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Our research project, entitled "Education and awareness: Teaching classroom teachers how to accommodate students living with the effects of ABI," is a research project that has been funded through the generosity of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. This project will address the difficulties that teachers encounter when accommodating students with ABI in the classroom.

The primary focus of the project is the development and dissemination to teachers of practical information on ABI along with useful strategies for the classroom. These materials are being formatted into a curriculum module for pre-service training in the faculties of education. A resource binder will also be distributed to special education personnel throughout the province, a resource web site is being created, and in-service training is also available. Teachers are invited to use the OBIA 1-800 number to ensure access to resources and consultation on individual cases.

This new and exciting initiative is being conducted cooperatively by the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) and Brock University. The people behind the project are Mr. John Kumpf, Dr. Dawn Good, and Dr. Sheila Bennett as well as their assistants Dawn Zinga and Tracey Burnet. Mr. John Kumpf, Executive Director of the Ontario Brain Injury Association, has over thirty years experience as a special education classroom teacher and expertise in the area of acquired brain injury. Dr. Dawn Good is a clinical psychologist who combines a career of research and teaching in the Psychology Department of Brock University with a demanding private practice specializing in acquired brain injury. Dr. Sheila Bennett specializes in research and teaching on special needs at Brock University’s Faculty of Education and has over fourteen years experience as a classroom teacher. Both assistants are graduates of Brock University and have received additional training in other educational settings and in the workplace. Together this research team is striving to make a difference in Ontario classrooms by helping teachers and students.

An advisory committee has been set up to provide input and offer suggestions on the materials that are developed through this project. The ten-member board consists of individuals who have experience with acquired brain injury through personal recovery, through the litigation procedures, through the experience of a family member, as a member of the teaching community, as a member of the professional community that provides services to individuals with ABI and as members of the educational community. All of these individuals share several characteristics. They are intelligent, caring individuals who want to help make a difference for students who are living with the effects of ABI and the teachers who facilitate their educational success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the advisory board for their dedication, assistance, and for caring about this project.

If you need more information about acquired brain injury or about our research project please contact us:

Education and awareness: Teaching classroom teachers
how to accommodate students living with the effects of ABI

Cognitive Research Lab
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1
(905) 688-5550, ext 3556

The Ontario Brain Injury Association

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