Tim Kenyon

Vice-President, Research

Since becoming Brock University’s Vice-President, Research in 2018, Tim Kenyon has focused on supporting the Strategic Plan priority of building research capacity across the institution. During this time the University has seen significant growth in the range of internal programs that facilitate the scholarship, innovation, research, and creative activity of all researchers, while new facilities such as Brock LINC and the Validating, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Facility have also been inaugurated.

Kenyon looks forward to the continued expansion of these and other programs and facilities to enhance funding, impact, and recognition for Brock researchers, while promoting institutional values of diversity, equity, decolonization, and community engagement. Kenyon says research exists to make a difference, and Brock’s research community has the creativity and inspiration to show just how great a difference it can make.

Prior to joining Brock, Kenyon held research and teaching positions at the University of St. Andrews, the University of Alberta, University of Aberdeen, and the University of Waterloo, where he served terms as Chair of the Philosophy Department and Associate Dean for the Faculty of Arts, and received the University of Waterloo Distinguished Teacher Award. He was President of the Canadian Philosophical Association in 2015-16, and is a member of the Executive for the Ontario Council for University Research.