Experience Profile

In addition to meeting both the minimum and division specific academic requirements, applicants must complete the experience profile which accounts for 50% of the application determination. The profile consists of:

Two 100-hour teaching-related experiences are required. Each experience must meet the following criteria:

  • Significant and related to teaching
  • Completed in schools or other community organizations
  • Instructional in nature
  • Profiles the applicant in a leadership position
  • Verifiable by an immediate supervisor (not a relative or friend)
  • Primary/Junior (B10) and Junior/Intermediate (B20) applicants should have some experience working with children and youth of the age group in the program to which you apply
  • Intermediate/Senior (B30) applicants should have some experience in one of your teaching subjects

You may only access the Experience Profile AFTER you have submitted your application via TEAS.* Brock will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your application. In the acknowledgement, you will be given your Campus ID, which you need to access the profile.

  1. Find your Campus ID via Brock’s acknowledgment email
  2. Log on to ‘my.brocku.ca’ and click on ‘Applicant, New, Returning Student or Alumni’
  3. Go to ‘Applicant & Student Self Service’ tab
  4. Access the Experience Profile via ‘Document Status’ tab
  • We encourage you to SAVE every 10 minutes to avoid losing your work
  • If you are having difficulties accessing the forms, you may need to adjust your ‘pop up blockers’ for the web browser you are using
  • When you complete each of the required forms, you must close the form (X in the top right of page or use the close button at the end of the form) to return to the Student Self Service area. *Be sure to save your work first!
  • We strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. DO NOT use Google Chrome

Click here to go to ‘my.brocku.ca’

*You cannot access the Experience Profile until after we receive your application from OUAC. The TEAS application will be forwarded to Brock only after payment has been received by OUAC. The experience profile will not be accessible until mid-October. If you are paying close to the December 8 payment deadline you should carefully consider your method of payment. We strongly recommend you pay by credit card to ensure you can access the Experience Profile on time.

  • The verifier is not required to write a letter of reference and/or evaluation of performance, but only required to attest to the dates, hours and nature of work.