International Baccalaureate Secondary School Student

Applicants who have successfully completed the IB diploma with the appropriate prerequisite subjects will be considered for admission.

Admission consideration is not based on the overall IB diploma score.   IB subject grades are converted to the equivalent Brock grade and will be used to confirm if prerequisites and the overall admission average have been met.

Students who are admitted to Brock based on their IB diploma are eligible for the $1000 IB Scholars Award, with proof of diploma awarded. They may be awarded a maximum of 3.0 transfer credits for HL examinations completed at a minimum grade of 5.

Applicants, who successfully complete an IB Certificate program with a minimum of six subjects including prerequisites may also be considered for admission and transfer credit. Transfer credits will be evaluated once Official IB results are received directly from IBO.

ENG4U - EnglishEnglish A: Language & Literature HL/SL
MHF4U - Advanced FunctionsMathematics Studies SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
MCV4U - Calculus and VectorsMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL/SL, Applications & Interpretations HL
MDM4U – Mathematics of Data ManagementMathematics HL/SL, Analysis & Approaches HL, Applications & Interpretations HL/SL
SBI4U - BiologyBiology HL/SL
SCH4U - ChemistryChemistry HL/SL
SPH4U - PhysicsPhysics HL/SL
FEF4U, FIF4U or FSF4U - FrenchFrench B HL/SL

Ontario secondary school students

Your courses will automatically be sent to Brock if you are completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Equivalent numeric grades will also be sent on your behalf. An admission average will be calculated using converted grades.