Thomas Dunk

Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic

Thomas Dunk commenced a two-year term as Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic on 1 Oct. 2016. Prior to that he had served as Brock’s Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences since July 2008. He holds a BA (honours) from the University of Alberta and an MA and PhD in Anthropology from McGill University.

Dunk taught at Concordia University, McMaster University and the University of Toronto before taking a position in the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Northern Studies at Lakehead University, where he was Chair of the Department of Sociology for eight years and then Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities.

After high school Dunk spent three years working as a labourer in mines, paper mills and grain elevators in northern Ontario and British Columbia, experiences that continue to influence his research interests. He has published on the relationships between social class, masculinities and racialization; the impacts of economic change on male working-class identities; regional development; and environmental controversies.

His current research is on the intersection of environmental controversies and regional economic transformations in Ontario, France and Norway, and theories of regional and urban development. He has taught a range of courses on economic anthropology and sociology, social class and conflict, environmental sociology, masculinity, and classical and contemporary social theory.