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Women Adopt Constitution At First Annual Meeting.
Declaration for Equal Franchise Retained in Spite of Protest — Nominating Committee Chosen — Pacifist to Address Meeting Today. Will Consider Policy This Evening.

The woman’s peace party, organized here a year ago, approved a constitution and elected a nominating committee at the opening business session of its three-day first annual meeting at the Willard last night. Miss Jane Addams, of Hull House, Chicago, president of the party, presided.

The discussion of the delegates concerned several phases of the best means of attaining international and perpetual peace as embodied in the draft of their constitution.

Stated in the second article of this document, "the object of the woman’s peace party shall be to protests against the war system, substituting law for war; to promote methods for the attainment of that peace between nations which is based on justice, and to cooperate with women of the other countries who are working toward the same ends."

Protest at Suffrage Plank

One of the planks in the platform on which the party is based, relating to the extension of the franchise to women, precipitated a discussion at the meeting. Representatives of anti-suffrage ideas declared that as long as the party adhered to this plank the organization was closed to them. Sentiment in favor of suffrage prevailed, and the plank will remain.

Concerning organization, the constitution provides for State and local branches of the organization, recognizing the national executive committee.

"The national executive committee shall appoint the State chairman when the State is first organized, and shall give general advice and help. It shall call an annual meeting and one or other general meetings, if desirable, during the year."

The dues are $1 a year for members-at-large; $5 a year for sustaining members, and life members $50 a year.

Nominating Committee Chosen

The nominating committee is to be elected at the annual meeting. This committee nominates national officers. Officers are elected at the annual meeting.

The nominating committee elected last night was composed of Mrs. W. I. Thomas, of Illinois; Mrs. John R. Speel, of the District of Columbia; Mrs. Malcolm Forbes, of Massachusetts; Miss Marian T. Burrett, of New York; Mrs. James I. Chamberlain, of Pennsylvania.

A mass meeting will be held this afternoon at 3 o’clock at Poll’s Theater, at which a number of prominent women pacifists will speak. The meeting is free and open to the public

The roster of speakers, with their topics, is as follows: Mrs. Crystal Eastman Benedict, "Limitation of Armaments;" Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, "Organized Opposition to Militarism in Our own Country;" Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, "Education of Youth in the Ideals of Peace;" Miss Laura Clay, "Suffrage and Peace," Mrs. Anna Carlin Spencer, "Constructive Internationalism," Miss Marion Tilden Burritt, "Consturctive Peace;" Miss Zona Gale, "The Peace that is Living;" Miss Janet Richards, "Economic Pressure," and Miss Julia C. Lathrop, "A Commission to Promote International Peace."

To Consider Policy Tonight

The delegates will meet at the Willard tonight to consider the part policy.

The Executive committee of the part met in the afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Rublee, 1716 New Hampshire avenue northwest, to make final arrangements for the convention. Details of the proposed constitution were discussed. The executive committee consists of Miss Addams, chairman; Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, honorary secretary; vice chairman, Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer, Meadville, Pa.; Mrs. Henry Villard, New York City; Mrs. Louis F. Post, Washington, D. C.; Mrs. John Jay White, Washington, D.C.; secretary, Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, Boston, Mass; executive secretary, Mrs. William I. Thomas, Chicago, Ill.; treasurer, Miss S. P. Breckinridge, Chicago, Ill.


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