Advisory Committee on the Presidency

An Advisory Committee on the President and Vice-Chancellor has been established to recommend to the Board of Trustees an individual to serve as Brock’s next President and Vice-Chancellor. The process for the appointment of the President and Vice-Chancellor is set out in the Policy on the Appointment and Reappointment of the President and Vice-Presidents. The key steps in the process are set out below. It is anticipated that the process will be completed by the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees in June 2022.

  1. Establishment of Advisory CommitteeBoard of Trustees establishes an Advisory Committee at least 18 months prior to the expiration of the President’s term.
  2. Engagement of search consultant
    The Advisory Committee determines whether to engage an executive search consultant to assist the Committee in its search for a President.
  3. Consultation with Board and Senate regarding needs of the UniversityThe Committee consults with Senate and the Board to assist in identifying the issues and challenges facing the University in the ensuing decade and what characteristics/attributes a President should possess in that context.
  4. Position profile developedA position profile will be developed in consultation with the university community and the search consultant.
    Download the Presidential Position Profile Package
  5. Position posted and applications receivedThe position is to be widely advertised and applications will be solicited with the assistance of the search consultant.
  6. InterviewsThe Advisory Committees interviews selected candidates, taking into consideration the issues and challenges and required characteristics/attributes that have been identified.
  7. Committee determines candidate to recommend for appointment
    The Advisory Committees shall then formulate a recommendation for the appointment of the candidates of its choice.
  8. Consultation with SenateThe Committee will consult in camera with Senate regarding the recommendation in a special meeting to be held at least two days before a recommendation is to be presented to the Board of Trustees.
  9. Recommendation presented to the BoardThe Committee presents its recommendation to the Board.

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