Graduates facing misconduct

I received an email or a letter requesting an interview. What is the process involved?

If the Graduate Program Director has contacted you, it is because your Instructor has expressed concern regarding your academic work. The purpose of the meeting is to discover the circumstances of the alleged academic misconduct. You will be told what the specific concerns are, be given an opportunity to respond to the allegation(s) and should receive a recommended outcome from the Graduate Program Director. You have the right to invite an advisor such as the Ombudsperson to this meeting.

What happens if I do not attend the interview?

Not attending the interview means that you give up your right to defend yourself or to respond to the allegation(s). The discipline process will continue with you “in absentia” and disciplinary recommendations may be forwarded to the Office of the Faculty Dean and the Office of the Graduate Dean. This means that decisions that may affect your academic standing will be made without your input. You will be notified, in writing, of any discipline outcome or penalty. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in any proceedings and decision-making that may have an impact on their academic standing.

What happens if my case is forwarded to the Office of the Dean(s)?

The Office of the Dean(s) will request to meet with you to discuss the specifics of the accusation of academic misconduct with you, and you will again be given an opportunity to respond. At the end of the meeting, the Dean(s) shall inform you of the discipline decision and your right to appeal.

What are possible discipline decisions?

In the case where academic misconduct has been determined, the disciplinary outcome may entail an educative action and/or an academic penalty.

What’s the difference between ‘educative action’ and ‘academic penalty’?

An Educative action may entail any one or combination of the following:

  • Oral or written warning
  • Rewrite or resubmission of the academic piece of work
  • Participation in the APF (Assess, Plan, Follow up) Program provided through A-Z Learning Services
  • Remedial activity recommended by the Instructor/Department Chair/Associate Dean/Graduate Program Director that is comparable to, but does not exceed the level of work entailed in the initial assignment or activity under examination

In the event of non-compliance to an educative action, an appropriate deduction will be made to the course grade.

An academic penalty may include any one or combination of the following:

  • Lower grade or failure on assignment or examination
  • Reduction in the course grade that exceeds the value of the assignment
  • Failure in the course
  • Removal from the program of study
  • Notation on the student’s transcript
  • Suspension from the University for a definite period with transcript notation
  • Permanent debarment from the University with a transcript notation
  • Withholding or rescinding a Brock degree or certificate

What if I disagree with the discipline?

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Office of the Dean to the Senate Students Appeals Board for review. Dissatisfaction with a penalty will not be considered sufficient grounds for an appeal. For more information about the Appeals process, visit the Brock Ombudsperson website.

Will anyone be notified of any penalties I receive?

The University’s policies regarding the confidentiality and release of student records guides what, and when, information may be made available. The Instructor, Graduate Program Director, the Office of the Dean(s) and Learning Services (if an educative action is sanctioned) will be notified of any penalties. Any information requested by a parent, guardian or other third party will be disclosed only with your written consent. Your written consent should outline the specific information being requested. However, it should be noted that written correspondence regarding any discipline decision or outcome shall be forwarded to your mailing address, unless specifically requested to be sent to your Badger email account.

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