COVID-19 Information

Brock University is monitoring developments in Canada and globally with respect to school closures and test and exam postponements/cancellations. We have created this page to provide answers to questions you may have. The situation is changing often so we will continue to evaluate and adjust how we assess applications for admission while maintaining the integrity of the process.

We realize that applicants may face challenges in obtaining documents to support their Brock application. We encourage students to continue working with their schools, national agencies and test providers to submit the required documents. We will provide as much flexibility and accommodation as possible regarding document submissions and deadlines, as required by individual circumstances.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about your application.

At this time, the application process and application cycle is on schedule for 2021/22. Brock University, as well as the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) and all Ontario universities are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Any significant changes or updates specific to Brock will be updated here, and for all Ontario high school applicants, visit the OUAC website at for ongoing updates.

We are aware that some students are experiencing difficulty in submitting documents and test scores due to restrictions related to COVID-19. Students should continue to work with their schools and local test centres in regard to securing the documents needed for their admission. Brock will continue to work with students individually and make accommodations based on their circumstances. If students have questions, please contact us at

Please upload a copy of your transcript via your student portal, or send an electronic copy, scan or photo of your transcript to to ensure we can still review your application, as our admissions team is currently working remotely.

The Canadian Federal government will determine your ability to travel to Canada and all rules regarding attaining a study permit. You may wish to contact Brock University International for the latest news on travel and study permits. Students who are scheduled to begin their undergraduate or ESL studies can either begin their studies online from their home country or defer their offer to a later intake, if they have not yet begun studies.

If you would like to defer your start date to a later intake, please email to make your request for review and a decision. Please email from the email address you provided on your application and include your student ID and full name as it appears on your offer letter in the Subject Line.

Formal examining bodies are monitoring situations globally and adapting their access to, grading of and distribution of grades and results in response to COVID-19 realities around the world. Their approach changes from one region to the next so we encourage students to check with their school and examination body’s website regularly for updates. In all cases, we will offer as much flexibility as possible in recognizing the results and credentials available to us, to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your advancement to Brock. Here are some helpful links:

Yes. Admissions offers on-the-spot admission for domestic college and university transfer students, through virtual means. Note that we are not able to make an admission decision and a transfer credit assessment unless the applicant is able to supply required transcripts and is ready to make an on-the-spot application. Please register for an appointment and receive instructions on next steps!

Yes, we are here to help! While all in-person meetings are currently suspended, we can assist you in the following ways:

Brock accepts the following EPT tests. In addition, we will also accept the TOEFL-at-Home Edition Test which can be taken online.

Brock accepts a number of payment methods including online options which do not require visiting your bank/financial institution. If you have any questions, please email

We understand that due to interruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions will be offering non-numerical grades to students for current courses such as “pass/fail” or “credit/no credit.”

The academic portion of your admission criteria is based upon meeting a minimum 70% average among your top 10.0 (or equivalent) undergraduate credits. As your entire degree is not being used in this calculation, our admissions team will only use numerical grade values toward this overall average. Any non-numerical grades such as “pass” or credit” will not be included in the calculation.  Applicants must have at least 10.0 full credits (or equivalent, approx. ½ of a 4-year degree) on their transcript that contain a numerical grade in order to be eligible for calculation of their admission average.

Teachable Subjects

If you are interested in the Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior divisions, you are required to satisfy our teachable subject criteria.  While courses with a with a numerical grade will be selected first, for the purpose of calculation, Pass/Fail marks will also be accepted to satisfy teachable subjects requirements.