Senior Administrative Council Personnel Reimbursement Disclosure Guidelines

Brock University is committed to accountability, fiscal responsibility and stewardship.

In keeping with the University’s Integrated Strategic Plan, the Senior Administrative Council (SAC) members follow a Personnel Reimbursement Disclosure Guideline which discloses travel and hospitality expenses. This program started with the November 2013 – January 2014 period.

The timetable for expense disclosure is as follows:

Self-Disclosure Reporting – Dates Due to Finance

QuarterReporting due to Finance (15 days after quarter end)Confirmation due to Finance (30 days after quarter end)Reporting Posted to Web (45 days after quarter end) 
Quarter 1 - May 1 to July 31August 15August 30September 14
Quarter 2 - August 1 to October 31November 15November 30December 15
Quarter 3 - November 1 to January 31February 15March 2 (March 3 if leap year)March 17 (March 18 if leap year)
Quarter 4 - February 1 to April 30May 15May 30June 14

*If any of the above dates fall on a holiday or weekend, the date will change to the last working day before the holiday or weekend on which the due date falls.