Master's Degrees In Sociology Awarded by the University of Chicago, 1893 1935

This list was prepared by Philip M. Hauser for Robert E. Lee Faris's Chicago Sociology. At the time, Hauser was Chairman of the Sociology Department at the University of Chicago.

1893 Clifford Webster Barnes Stages in the Theological Development of Martin Luther
1894 David Clarence Atkinson Attempt of Chicago to Meet the Positive Needs of the Community
Ira Woods Howerth Are the Italians a Dangerous Class?
Henry Barret Learned The Social Philosophy of Adam Smith
1897 Annie Marion MacLean Factory Legislation for Women in the United States
1898 Henrietta Isman Goodrich
(Mrs B.J. Rothwell)
Laboratory Methods in House Sanitation, Together with an Outline of Class-Room Instruction
1899 Alta Annette Harmon University Extension for Rural Communities
1900 Nellie Mason Auten Some Phases of the Sweating System in Chicago
1902 Fred Goodrich Frink The Garbage Problem in Chicago
Jane Seymour Klink The Relation of the Medicine Man to the Educational System of the Early Ages of North America
Carl Dean Thompson The Need of Cooperation of the Rochdale Type
Edwin Elbert Thompson The Social Development of Indianapolis
1903 Monroe Nathan Work The Negro Real-Estate Owner in Chicago
1904 Laura Estelle Watson Benedict The Hunting Pattern of Mind as Expressed in Totemism among the North American Indians
James Garfield Randall The Sunday Kindergarten
1905 John McLearie The Modern Treatment of the American Negro
Thomas Newlin no thesis
Ephraim Jacob Zook Social Tendencies among the American Mennonites
1906 Harvey William Elam Outlines of Rural Community Life
John Wesley Henninger no thesis
James Dysart Magee no thesis
George Ashbury Stephens Juvenile Court System of Kansas
1907 John Alvin Dean MacKaye's Economy of Happiness
Geraldine Lermit no thesis
Yetta Scheftel Persistence of Poverty
1908 Olive Orton Anderson
(Mrs. Elwood O. Anderson)
The Chicago Teachers' Federation
Ruby Lee Lamb
(Mrs. John M. Miner)
The First Three Years of Paul's Career as a Christian
Hector MacPherson no thesis
Bennett Taylor Waites Child-Labor in the Cotton Mills of Alabama
Tsing Nyuh Woo no thesis
1908 Lebbeus Wood The Methodology of Carl Menger
1909 Samuel Jacob Brandenburg no thesis
1910 Robert Bryan McCord The Morality of the American Negro
Otto Edward Peterson A Comparative Study of Mill's Utilitarianism and Small's Functional System of Ethics
Mary Catherine Tinney Catholic Charities with Illustrations from Chicago
1911 Juliet Hammond A Problem in the Psychology of Social Work
William Christopher Mongold The Boycott as a Means of Social Control
Philip Frederick Matzinger A Study of the Effects of Primitive Art upon Primitive Morals
1912 Elizabeth Whitemore Baker The Social and Economic Conditions of Women Teachers in the United States
Herman Henry Beneke A Comparison of White Boys and Adult Indian Groups
William Bennett Bizzell Variability and Socialization
Victor William Bruder The Relation of Religion to the "On-Going" of the Social Process
J. Edward Erickson A Neglected Element in Representative Government
Edwin May Hursh The Training of the Child among Primitive African Peoples
Vella Vernelle Martin A Study of Family Schedules
Ruth Newberry
(Mrs William A. Thomas)
Origin and Criticism of Funds to Parents' Act
Paul Helie Perigord Catholic Social Action in France
Walter Marion Smith The Relation of Education to Social Progress
1913 Walter Hudson Butler The Family as an Organ of Control
Rebecca Baxter Gilkeson Economic and Social Survey of Augusta County, Virginia 1880-1910
John Harrison Kolb Arbitration in the Chicago Street-car Controversy of 1912
Georgia Pearl McElroy
(Mrs. Arthur C. Hunt )
no thesis
Stuart Alfred Queen The Beginnings of Public Relief
Ralph Edward Souers Industrial Workers of the World
1914 Paul Evans Coleman The Necessity of Compulsory Sickness Insurance
Bertram Paul Holst The History and Present Status of Eugenics as a Theory
Gertrude Aileen Sager The Italian Women and Girls of Chicago
Treusinn Zoen Zee no thesis
1915 Elmina Louise Blount Suggestion and Imitation: Forms of Social Interaction
Joe Wegner Hoover Social Attitude among the Mennonites
Freida Bertha Zeeb The Mobility of the German Women
1916 Albert Russell Mann Some Effects of the Social Concept on Recent Economic Theory
Verle Morrow The Negro Familial Sentiments
Waichi Saito The Systems of Sociology
Joseph Nathaniel Sletten Martin Luther's Attitudes and Values
1917 Clarence Cecil Church Types of Social Groups
Elmina Louise Forrest Municipal Reference Libraries in Relation to Social Control
Euphemia E. McClintock no thesis
Ernest Hugh Shideler A Comparative Study of Parental Conditions of Juvenile Delinquents in the United States
1918 James Wyatt Marrs Attitude of Typical Individuals toward Birth Control
Samuel Pitlik The Messianic Myths: Its Role in the Life of the Jewish People
Taka Takanashi The Status of Women under Modern Conditions of Japanese Life
Frederic Milton Thrasher The Boy Scout Movement as A Socializing Agency
Kimball Young Sociological Study of a Disintegrated Neighborhood
1919 Martin Hayes Bickham The Relations of Sociology and Religion from 1865 to 1915
Loraine Richardson Green The Rise of Race Consciousness in the American Negro
Clemens Niemi Americanization of the Finnish People in Houghton County Michigan
George S. H. Rossouw The Family and Social Life of the Dutch-speaking South African: A study of Familism as a Factor in Social Organization
1920 Thomas Russell Davis Negro Servitude in the United States
Ernest Theodor Krueger Life History Case Studies in Temperments and Social Attitudes of College Freshmen
Erle Fisk Young Suggestions for the Formulation of a Program of Moral Training in the United States Army: A Preliminary Examination
1921 Norman Sylvester Hayner The Effects of Prohibition on Packingtown
Augustus Frederick Kuhlman The Social Survey of the City of Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee
Olga May Meloy
(Mrs A. L. Carter)
The Harrisburg Playground System
Ernest Russell Mowrer A Study of Variance between the Legal Grounds for Divorce and the Natural Causes of Family Disintegration as Indicated by Court Records
Kenoske Sato Sociological Thought in the Philosophy of John Dewey
William Bradley Stone Measuring the Ability of Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grade Pupis to Read a Narrative
Hiedsaburo Yokoyama Japanese Associations in America
1922 Evelyn Buchan
(Mrs E. B. Crook)
The Delinquency of Girls
Daniel Chich Fu Ancestor Worship as a Type of Social Control
Guy B. Johnson The New Ku Klux Klan Movement
Sarah Florence Lewis
(Sonnia Lee)
Social Aspects of Post-War Immigrant Jews
William Penn Meroney The Town Church and the Modern Home
Anne Elizabeth Neely The Foreign Student on the American Campus
Beryl Rogers
(Mrs. McClasky)
A Modern Mining Community: A Sociological Study
Harriet Catherine Rosenthal The Intermarriage of Jew and Gentile: A Study in Cultural Conflicts and Accommodation
Harry Bird Sell The American Federation of Labor and the Labor Party Idea
Hsuincher H. Sie The Chinese Student Movement in 1919-1920
1923 Ernest Richmond Burton Employees' Representation
William Andrew Daniel Bi-Racial Organization
Masou Kato The Mechanism of Expressive Behavior in the Growth of Self
Henry Lewis Davis Moore A Study of the Vocational Choices and Motives of a Selected Group of Grammar School Children
Ruth Shonle
(Mrs Cavan)
The Isolated Religious Sect
1924 Bertam Wilbur Doyle Racial Traits of the Negro as Negroes Assign Them to Themselves
Jacob Louis Frank The Germanic or Nordic Race Theory
Lois Kate Halley A Study of Motion Pictures in Chicago as a Medium of Communication
Maurice Haim Krout Theories and Methods in American Sociology 1872-1922
Eyler Newton Simpson The Use of Literary Materials in the Study of Wishes and Personality Types
Georg Bryan Vold Evidences of the Influence of Herbert Spencer upon the Sociological Writings of Franklin H. Giddings
1925 Nels Anderson The Hobo
William Ryland Boorman A Suggested Technique for Vocational Guidance Analysis
Ada Jeanette Davis A Social Psychological Study of Musicians
Vong-Kyih Nyi The Change in Status of Chinese Women
Shao Hwa Tan Chinese Characters: Their Nature, Origin and Development
Willard Walter Waller Fluctuations in the Severity of the Punishment of Criminals from the XI to the XX Centuries
Louis Wirth Culture Conflicts in the Immigrant Family
1926 William Arthur Butcher Juvenile Delinquency in a Rapidly Growing City
William Paul Carter A Social Psychological Study of the Only Child in the Family
Paul Raymond Conway The Apartment House Dweller: A Study of the Social Change in the Hyde Park Community
Julia Emery The Modern Symphony Orchestra: A Study in Social Control
Charlotte Day Gower Origin and Spread of Antillean Culture
Stanley Thomas Hajicek Case Study of Restlessness
Francis Raymond Jenkins The Evolution of Negro Race-Consciousness
Fredrick Franklin Stephan Some Social Aspects of the Telephone
Ching Chao Wu Chinese Immigration in the Pacific Area
1927 Harriet Moulton Bartlett The Injured Workman
Grace Earhart Chaffee A Sociological Investigation of the Amana and Amish-Mennonite Communities
Elza Allen Crooks Social Development of the Nineteenth Century and Theological Activity
Naomi Musmaker Giffen Differences in the Lives of Men and Women Eskimo in Society, with Special Reference to the Economic Life
Wilton Marion Krogman Problems and Methods in the Study of the Culture Represented in the Ohio Mounds
Helen Elizabeth Gregory MacGill
(Mrs Everett C. Hughes)
Land Values: Land Values: An ecological factor in the Community of South Chicago
1928 Walton Simon Bittner Attitude and Opinions on Immigration and Birth Control
Ellen Engelmann Black
(Mrs. Sanford Winston)
A Study of the Diffusion of Culture in a Relatively Isolated Mountain Community
George Franklin David Personnel Studies of College Girls
Clarence Elmer Glick Winnnetka: A Study of A Residential Suburban Community
Murray Howard Leiffer The Boys' Court of Chicago
Mildred Helen McAfee The Y.W.C.A. A Case study of a Religious Movement
Edward Wilkerson Montgomery The Social Attitudes of the American Negro on the Race Problem
 Paul HomerNesbitt A Study of the Aurignacian Site, La Ruth (France)
Alonzo William Pond A Contribution to the Study of Prehistoric Man in Algeria, North Africa
James HundleyWiley A Study of Chinese Prostitution
1929 Paul Goalby Cressey The Closed Dance Hall in Chicago
Joseph Leo Duflot A Social Psychological Study of the Failing Student in High School and College
Arthur Raymond Mangus The Church and Politics: A study of the Work of the Commission on Political Action of the Chicago Church Federation
Raymond Edward Nelson A Study of an Isolated Industrial Community
Ruth Gustafson Newcomb An Analysis of the Concept of Personality Type
Laura Mayne Pedersen Some Sociological Aspects of Educational Reforms
Chester Curtis Scott A Study of the Boys' Work Program of a Social Settlement in Its Relation to Delinquency
Dena Evelyn Shapiro Indian Tribes and Trails of the Chicago Region: A Preliminary Study of the Influence of the Indian on the Early White Settler
Harold Walter Sweeney Certain Aspects of Invention in the Relation to Cultural Evolution
1930 Paul Baker Opinions on Punishment: Their Content and Rationale
Olive Lillian Barton Social Psychology in the Interpreting and Furthering of Personality Adjustments
John Dollard The Pre-Machine American Family
Margueritte Luesing Elowson Some Aspects of the Cook County Juvenile Court in Relation to the Readjustment of the Delinquent Girl
Robert E. Lee Faris The Development of the Philosophy Underlying the Durkheim School of Social Theory
Charles Shelton Newcomb A Single Numerical Index of Age and Sex Distribution of Population
Adah Marie Peirce An Analysis of the Changes in the Concept of Three Hundere Forty-six Freshmen Students at Stephens College
Mildred Helen Price The Effects of an Adult Education Project upon a Group of industrial Women
Ernest Franklin Riegel A Study of a Social Settlement in and Industrial Community with Special Reference to Juvenile Delinquency
Anthony Steven Stephan Factors Making For and Retarding Success in Sample Chicagoe Public-School Community Centers
Helen Griffin Woolbert Types of Social Philosophy as a function of Father-Son Relationship
Richard Latham Woolbert The Social Effects of the Radio
1931 Mostafa Abassi The Rise of Nationalism in Persia
Mack Phillip Charmichael The Negro Family in Texax
Ruth Minna Eisendrath The Effects of the Urban Environment upon a Large Family Group
Melissa Mae Elliott Negro News and News Agencies
Clara Guignard
(Mrs Robert E.L Faris)
The Vocational Guidance Movement
Martha Haygood Hall The Nursemaid: A Social Psychological Study of an Occupational Group
Frederick Hurd A Study in the Securing of Life History Documents and their Statistical Analysis
Jose Colomban Rosario Historical Development of the Jibaro of Puerto Rico and His Present-day Attitudes toward Society
Daniel Chich Russell The Roadhouse: A study of Commercialized Amusements in the Environs of Chicago
Johannes Stuart Study of Divorce in Cook County
Nell Snow Talbot Some Factors in the 1928 Presidential Elections
1932 Anne L. Austin The Sociology of Professionalization as Shown by Nursing
Dorothy Fah Beck
(Mrs H.P. Beck)
The Development of the Dental Profession in the United States: A study in the Natural history of a profession
Regena Mari Beckmire The Study of Highland Park as a Residential Suburb
Bingham Dai Speaking with Tongues or Glossolalia
Freda Goldeen
(Mrs Rasael Silver)
The Concept of "Society" in Sociology
Betty M. Hill A Comparative Study of Delinquency in Four National Groups in Cook County Juvenile Court in 1930
Earl Shepard Johnson The Ecology of the Physician
Richard Otto Lang Variance, by Occupation, of happiness or unhappiness in Marriage Rated by Acquaintance of Married Couples
Earl Richard Moses Community Factors in Negro Delinquency
George Bristol Jr. Pitts A Study in the Detemination of Vocational Interest
1933 Chester S. Alexander The Young Man Employed in the Loop
Philip M. Hauser Motion Pictures in Penal and Correctional Institutions: A Study of Reaction of Prisoners to Movies
Estelle Chetola Hill
Mrs. A.H. Scott
The Economic Factor in the Roosevelt-Hoover Election
R. Donald Pierson A Study in Fashion as Indicated by Facial Adornment
John Paul Reed Some Basic Factors in the Development of Public Opinion in Japan
Karl Yu Su An Analysis of Child Personality by Means of the Neurotic Inventory
1934 Carrie M. Barlow Auburn Gresham: The survey of a Local Community
Ifu Chen The Old Chinese Family: The Study of Familial Control
Lois Diehl The Young Women's Christian Association in Estonia. A study in the Transplanting of an institution
Forrest E. LaViolette Some Problems Relating to the Concept of Culture
Pearl C. Maurer A Study of Personality Adjustment of 600 Children in the Sixth Seventh and Eighth Grades
Francis Ellsworth Merrill The News and the Money Market
Theodore K. Noss The Awakening of the Quaker Movement against Negro Slavery in Colonial Pennsylvania and West New Jersey
Margaret Lovell Plumley Comparative Study of Self and Friends' Ratings of Seventy Personality Traits.
Alfred L. Severson Discrimination Against the Jews in Employment in Chicago Offices, with Particular Reference to Four groups of offices
1935 Lois M. Hansaker Motivation of Professional Choice among Social Workers
Katherine E. Niles A study in the Sociology of Reading
Walter Pfeil Workers' Education in Chicago
S. Kirson Weinberg A Study of Isolation among Chicago Shelterhouse Men.


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