Consecutive Education Deferral

What is a deferral?

Applicants to Consecutive Education who have extenuating circumstances may request a one-time deferral of admission to their offered program for a period of one year.

Deferral guidelines

  • Applicants must have accepted their offer of admission, submitted the $500.00 non-refundable deposit, and met all the conditions of their offer, including the teachable subject requirements
  • We will only accept requests for deferral between June 10 and August 10, 2022
  • Once your request is submitted, we will review it and notify you of a decision within 10-15 business days
  • Brock will communicate a deferral decision with you using the personal email address you provided on your application to Consecutive Education. Please check your email regularly. For more information, please contact
  • Brock University makes deferral decisions at its discretion, and they are not guaranteed. Brock may request supporting documentation, dependent on the nature of the deferral request.

This form is for applicants who hold an offer to the Fall 2022 Consecutive Teacher Education program only.

In order to submit this request, you must confirm the following points below. If you cannot confirm them, please submit your request once you can confirm all points below.


  • Name * Required
  • (please use the email address you used in your application)
  • I am requesting to defer my start date for Consecutive Education at Brock University for one year. * Required
  • I confirm that I have accepted my offer on OUAC and submitted my Campus Selection Form * Required
  • I confirm that I have met all conditions outlined in my official offer of admission * Required
  • I confirm that I have paid my non-refundable $500 tuition deposit * Required
  • If approved, I understand that I am fully responsible for immediately de-registering from all classes in which I may be currently enrolled, to avoid financial and/or academic penalties. If I fail to do so, I will be responsible for any tuition and fees charged on my student account * Required
  • If I submit this request and am approved, I understand that I immediately lose my seat in the program for the original entry point and if I do not attend after the one-year deferral period, I must reapply, and admission is not guaranteed * Required
  • If I submit this request and am approved, I understand that if I do not attend after the one-year deferral period, my $500 tuition deposit will be forfeited * Required
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.