Experience Profile

In addition to meeting both the minimum and division specific academic requirements, applicants must complete their Experience Profile which accounts for 50% of the application determination.

Your experience is very important in entering the program and the verification of both experiences is essential for being considered for admission. Consecutive Education students come from a variety of backgrounds: some directly from an undergraduate degree while others apply after years of working or volunteering within Canada and around the world. What is common to all applicants is that they have a base of experience to reflect and build upon as they begin their studies at Brock.

You will be required to complete two separate forms to detail each experience. You may only access the Experience Profile AFTER you have submitted your OUAC TEAS application. If you apply in September or early October, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail from us in mid-October. This e-mail will include your campus ID, and instruct you on how to access your Brock student portal, complete your Experience Profile, and submit your Teachable Subject Clarification form (where applicable). If you apply in mid-October forward, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail within 2 business days of submitting your application, providing the same information.

Experience Profile Requirements

Applicants must present two (2) significant, instructional related experiences to be assessed for admission to the Bachelor of Education program. Each experience must be separate/different from the other. For Fall 2023 entry, and in response to COVID-19, there is no requirement as to the number of hours per experience. You will still be required to report your hours on your Experience Profile. A higher number of hours does not increase the likelihood of receiving an offer. Usually, Brock requires a minimum of 200 hours of experience for applications.

  • Experiences must be verifiable by an immediate supervisor (can not be a relative or a friend) who can attest to the dates, hours and nature of work. The verifier is not required to write a letter of reference and/or an evaluation of your performance.

Experiences may be:

  • Paid or volunteer
  • Completed within Canada or internationally
  • Virtual or face-to-face


  • You must prepare the details of your experience including the start and end dates, the number of hours completed, the age group of those you mostly engaged with during your experience, your exact job title, your main tasks and responsibilities, the name and exact title of the person you will request as a verifier and the verifiers email address
  • Contact your verifier FIRST before listing them as a verifier. Discuss the details above with your verifier to ensure that your experience profile accurately reflects their recollection of your experience. Your verifier will only be asked to respond as to the accuracy of your experience profile and they won’t have an opportunity to explain their response. Any errors on your part could significantly impact your overall score and reduce your likelihood of an offer. It is VITAL that you and your verifier are in full agreement as to the details of your experience.
  • Enter the details of your experience into your Experience Profile. Take your time, but save your work regularly. Once you submit your Experience Profile, you may not change it. Make sure all information is accurate and complete, and agreed upon by you and your verifier. If you are unsure about a particular question on the Experience Profile, save your work and return to it once you’ve confirmed the details with your verifier. Print a copy of the details you submitted.
  • After you submit your Experience Profile, your verifier will be contacted by Brock one-time only at the email address you provide us and they will have 2 weeks to respond. Follow-up with your verifier shortly after submitting your profile to confirm they received and responded to Brock’s verification request. If they have not received the verification request, you may suggest they check their SPAM/JUNK folder. It is you, the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the verification has been completed by your verifier. Do not take any risks with this step. An experience that has not been verified will not be considered valid. This will significantly impact the strength of your application.


  • Includes experience working with children/youth in the age group you are applying to. See the chart below:
Grades K-6 (Ages 3-12)Grades 4-10 (Ages 10 – 15)Grades 7-12 and university undergraduate students (Ages 13-18 +)
  • Are related to teaching
  • Instructional in nature
  • Profile you in a leadership position
  • Includes working with members of marginalized and/or minoritized communities, individuals with learning exceptionalities, and/or vulnerable populations
  • Management/non-teaching positions in which you are/were responsible for instructing or evaluating the performance of others
  • Directly related to your teachable subject(s) in the case of applicants to the junior/intermediate and intermediate/senior program

More Information

There are many experiences which can contribute to your interest in teaching and your success in the program. But to assist applicants, the chart below provides examples of types of experiences students have presented with in the past.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. The list of experiences is to provide examples only. Presenting an experience on this list does not guarantee entry to the program

  • Academic teaching in a formal school setting
  • Academic teaching in a non-school setting such as a museum or outdoor education setting
  • School -based volunteering
  • Supporting academic programs in schools or agency settings such as educational assistants, ECE workers, university teaching assistants, tutoring agencies
  • Skills instruction/leadership such as coaching, dance/swimming/spoken word/photography instructor or club leader
  • Coaching
  • Experience with transferable skills such as social worker, community worker/volunteer, training and development, human resources
  • Religious school instructor (“Sunday school” /youth groups)
  • Camp/program councilors
  • Management roles
  • Submit your application through TEAS
  • Find your Campus ID via Brock’s acknowledgment email
  • Log on to my.brocku.ca and click on ‘Applicant, New, Returning Student or Alumni’
  • Go to ‘Applicant & Student Self Service’ tab
  • Access the Experience Profile via ‘Document Status’ tab (you must complete both Experience Profile 1 and Experience Profile 2 forms)

Technical Tips:

  • If you are having difficulties accessing the forms, you may need to adjust your ‘pop up blockers’ for the web browser you are using
  • We encourage you to SAVE every 10 minutes to avoid losing your work.
  • Once you have submitted a profile, the profile cannot be edited, and no further changes can be made to the information you have provided, including verifier contact details
  • When you complete each of the required forms, you must close the form (X in the top right of page or use the close button at the end of the form) to return to the Student Self Service area. *Be sure to save your work first!

Experience Profile FAQ

There are endless numbers of experiences that will make you a great candidate for our program. We cannot list them all. If your experience meets the requirements listed on the chart, please apply. The examples are just that, examples

Consider the experience and the possible answers and then select the choice which best reflects the experience you are using. We recommend you discuss this with your verifier.

Provide contact information for another individual in the organization in a supervisory position who can validate your experience. Please contact the verifier you will be using for their approval prior to listing them as a verifier.

The verifier is not required to write a letter of reference and/or evaluation of performance, but only required to attest to the dates, hours and nature of work. It is important that you and your verifier are in agreement in advance regarding the information you have stated on your profile.

Sometimes the most meaningful experiences are not the most recent. We do not have a timeframe on this requirement.

If it meets the requirements above, yes. Experiences with educational programs are acceptable.

Information regarding dates and hours are used to verify the experience. They are not used in evaluating the experience.