B- average (higher for some programs);
  • English Language proficiency requirements must be satisfied

Academic credential requirement by country.

Prerequisite subject requirements/average guidelines.

English language proficiency requirements

Studying outside Canada in an English language school does not automatically exempt you from submitting proof of English proficiency. If English is not your first language, you will be asked to provide evidence of proficiency before an admission decision can be made. If you are required to submit a test, we will notify you by email and your portal at will show the document is required for assessment.

Learn more about the English Proficiency Policy.

What we need to make an admissions decision

Brock will make an admissions decision upon receipt of an academic secondary school transcript that includes a summary of studies to date and includes:

  1. Final grades from the first term of senior year.
  2. An indication of courses being studied in second term of senior year.
  3. Predicted grades are acceptable.

We will accept a transcript or grade report from your secondary school guidance office for the purpose of assessment, but we will require a final official transcript as a condition of any offer.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Applicants who have successfully completed the IB diploma with the appropriate prerequisite subjects will be considered for admission and may be awarded a maximum of 3.0 transfer credits for HL examinations completed at a minimum grade of 5. A scholarship worth $1,000 will also be granted. Applicants who successfully complete an IB certificate program with a minimum of six subjects, including prerequisites, may also be considered for admission and transfer credit.

For information about transfer credit and course equivalencies, email

ENG4U - EnglishEnglish A: Language & Literature HL/SL
MHF4U - Advanced FunctionsMathematics Studies SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
MCV4U - Calculus and VectorsMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL
MDM4U – Mathematics of Data ManagementMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
SBI4U - BiologyBiology HL/SL
SCH4U - ChemistryChemistry HL/SL
SPH4U - PhysicsPhysics HL/SL
FEF4U, FIF4U or FSF4U - FrenchFrench B HL/SL

Advanced placement (AP)

Advanced placement courses may be used to determine admissibility and also granting of transfer credits or exemption. If you have completed advanced placement courses as part of an appropriate secondary school credential, and submit an examination grade of 4 on individual results, you may be eligible to receive university credit to a maximum of 2.0 Brock credits. An official AP transcript is required for the evaluation process. For information about course equivalencies, email