Helen Culver

A. N. Marquis Co.

Culver, Helen, philanthropist; b. Little Valley, N.Y., Mar. 23, 1832; d. Lyman and Emeliza (Hull) C.; grad. Randolph (N.Y.) Acad., 1853; unmarried. Established pvt. sch., Sycamore, Ill., 1853; prin. prim. sch. and teacher in grammar and high schs., Chicago, 1854-61; matron mil. hosps. at Murfreesboro, Tenn., under U.S. Sanitary Commn., 1863; entered real estate business, 1868, with her relative, Charles J. Hull, in Chicago, operating extensively in properties in the city and all over the West. After death of Charles J. Hull she built and endowed (1895) the four Hull laboratories for U. of Chicago. Trustee Hull House Assn. from its organization, 1895. Died Aug. 19, 1925.


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