George Jackson Kneeland 

A. N. Marquis Co.

Kneeland, George Jackson, sociological investigator; b. Griggsville, Ill., Sept. 1, 1972; s. Charles W. and Mary L. (Folger) K.' A. B. Ill. Coll., 1901; Yale Div. Sch., 1901-2; m. Adelaide R. Hardy, Nov., 1911. Editorial dept. Cosmopolitan Mag., 1903-4; editorial staff School Journal, New York, 1905-6; office mgr. Industrial Press, New York, 1907-8; dir. investigations for research com. of Com. of Fourteen, New York, 1908-10, for Vice Commn. of Chicago, 1910-11. Assisted in preparation of reports: Social Evil in New York City, 1910; The Social Evil in Chicago, 1911. Dir. investigations for Bur. of Social Hygiene, New York, 1912-13; dir. Dept of Investigations, Am. Vigilance Assn., New York, 1912-13; for American Social Hygiene Association, 1914; directed investigations with relation to the social evil for Vice Commn. Phila., and state, municipal and pvt. coms in other states and cities, 1912-13. Author: Commercialized Prostitution in New York City, 1913 (issued under auspices of Bur. of Social Hygiene). Office: 105 W. 40th St., New York, NY.


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