Current Events: December 1911


The Secretary of State of Illinois on November 4th, licensed the Chicago Vice Commission to incorporate. This means that the public and philanthropic efforts of this Municipal Commission will be steadily continued, and that Chicago is not to fall behind in constructive work.


The Sixth International American Purity Congress was held from October 23 to the 27th, under the direction of the International American Purity Federation which has its headquarters at La Crosse, Wisconsin. The White Slave Traffic was discussed by Clifford G. Roe, of Chicago, James Bronson Reynolds, of New York, Earnest A. Bell of Chicago, and James H. Patten, of Washington D.C.  Addresses were given on Legislation now needed for the suppression of the Social Evil by ex-Attorney General Byers and Mr. John B. Hammond of Iowa. Sex Hygiene was also discussed at length. Among the speakers were Dr. Winfield Scott Hall of Chicago; Dr. Zenner, of Cincinnati; Dr. Harrington of Milwaukee and Dr. Anna Blount, of Chicago.


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