Doctoral Dissertations in Psychology granted by the University of Chicago, 1895 1935

The information on this page comes from Richard Lee Smith's 1977 doctoral dissertation entitled George Herbert Mead and Sociology: The Chicago Years. Originally, the document was prepared as part of an review of Smith's methodology in American Sociology and Pragmatism. We include it here as tool for other researchers working on the period. We view this as a work in progress and it should be used as such.

Year Student Dissertation title
1903 John Broadus Watson The Psychic Development of the White Rat Correlated with the Growth of the Nervous System
1904 Jessie Blount Allen The Psychology of the Guinea-Pig
1905 Harvey Carr Some Visual Illusions Due to Eye Closure
1907 June Etta Downey Control Processes in Handwriting: An Experimental Study of Verbal Imagery.
Grace Maxwell Fernald The Phenomena of Peripheral Vision as Affected by the Brightness of Background and by Dark Adaptation
Joseph Peterson Ohm's Law in Relation to Some Secondary Phenomena of Hearing.
1908 Walter Van Dyke Bingham Studies in Melody and Movement.
Florence Ella Richardson Sensory Control Processes in the Rat
Clarence Stone Yoakum An Experimental Study of Fatigue
1909 Harvey Andrew Peterson The Influence of Complexity and Dissimilarity in Memory
Arthur Howard Sutherland Word Association Reactions: A Contribution to the Analysis of Ideational Complexes
1910 Henry Foster Adams Autokinetic Sensations
Mabel Ruth Fernald Diagnosis of Mental Imagery
Mary Holmes Stevens Hayes Cutaneous After-Sensations
Clara Jean Weidensall A Study of Visual Rhythm
1911 Jasper Converse Barnes Experimental Analysis of Voluntary Movement
Ethel May Chamberlain The Purkinje Phenomenon
Joseph Wanton Hayes Investigation of the Horizontal-Vertical Illusion of Brightness in Foveal Vision
1912 Walter Samuel Hunter The Delayed Reaction
Fleming Allen Clay Perrin An Experimental and Introspective Study of the Human Learning Process in the Maze
Carl Leo Stahr Rahn A Critical and Constructive Study of the Psychology of Thinking
Stella Burnham Vincent The Function of Vibrissae in the Behavior of the White Rat.
1913 Edwina Abbott The Difference Limen in Temperature Sensations
1914 Ellsworth Faris The Psychology of Punishment
Roberts Bishop Owen The Psychology of Recognition
1915 Harry Dexter Kitson The Scientific Study of the College Student
1916 Louis Augustus Pechstein Method in Motor Learning
Sarah Margaret Ritter The Vertical-Horizontal Illusion — An Experimental Study of Disparities in the Normal Visual Field
Louie Winfield Webb Transfer of Training and Retroaction, a Comparative Study
1917 Ada Hart Artlitt Effect of Alcohol  on the Intelligent Behavior of the White Rat
Shoan Masuzo Fukuya Affects of Attention upon the Efficiency of Intellectual Functions
Edward Safford Jones The Influence of Age and Experience on Correlations Connected with Mental Tests
Conrad Lund Kjerstad The Form of the Learning Curve
John Christian Peterson An Experimental Study of the Higher Mental Processes in Learning
Curt Rosenow Analysis of Mental Functions
Beardsley Ruml The Reliability of Mental Tests in the Division of an Academic Group
Louis Leon Thurstone The Learning Curve Equation
Rutledge Thornton Wiltbank Transfer of Learning in Animals
1918 Harry Hanes Wylie An Experimental Study of Transfer of Responses in White Rats
1920 Forrest Alva Kingsbury A Group Intelligence Scale for Primary Grades
Chih Wei Luh The Conditions of Retention
Edward Stevens Robinson Some Factors Determining the Degree of Retroactive Inhibition
Margaret Wooster Certain Factors in the Formation of a New Spatial Coordination
Joseph Ussery Yarbrough Influence of Time Interval upon the Rate of Learning in the White Rate
1921 Helen Louis Koch The Influence of Mechanical Guidance upon Maze Learning
Katherine Eva Ludgate The Effect of Manual Guidance on Maze Learning
1922 William Berry The Flight of Colors in the After-image of a Bright, White Light
Elmer Augustin Culler The Distribution of Practice in Animal Learning
Tsu Lien Wang The Influence of Tuition in the Acquiring of Skill
John Carl Warden The Distribution of Practice in Animal Learning
1924 William Emet Blatz A Physiological Study of the Emotion of Fear
Chester William Darrow The Effect of Bodily Attitudes in Facilitating and Inhibiting Verbal Association
William Thomas Heron Individual Differences in Ability versus Chance in the Learning of the Stylus Maze
Vivienne Robinson McClatchy The Optimal Position of a Rest Period in Learning
Irene Case Sherman The Suggestibility of Normal and Mentally Defective Children
Chiao Tsai A Comparative Study of Retention Curves for Motor Habits.
1925 Augustin Sicak Alonzo The Influence of Manual Guidance upon Maze Learning
Margaret Elizabeth Miller The Effect of Certain Conditions of Muscular Contraction and Relaxation on the Non-Voluntary Reaction to an Electrical Shock
Milbourne Otto Wilson Interests of College Students
1926 Myron Call Barlow Measurement of Intelligence in Mental Multiplication by Learning Curve Equation Constants and Other Achievements
Arthur Gilbert Bills The Influence of Muscular Tension on the Efficiency of Mental Work
Arthur William Kornhauser A Statistical Study of Some Methods Used in Judging College Students
John Alexander McGeoch A Study of the Psychology of Testimony
Shuh Pan The Influence of Contextual Conditions upon Learning and Recall.
William Herbert Sheldon, Jr. Some Relations Between Certain Physical, Mental and Social Traits.
Ernst Frederick Thelin The Perception of Relative Visual Motion
Osborne Williams A Study of the Phenomenon of Reminiscence
Thelma Gwinn Thurstone The Relation Between the Difficulty of A Test and Its Diagnostic Value.
1927 Frances Rebecca Botkin The Influence of Visual Guidance on the Acquisition of Skill
Yun Hsuan Ho Transfer and Degree of Integration
Shao Yu Liu The Relation of Age to the Learning Ability of the White Rat
Mandel Sherman Sensory, Motor and Emotional Development of Infants
Dorritt Stumberg An Experimental Study of Poetic Talent
Goodrich Cook White The Work Curve in Memorizing and Its Relation to Retention
Paul LeRoy Whitely The Dependence of Learning and Recall upon Prior Intellectual Activities
1928 Mattie Crumpton Hardy The Effect of Distribution of Practice on Learning a Stylus Maze
Kate Hevner A Comparative Study of Three Psychophysical Methods
William Charles Frederick Krueger The Effect of Overlearning and Retention
Laurence Spurgeon McLeod A Study Interrelations of Speed, Accuracy and Difficulty
Winford Lee Sharp Disintegrative Effects of Continuous Running and Removal of Food Incentives upon a Maze Habit of Albino Rats.
Edward Guthrie Stoy A Preliminary Study of Ocular Attitude in Thinking of Spatial Relations
Rachel Stutsman A Scale of Mental Tests for Pre-School Children.
Loh Seng Tsai Graduated versus Abrupt Withdrawal of Guidance in Maze Learning
Isabel King Wallace Reaction Time in Discriminatory Judgments
Georgina Elnora Wylie Whole versus Part Methods of Learning as Dependent upon Practice.
1929 Nai-Yi Cheng The Relation of Retroactive Effect to the Degree of Similarity
Clarence William Brown The Influence of the Assimilative Character of Memory Material on Retention
Robert Wallace Bruce Conditions of Transfer of Training
Elmer Dumond Hinckley The Influence of Individual Opinion on Construction of an Attitude Scale
Marion Monroe The Drawings and Color Preference of Young Children
Everett Frank Patten The Duration of Post-hypnotic Suggestion
Hattie Nesbit Smith The Construction and Application of a Scale for Measuring Attitudes about Prohibition
Minnie Louise Steckel Intelligence and Birth Order in Family
1930 Eva Ruth Balken Affective, Volitional and Galvanic Factors in Learning
William Harold Cowley A Study of the Traits of Face-to-Face Leaders
Margaret Frank The Effect of A Rickets-producing Diet on the Learning Ability of White Rats
Mary Alden Morgan Lee The Relation of the Knee Jerk and Standing Steadiness to Nervous Instability
Grace Oberschelp McGeoch The Factor of the Intelligence Quotient in the Whole-part Problem
Wilson McTeer A Study of Certain Feature of Punishment in Serial Learning
Helen Joy Reed The Influence of a Change of Conditions upon the Amount Recalled
Nathan Wetherill Schock Mental Performances and the Acid Base Balance of Normal Individuals
James Bart Stroud The Role of Muscular Tension in Stylus Maze Learning
Martin Marshall White Relation of Bodily Tension to Electrical Resistance
Kwang Sup Yum An Experimental Test of the Law of Assimilation
1931 Martin F. Fritz Maze Performance of the White Rate in Relation to Unfavorable Salt Mixture and Vitamin B Deficiency
Harold O. Gulliksen Transfer of Response in Human Subjects
Aaron Paul Horst A Method of Determining the Absolute Scale Value of a Series of Stimulus Situations
Otis C. Ingebritsen Co-ordinating Mechanisms of the Spinal Cord
Fred McKinney Certain Emotional Factors in Learning and Efficiency
George M. Peterson An Empirical Study of the Ability to Generalize
John G. Rockwell Thyro-Parathyroid Deficiency as Related to Learning
James T. Russell Applicability of the Probable Error Formulae to Psychological Data
Harold A. Swenson The Relative Influence of Accommodation and Convergence in the Judgment of Distance
Charles K.A. Wang The Significance of Early Personal History for Certain Personality Traits
Lester C. Wiley The Function of the Brain in Audition
1932 Hubert C. Newland The Change in Attitude towards Sex Freedom as Disclosed by American Journals of Opinion during the Years 1911 to 1930.
1933 Karl S. Bernhardt The Effect of Vitamin B Deficiency during Nursing on Subsequent Learning in the Rat
Clara Burri Individual Differences in Ability to Alternate Activities
Joseph A. Hawthorne A Group Test for the Measurement of Cruelty-Comparison. A Proposed Means of Recognizing Potential Criminality
Chung Fan Ni An Experimental Study of the Influence of Punishment For Errors During Learning upon Retention
Henry N. Peters Mediated Association
1934 Marion E. Bunch Certain Effects of Electric Shock in Learning a Stylus Maze
Stanley G. Dulsky The Effect of a Change of Background on Recall and Relearning
Iva C. Gardner The Effect of a Group of Social Stimuli upon Attitudes
Chi Nan Hu The Effects of Brain Injury upon Retentiveness in the Rat
John D. Layman Cerebral Function of the Domestic Foul in Pattern Vision
Joseph W. Nagge An Experimental Test of the Theory of Associative Interference
Yu-Chuan Tsang The Functions of the Visual Areas of the Cerebral Cortex of the Rat in the Learning and Retention of the Maze
1935 Ch'uan Fan Lo The Affective Value of Color Combinations
Walter A. Luria A Study of Spanger's Value-Theory by the Method of Factor Analysis
Lloyd W. Rowland The Somatic Effects of Stimuli Graded in Respect to their Exciting Character
Milton A. Saffir A Comparative Study of Scales Constructed by Three Psychophysical Methods


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