The union of the American Vigilance Association and the American Federation for Sex Hygiene was completed in New York on December 3rd. As the names of both societies were admittedly open to criticism, it was decided that a new name be chosen. "The American Social Hygiene Association" was the one adopted for the new combined organization, the term "social hygiene" being sufficiently broad to indicate the work of both bodies.

We believe that the united effort of both societies will result in greater efficiency and economy of administration, and in broader and more effective public service. Sex education can not be comprehensively treated without a consideration of sex morals, nor is the warfare against commercialized vice adequate without consideration of sex education. Both efforts, therefore, grapple with the same problems and traverse essentially the same fields of practical endeavor.

Both movements are also fundamentally educational in that it is the purpose of both to give knowledge of sex and of sex hygiene, the one giving it as a concern of social health, the other as a concern of social relations and of public morals.

Our problem is essential elements a scientific one. On one side it enters the domains of physiology, psychology and pathology; on the other those of sociology, criminology and of political science.

The work of the new organization will not stop here. The results of its scientific labors will be for the practical enlightenment and benefit of the individual and of the community. Out of these things "are the issues of life."

But practical enlightenment must in turn be lifted and vitalized by a moral and spiritual idealism which shall inspire to that cleaner, saner and higher life possible to humanity.

It is our purpose to increase sound knowledge, to apply the latest results of science, and of social and governmental reform to awaken the public conscience and to stimulate public interest and support. We aim to establish and maintain a nation-wide movement and we need brains, moral courage, enthusiasm and open purses to aid us.


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