University Financial and Budget Information

This page contains all published Brock University financial reports including annual reports, financial statements, budget reports, trimester reports, fiscal framework and DBRS credit rating information.

The covers of the 2020-21 term Brock University Financial Services report booklets. The design is the same for all of the reports accept for a different photo as follows: 2020-21 Trimester 1 Report with a zoom meeting photo, 2020-21 Trimester 2 Report with a photo of three Covid-19 blue masked student researchers, 2021-22 Budget Report with the front entrance of the Rankin Pavilion with one person entering during the Covid pandemic and 2020-21 Annual Report with a colourful fall bird’s eyeview over the Brock Campus.

Consolidated audited statements

A graphic of a map with text beside it. The text is as follows: Total spending* to Niagara Region suppliers for 2020-21 was more than $24.5 million to 278 suppliers. The average spend per supplier was more than $89,000 to each supplier. * Included in spending amount are payments to suppliers relating to funds collected by Brock University on the supplier’s behalf.

Budget reports

Input and recommendations for the budget are encouraged and can be emailed to

 Note: This video was created for the 2014-15 Budget.

Trimester reports and forecasts

Starting in 2016-17 Brock University is preparing trimester reports and forecasts instead of quarterly reports in an effort to more closely follow the academic schedule.

Fiscal framework

Input and recommendations for the budget are encouraged and can be emailed to

Dominion Bond Rating Service

Brock University has engaged Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS) to provide a debt rating for the Senior Unsecured Debentures.

DBRS Report YearRatingTrend
2020A (high)Negative
2019A (high)Stable
2018A (high)Stable
2017A (high)Stable
2016A (high)Stable
2010A (high)Negative
2009A (high)Stable