Doctoral Dissertations in Sociology granted by the University of Chicago 1895 1952

The first posted version of this information was drawn from from Appendix 1 of Richard Lee Smith's 1977 doctoral dissertation entitled George Herbert Mead and Sociology: The Chicago Years. In 2005, we acquired a copy of Lee Harvey's Myths of the Chicago School of Sociology (1987), which provided an expanded list. as Appendix 5, p. 284-293. We have omitted Julia Jessie Taft from the list. Examination of the published form of the 1913 dissertation identified it as a Philosophy dissertation, where Smith had placed it. Entries in red prior to 1936 did not appear on Smith's list.

Year Student Dissertation title
1895 Jerome Hall Raymond American Municipal Government.
Frederic William Sanders An Exposition in Outline of the Relation of Certain Economic Principles to Social Readjustment
1896 William Isaac Thomas A Difference in the Metabolism of the Sexes.
George Edgar Vincent The Social Mind and Education
1897 David Prescott Barrows The Ethno-Botany of the Coahuila Indians of Southern California
Hanna Belle Clark The Public Schools of Chicago: A Sociological Study.
Merton Leland Miller A Preliminary Study of the Pueblos of Taos, New Mexico.
1898 Ira Woods Howerth The Social Aim in Education.
1899 Charles Abram Ellwood Some Prolegomena to Social Psychology
William Clark Gordon The Social Ideals of Alfred Tennyson as Related to His Time.
1900 Jacob Dorsey Forrest The Development of Western Civilization.
Annie Marion MacLean The Acadian Element in the Population of Nova Scotia.
1901 Charles Joseph Bushnell The Social Problem at the Chicago Stock Yards.
John Morris Gillette Culture Agencies of a Typical Manufacturing Group: South Chicago.
1902 Edward Cary Hayes Sociological Construction Lines.
1903 Amy Hewes The Part of Invention in the Social Process.
  F. C. Cressey The Church and the Young Man
1904 Romanzo Colfax Adams The Nature of the Social Unity. (aka A Technique for Sociological Research)
1905 Thomas James Riley A Study of the Higher Life of Chicago.
Herbert Easton Fleming  Magazines of a Market-Metropolis: Being a History of the Literary Periodicals and Literary Interests of Chicago. (aka Some Phases of the Production and Consumption of Literature in Chicago)
  R.R. Perkins The Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents
  A.J. Steelman Charities for Children in the City of Mexico
1906 Eben Mumford The Origins of Leadership.
Mabel Carter Rhoades A Case Study of Delinquent Boys in the Juvenile Court of Chicago.
Erville Bartlett Woods, Progress as a Sociological Concept.
1907 Gustavus Walker Dyer,  Democracy in the South before the Civil War.
Howard Woodhead The Social Significance of the Physical Development of Cities.
1908 Cecil Clare North The Sociological Implications of Richard's Economics.
1910 Luther Lee Bernard, The Transition to an Objective Standard of Social Control.
Frances Fenton The Influence of Newspaper Presentations Upon the Growth of Crime and other Anti-social Activity.
Hector MacPherson Cooperative Credit Association in the Province of Quebec.
1911 Emory Stephen Bogardus "The Relation of Fatigue to Industrial Accidents.
Samuel Nicholas Reep The Organization of the Ecclesiastical Institutions of a Metropolitan Community.
1912 Julius Temple House  "Purpose, the Variant of Theory."
1913 Ernest Watson Burgess The Function of Socialization in Social Evolution
Jesse Frederick Steiner The Japanese Invasion: A study in the psychology of inter-racial contacts
Edwin Hardin Sutherland Unemployed and Public Employment Agencies
1914 Manuel Conrad Elmer Social Surveys of Urban Communities.
1915 Earle Edward Eubank A Study of Family Desertion
1917 Max Handman The Beginnings of the Social Philosophy of Karl Marx
1919 Clarence Dan Blachley The Treatment of the Problem of Capital and Labor in Social Study Courses in the Churches
Kisaburo Kawabe The Press and Politics in Japan
Stuart Alfred Queen The Passing of the County Jail
Edward Byron Reuter The Mulatto in the United States
Raleigh Webster Stone The Origin of the Survey Movement
  L.D. Weynard A Study of Wage-payment to Prisoners As A Penal Method
1920 Walter Blaine Bodenhafer The Comparative Role of the Group Concepts in Ward's "Dynamic Sociology" and Contemporary American Sociology
Mollie Ray Carroll Labor and Politics: The Attitude of the American Federation of Labor Toward Legislation and Politics
Jacob Horak Assimilation of the Czechs in Chicago
Howard Eikenberry Jensen The Rise of Religious Journalism in the United States
William Carlson Smith The Ao Naga Tribe of Northeast India: A Study in Conflict and Fusion of Cultures
1921 Roderick Duncan McKenzie The Neighborhood: A Study of Local Life in the City of Columbus, Ohio.
Clarence Elmer Rainwater The Play Movement in the United States
Samuel Caleb Ratcliffe Pauper Law and Institutions in Illinois
Dwight Sanderson The Rural Community: A Social Unit
1922 Martin Hayes Bickham The Scientific Antecedents of the Sociology of Auguste Comte
Frederick German Detweiler The Negro Press in the United States
George S. H. Rossouw Nationalism and Language: An Introduction to the Sociology of Nationalism and Internationalism
  C.A. Dawson The Social Nature of Knowledge
1923 Norman Sylvester Hayner The Hotel: The Sociology of Hotel Life
1924 Kenneth Edwin Barnhart The Evolution of Social Consciousness in Methodism
Ernst Theodore Hiller The Strike: A Study in Collective Action
Floyd Nelson House Industrial Morale: An Essay in the Sociology of Industrial Group Control
Ernest Russell Mowrer Family Disorganization
Maurice Thomas Price The Analysis of Christian Propaganda in Race Contact: The Reactions of  'Non-Christian' Peoples to the Protestant Missionary Enterprise from the Standpoint of Individual and Group Behavior
Erle Fiske Young Race Prejudice with Particular Reference to the American Negro
1925 William Andrew Daniel Negro Theological Seminary Survey
Fay Berger Karpf American Social Psychology and its European Background
Ernst Theodor Krueger Autobiographical Documents and Personality
Walter Cade Reckless The Natural History of Vice Areas in Chicago
Pieter Kornelis Roest White Magic and its Theories
Tsi Chang Wan The Youth Movement in China
1926 Harmon Opdike DeGraff A Study of the Juvenile Court of Iowa with Special Reference to Des Moines
Cornelius Cicero Janzen A Social Study of the Mennonite Settlement in the Counties of Marion, McPherson, Harvey, Reno and Butler, Kansas.
Ruth Shonle Suicide — A Study in Personal Disorganization
Eyler Newton Simpson Wishes: A Study in Social Psychology
Frederic Milton Thrasher The Gang: A Study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago
Louis Wirth The Ghetto: A Study in Isolation
1927 Ernest Hugh Shideler The Chain Store: A Study of the Ecological Organization of a Modern City
Leslie A. White Medicine Societies of the Southwest
1928 Herbert George Blumer Method in Social Psychology
Charlotte Day Gower The Supernatural Patron in Sicilian Life
Everett Cherrington Hughes A Study of a Secular Institution: The Chicago Real Estate Board
Tadao Kawamura The Class Conflict in Japan as Affected by the Expansion of Japanese Industry and Trade
Franc Lewis McCluer Living Conditions among Wage-Earning Families in Forty-one Blocks in Chicago (1923).
John Henry Mueller The Automobile: A Sociological Study
Robert Redfield A Plan for the Study of Tepoztlan, Morelos
Ching Chao Wu Chinatowns: A Study of Symbiosis and Assimilation
1929 Samuel Clarence Kincheloe The Prophet: A Study of the Sociology of Leadership
Augustus Frederick Kuhlman Crime and Punishment in Missouri: A Study of the Social Forces in the Trial and Error Process of Penal Reform
Thomas Carson McCormick Rural Unrest: A Sociological Investigation of the Rural Movement in the United States
Martin Henry Neumeyer Conscience: A Socio-psychological Study
1930 Howard Paul Becker Ionia and Athens: Studies in Secularization
William Oscar Brown Race Prejudice: A Sociological Study
Paul Frederick Cressey The Succession of Cultural Groups in the City of Chicago
Carl M. Rosenquist The Swedes of Texas
Everett Verner Stonequist The Marginal Man: A Study in the Subjective Aspects of Cultural Conflict
Stouffer, Samuel Andres An Experimental Comparison of Statistical and Case History Methods of Attitude Research
Walter Thompson Watson Division of Labor: A Study in the Sociology and Social Psychology of Work Satisfaction
  E. B. Winston A Statistical Study of Mental Disease
1931 Carroll DeWitt Clark News: A Sociological Study
John Dollard The Changing Functions of the American Family
  D. Russell
(listed as MA by Hauser)
The Roadhouse: A Study of Commercialized Amusements in the Environs of Chicago
Robert E Lee Faris An Ecological Study of Insanity in the City
Edward Franklin Frazier The Negro Family in Chicago
Ruth Pearson Koshuk A Comparative Study of Social Contacts involving Play Material in Four Pre-school Groups
Andrew William Lind Economic Succession and Racial Invasion in Hawaii
James Alfred Quinn Sublimation: A Critical, Illustrative Study of Social Process
1932 Vivien Marie Palmer The Primary Settlement as a Unit of Urban Growth and Organization
Carl William Strow The Human Resources of a Community
Edgar Tristam Thompson The Plantation
Edward Jerome Webster Reform: A Sociological Study
1933 Albert Bailie Blumenthal A Sociological Study of a Small Town
Leonard Slater Cottrell, Jr. The Reliability and Validity of a Marriage Study Schedule
1934 Bertram Wilbur Doyle The Etiquette of Race Relations in the South
Edward Wilkerson Montgomery The Urbanization of Rural Recreation
Ching-Yeh Yen Crime in Relation to Social Change in China
1935 Marion Wesley Roper The City and the Primary Group
Courtlandt Churchill VanVechten A Study of Success and Failure of One Thousand Delinquents Committed to a Boys' Republic
1936 R.O. Lang The Relation of Educational Status to Economic Status in the City of Chicago, by Census Tract, 1934.
  M.N. Joslyn Profit Sharing for Old-Age Security: A Case Study with a General Approach.
1937 J.P. Reed Kokutai: A Study of Certain Sacred and Secular Aspects of Japanese Nationalism.
  A.M. Myhrman The Swedish Nationality Movement in Finland
  F.E. Merrill The Chicago Stock Exchange
  A.J. Moore Citywide Internal Migration: An Analysis of the 1930 Population of Stockholm Born in Vastmanland County, Sweden.
  Alfred R. Lindesmith The Nature of Opiate Addiction
  Helen M. Hughes The Human Interest Story: A Study of Popular Literature
  B. Dai Opium Addiction in Chicago
  W.P. Carter The Only Child in the Family: A Comparison with Other Order of Birth
1938 C.W. Schoeder Divorce in a City of 100,000 Population
  C. Schettler Problems of Personality Traits with Emphasis Upon the Problem of Mutability
  P.M. Lejins The Concept of Imitation and Imitation as a Factor in Crime
  Philip M. Hauser Differential Fertility, Mortality and New Reproduction
  C. Glick The Chinese Migrant in Hawaii
  O.C. Cox Factors Affecting the Marital Status of Negroes in the United States
1939 E.A. Reeden Embezzlement: A Study of One Kind of Criminal Behavior with Prediction Tables Based on Fidelity Insurance Records
  D.R. Pierson A Study of Racial and Cultural Adjustment in Bahia, Brazil
1940 V.E. Daniel Ritual in Chicago's South Side Churches for Negroes
  S.M. Strong The Social Type Method: Social Types in the Negro Community in Chicago
  I. Noss Resistance to Social Innovations as Found in the Literature Regarding Innovations which have Proved Successful
  W.A. Hillman Urbanization and the Organization of Welfare Activities in the Metropolitan Community of Chicago
1941 M. Schauffler The Suburbs of Cleveland: A Field Study of the Metropolitan District Outside the Administrative Area of the City
  E.S. Johnson The Evolution of the Chicago Central Business District
  A.J. Jaffe Urbanization and Fertility
  Gittler, J.B. Society's Adjustment to a Mechanical and Social Invention: A Study in Social Change
  H.W. Dunham The Character of the Interrelationship of Crime and Schizophrenia
  L.C. Devinney Some Relationships Between Educational Achievement and Social Stratification
  M.B. Clinard Crime and the Process of Urbanization: A Study of Culture Conflict
1942 R.F. Winch Social Personality Characteristics of Courtship Revealed in Men
  S.K. Weinberg Incest Behavior and Family Organization
  P. Wallin The Characteristics of Participants in a Social Psychological Study
  E.D. Johns Chicago's Newspapers and the News: A Study of Public Communication in a Metropolis
  H. Goldhammer Some Factors Affecting Participation in Voluntary Associations
  E.J. Baur Voluntary Control in the Advertising Industry
  C.S. Alexander Antipathy and Prejudice: A Study of the Distinctions Between these Two Phenomena
1943 William Foote Whyte Street Corner Society: The Social Structure of an Italian Slum
  M.D. Oyler Fertility and Migration of Kentucky Population, 1920-1940, as Related to Communication, Income and Education
  C.B. Rose Worker's Education, The Labor Movement, and the Intellectuals in the United States
1944 J.N. Symons Utah Residence Types and Criminal Behavior
  Anselm L. Strauss A Study of Three Psychological Factors Affecting the Choice of a Mate in Marriage
  C.H. Parrish The Significance of Color in the Negro Community
  O. Hall The Informal Organization of Medical Practice: Case Study of a Profession
1945 P.S. Wu The Social Characteristics of Increasing, Stable, and Decreasing Cities
  F. Weller The Sect in Transition
  H.J. Walker Changes in Race Accommodation in a Southern City.
1946 A.F. Whitridge Art in Chicago
  J. Sarna The Social Categories of Friendship
  A.M. Rose Living Arrangements of Unattached Persons in American Cities
  F. LaViolette Americans of Japanese Ancestry: A Study of Assimilation in the American Community
  M.C. Hill The All-Negro Society
1947 A.W. Rose A Socio-Psychological Analysis of the Ambition Patterns of a Sample of Industrial Workers
  V. Miller The Areal Distribution of Tax Delinquency in Chicago and Its Relationship to Certain Housing and Social Characteristics
  R. H. Lee Growth and Decline of Chinese Communities in the Rocky Mountain Region
  R. Freedman Recent Migration to Chicago
  E.G. Ericksen Protest Society: Social Irrationality in the Extraterritorial One-sex Company Town
  R. Dubin The Grievance Process: A Study in Union-Management Relations
  R.E. Clark The Relationship of Occupation and Various Psychoses
  P.J. Campisi A Scale for the Measurement of Acculturation
  G.W. Breese The Daytime Population of the Central Business District of Chicago
  R. Bendix The Public Servant in a Democracy
1948 Guy E. Swanson Emotional Disturbance and Juvenile Delinquency
  Bernard .N. Meltzer Preprofessional Career and Early Publication as Factors in the Differential Productivity of Social Scientists
  O. Klapp The Hero as Social Type
  Morris Janowitz Mobility, Subjective Deprivation and Ethnic Hostility
  L. Cohen Factors Associated with Home Ownership in Twenty-Two Metropolitan Districts, 1940
  J. Burnett The Problem of Community Instability in East Central Alberta
  C.E. Bowerman The Measurement of Areas of Adjustment in Marriage
  H.D. Duncan Chicago as a Literary Center: Social Factors Influencing Chicago Literary Institutions, 1895 to 1920
  R. H. Turner Some Factors in the Differential Position of Whites and Negroes in the Labor Force of the United States in 1940
  Tomaso Shibutani The Circulation of Rumors as a Form of Collective Behavior
  E. Rosenthal The Jewish Population of Chicago, Illinois: Size and Distribution as Derived from Voter's list.
  E. I-H Ni Social Characteristics of the Chinese Population: A Study of the Population Structure and Urbanization of a Metropolitan Community
  D.S. Milne Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Services in Wartime California
1949 V.E. Faw Vocational Interests of Chicago Negro and White High School Junior and Senior Boys
  E.A. Willkening Acceptance of Certain Agricultural Programs and Practices in a Piedmont Community of North Carolina
  J.L. Thomas Some of the Factors Involved in the Breakdown of Catholic Marriage
  E. Shanas The Personal Adjustment of Recipients of Old Age Assistance: With Special Consideration of the Methodology of Questionnaire Studies of Older People
  E. Gross Informal Relations and the Social Organization of Work in an Industrial Office
  W.L.J. Dee The Social Effects of a Public Housing Project on the Immediate Community
  E. Sheldon The Chicago Labor Force, 1910-1949
  W.H. Hale The Career Development of the Negro Lawyer in Chicago
  P. Klassen Internal Migration in Relation to Literacy and Language
  G.A. Lunday A Study of Parole Prediction
  J. Clausen Soldiers' Plans and the Prediction of the Post-Separation Activities of Veterans
  T.C. Cothran Negro Stereotyped Conceptions of White People
  R.C. Stone Vertical Mobility and Ideology: A Study of White Collar Workers
  H.L. Smith The Sociological Study of Hospitals
  C.W. Nelson Development and Evaluation of a Leadership Attitude Scale for Foremen
  H. Bonner Paranoia and Paranoid Condition: A Social Psychological Study of Paranoid Personality
  Otis D. Duncan An Examination of the Problem of Optimum City Size
1950 D. Wray The Forman and Managerial Functions
  J.J. Williams The Professional Status of Women Physicians
  A.J. Reiss The Accuracy, Efficiency and Validity of a Prediction Instrument
  J.E. McKeown The Dynamics of the Childhood Families of Small Highly Selected Groups of Male and Female Schizophrenics, Behavior Problems and Normals
  L.M. Killian Southern White Laborers in Chicago's West Side
  B.L. Hormann Extinction and Survival: A Study of the Reaction of Aboriginal Populations to European Expansion
  M Dalton A Study of Informal Organization among the Managers of an Industrial Union
  N.G. Ramsy Recent Trends in Occupational Mobility
  D. Reitzes Collective Factors in Race Relations
  O.W. Quinn Racial Attitude and the Conforming Personality
  S. Marcson The Prediction of Intermarriage
  E.H. Fitchett The Free Negro in Charleston South Carolina
  A.J. Mayer Differentials in Length of Life, City of Chicago: 1880-1940
  F.C. Ikle The Impact of War Upon the Spacing of Urban Population
  F. B. Lindstrom The Military Mind and the Soldier Press
  A.B. Motz Conceptions of Martial Roles in Transition
  J. Rowenstein Small-Town Party Politics
  A.D. Ross Ethnic Relations and Social Structure: A Study of the Invasion of French-Speaking Canadians into an English Canadian District
  J.F. Schmidt Patterns of Poor Adjustment in Persons of Later Maturity
  Y-C. Lu A Study of Dominant, Equalitarian and Submissive Roles in Marriage
  S-C. Lee Social Implications of Farm Tenancy in China
  A.F. Henry The Nature of the Relation between Suicide and the Business Cycle
  W.H. Harlan Isolation and Conduct in Later Life: Study of Four Hundred and Sixty-Four Chicagoans Sixty to Ninety-five
  N. Goldman The Differential Selection of Juvenile Offenders for Court Appearances
  D.W. Calhoun The Reception of Marxian Sociological Theory by American Academic Sociologists
  L. Bogart The Comic Strips and their Adult Readers: A Study of Male Workers in a New York City Neighborhood
  S. A. Star Interracial Tension in Two Areas of Chicago: An Exploratory Approach to the Measurement of Interracial Tension
  A.B. Stafford Trends of Invention in Material Culture: A Statistical Study of the Class-wise Distribution of Inventive Effort in the United States as Determined by Patents Granted During the Period 1914-1945
  J-S. Pan A Comparison of the Factors in the Personal Adjustment of Old People in the Protestant Church Homes for the Aged and Old People Living Outside of Institutions
  F. Miyamoto The Career of Intergroup Tensions: A Study of the Collective Adjustments of Evacuees to Crises at the Tule Lake Relocation Center
1951 C. King Factors Making for Success or Failure in Marital Adjustment Among 466 Negro Couples in Southern City
  M. Schwartz Social Interaction in a Disturbed Ward of a Mental Hospital
  Howard S. Becker Role and Career Problems of the Chicago Public School Teacher
  W.A. Westley The Police: A Sociological Study of Law, Custom and Morality
  J.F. Short An investigation of the Relation between Crime and Business Cycles
  H.G. Lewis The Social Life of Negro in a Southern Piedmont Town
  E.M. Kitagawa Differentials in Total and Marital Fertility, Chicago 1920-1940
  A.P. Hare A Study of Interaction and Consensuses in Different Sized Discussion Groups
  A.B. Jacobson A Study of Evaluation of Nisei as Workers by Caucasian Employment Agency Managers and Employers of Nisei
  M.L. Haimowitz The Development and Change of Ethnic Hostility
  F. Elkins A Study of the Relationship between Popular Hero Type and Social Class
  R. Ireland The Aging Industrial Worker: Retirement Plans and Preparation with Some Reference to the Meaning of Work
1952 N. Keyfitz Urban Influence on Farm Family Size
  D. Blackiston The Judge, the Defendant and Criminal Law Administration
  G.F. Edwards Occupational Mobility of a Selected Group of Negro Male Professionals
  P. Benson The Interest and Activities of Engaged and Married Couples in Relation to their Adjustment
  A.J.A. Al-Tahir The Arab Community in the Chicago Area: A comparative study of the Christian-Syrians and the Muslim Palestinians
  D. Roy Restriction of Output by Machine Operators in a Piecework Machine Shop
  L. Reeder Industrial Location in the Chicago Metropolitan Area with Special Reference to Population
  J. London Decision Making in a Local Union: A Case Study
  E. Linn The Correlation of Death Rates from Selected Causes with the Business Cycle, 1919-47
  E. Freidson An Audience and Its Taste: A Study in Mass Communication
  S. Dornbush The Family in the Labor Force: A Study of Supplementary Workers in the U.S. 1940
  M. DePoister Trends in Theological Beliefs Within Selected Denominations
  R. Buckman Interaction between Women's Clubs and Institutions
  J. Winget Teacher Inter-School Mobility Aspirations: Elementary Teachers, Chicago Public Schools System 1947-48
  E.K. Wilson Community Participation in Policy Formulation
  D.N. Solomon Career Contingencies of Chicago Physicians
  Y. Kimura A Comparative Study of Collective Adjustment of the Idei, the First Generation Japanese, In Hawaii and in the Mainland, U.S. Since Pearl Harbor


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