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Delegates Begin Movement Here to End All Wars.
Program Outlined at Opening Sessions Protests Against Increase of Armaments Here, but Favors Their Nationalization — Would Have Neutrals Help Repair Damage of Present Conflict.

Women delegates to the woman’s movement for constructive peace meeting, which opened at the Willard yesterday, last night deliberated on the draft of a platform for the new organization, and went on record as unqualifiedly favoring the peace of nations in the future. Many prominent women, among them social workers and suffragists from all parts of the country, attended.

Last night a committee, headed by Mrs. Carry Chapman Catt, of New York, president of the International Alliance for Woman’s Suffrage, had partially completed a peace program. It is urged that there be held a conference of neutral nations at the end of the present European struggle to repair as far a possible the wrongs created by the war.

Against More Armament.

In outlining their program the women protest against increase of armaments in this country, but advocate the nationalization of armaments as proposed in the Crosser bill. They oppose granting indemnities as a result of the war, save in cases of violations of international law, and point to woman suffrage as a great influence toward international peace.

The authors of this program are Mrs. Catt, chariman; Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer, Miss Jane Addams, Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Mrs. Louis Post, and Mis Janet Richards.

In striking contrast to the word pictures of the horrors of the present war in Europe given by the speakers in the evening, peace was the theme of the speakers at the afternoon session. Among those who made addresses were Miss Janet Richards, William Hard, associate editor of Everybody’s Magazine; Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, of London; Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association; Miss Mary McDowell, president of the National Settlements Association, Chicago, and Mrs. Duryea, of Boston.

Program of Resolutions.

Miss Richards indorsed a program for peace prepared by Mrs. Lawrence. It contains nine resolutions favoring the democratizing of the world by granting suffrage to women to future Hague conferences.

Dr. Shaw held that woman, whom, she said, was a far greater sufferer from war than man, should have a right to say whether war should be. "For woman is mother of man," declared the speaker. "She it is who is left to starve, and her dependence is lost when father, son, or brother is taken away to war to die."

At today’s meeting it is intended to adopt the platform to be perfected this morning. At 3 o’clock at the Willard organization of the movement will be perfected. Among the speakers will be Miss Addams, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Glendower Evans, Mrs. Catt, Miss Richards, and Mme. Rosika Schwimmer.

A committee to work for the national organization of the movement was named last night and is composed of Mrs. John J. White, Mrs. Catt, Mrs. F. F. Andrews, Miss Julia Lathrop, and Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett.

A Committee named on plan of action is composed of Mrs. Gilson Gardner, Miss Florence Holbrooke, Dr. C. S. Ludlow, Mrs. Henry Villard, Mrs. George Odell, Mrs. F. K. Williams, Mrs. Huntington Jackson, Mrs. V. G. Simkovitch, Mrs. A. G. Spencer, Miss Marian Burrit, and Mrs. V. G. Speil. Both committees will report today.

At 5 o’clock this afternoon a reception will be tendered Miss Addams and Mrs. Lawrence at the Sheridan circle residence of Mrs. John Jay White.


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