Faculty members, instructors and TAs have an important role when it comes to promoting academic integrity at Brock University. All faculty, instructors, TAs and staff need to work together to foster a climate of integrity. And as an institution, we need to collaboratively adhere to policies and procedures for dealing fairly with students who have committed academic misconduct.

It is also essential that we work together to discipline students who repeatedly commit academic misconduct so that the few do not harm the hard work and reputation of the many. Academic misconduct is not a course-based problem: cases that go unreported institutionally undermine the value of a Brock degree. Let’s work together to support integrity at Brock.

There are a number of ways faculty, instructors and TAs can help students with academic integrity. First of all, be sure to report all cases of suspected misconduct. This way students can get the resources they need and the University can ensure all cases of misconduct are tracked. In addition, consider what you can do to help educate students about academic integrity. Here are some possibilities:

Course syllabi should include:

  • An academic integrity statement (see course syllabus template)
  • Clear, unambiguous assignment expectations.
  • Clear expectations regarding group work and collaboration.

When designing curriculum and assessments, consider:

  • Giving students appropriate time to complete assignments.
  • Being explicit about expectations regarding group work assignments (e.g., guidelines for record keeping and accountability).
  • Changing content from year to year keep content fresh.
  • Requesting revisions (of assignments) as part of the process (e.g. successive drafts).

Instructors and faculty can help students avoid academic misconduct by…

  • Speaking in class about the importance of academic integrity
  • Providing feedback in a manner that is timely and relevant for improvement of performance.
  • Challenging students to present ideas creatively within the conventions of their academic discipline.

TAs can help students avoid academic misconduct by…

  • Learning about academic integrity at Brock University and modeling its use.
  • Attending the academic integrity workshops for TAs hosted by Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.
  • Providing academic integrity resources to students.

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