Doctoral Dissertations in Pedagogy and Education granted by the University of Chicago, 1900 – 1935

The information on this page comes from Richard Lee Smith's 1977 doctoral dissertation entitled George Herbert Mead and Sociology: The Chicago Years. Originally, the document was prepared as part of an review of Smith's methodology in American Sociology and Pragmatism. We include it here as tool for other researchers working on the period. We view this as a work in progress and it should be used as such.

Year Student Dissertation title
1900 William Arthur Clark Suggestion in Education
Ella Flagg Young Isolation in the School
1901 Samuel Bower Sinclair Possibility of a Science of Education
1902 Katherine Elizabeth Dopp The Place of Industries in Elementary Education
1904 Werrett Wallace Charters Methods of History Teaching
John T. McManis The Development of the Elementary Course of Study in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
1906 Albert Allison Farley The Rise of the Free Public School Idea in America
Daniel Ambrose Tear The Logical Basis of Education Theory from the Standpoint of Instrumental Logic
1909 Lilla Estelle Appleton A Comparative Study of the Play Activities of Adult Savages and Civilized Children, with Pedagogical Deductions Therefrom
Joseph Kinmont Hart A Study of Moral Education from the Standpoint of Mental Development
1911 John Addison Clement Standardization of the Schools of Kansas
1914 Clara Schmitt Standardization of Tests for Defective Children
1915 Fred Carleton Ayer The Psychology of Drawing, with Special Reference to Laboratory Training
Edward Alanson Miller History of Educational Legislation in Ohio from 1803 to 1850
Walter Scott Monroe A History of Arithmetic in the United States with Emphasis upon the Influence of Warren Colburn in Directing the Development of Arithmetic as a School Subject
Rolla Milton Tryon Household Manufactures in the United States, 1640-1860.
1916 George Sylvester Counts Arithmetic Tests and Studies in the Psychology of Arithmetic
Clarence Truman Gray Experimental Studies of Various Types of Readers
William Scott Gray Studies of Elementary School Reading through Standardized Tests
Elsie Garland Hobson Educational Legislation and Administration in the State of New York from 1775 to 1850
Leonard Vincent Koos The Administration of Secondary-School Units
Benjamin Floyd Pittenger The Efficiency of College Students as Related to Their Age at Entrance and to the Size of High School from Which They Came
William A. Schmidt An Experimental Study in the Psychology of Reading
William Anton Smith An Experimental Study in the Psychology of Reading
James Reed Young Relation of the Church and Clergy to Education in the American Colonies
1917 Rollo LaVerne Lyman The Progress of English Grammar in American Schools to 1850
1918 John Elbert Stout Development of the High-School Curriculum in the North Central States, 1860-1900
1919 William Leeds Richardson The Administration of Schools in the Cities of the Dominion of Canada
1920 Guy Thomas Buswell An Experimental Study of the Eye-Voice Span in Reading
Charles Myron Reinoehl Analytic Survey of State Courses of Study for Rural Elementary Schools
Lewis Wilbur Smith Illinois High Schools — Their Organization, Maintenance, Administration, and Instruction, with Particular Reference to the Township High School
Martin James Stormzand The Content of School Courses in English Grammar
Paul Washington Terry An Experimental Study of the Reading of Isolated Numerals and of  Numerals in Arithmetical Problems
William Henigton Weathersby A History of Educational Legislation in Mississippi from 1798 to 1860
1921 Thomas Dudley Brooks The Intermediate Unit in State School Systems, with Especial Reference to New York
Julian Ashby Burruss A Study of the Business Administration of Colleges, Based on an Examination of the Practices of Land-Grant Colleges in the Making and Using of Budgets
Frederick Butler Harrington History of Educational Legislation in New Jersey from 1776 to 1867
Charles Sutphin Pendleton An Inquiry into the Current Specific Social Objectives of Instruction in English in the Public Elementary School and High School
Ward Glen Reeder The Organization of State Departments of Education
Willis Lemon Uhl Scientific Determination of the Content of the Elementary School Course in Reading
1922 Adam Raymond Gilliand Experimental Studies of the Effects on Reading of Changes in Sensory Factors
Karl John Holzinger The Indexing of a Mental Characteristic
Ling Su Loh Status of Primary Education in China
Frederick Dean McClusky An Experimental Comparison of Different Methods of Visual Instruction
Var Laren Tanner The Comparative Opportunity of Bright and Dull Pupils during the Class Period
Ralph Edmond Wager A Method of Measuring Fatigue of the Eye
Paul Vining West An Experimental Investigation of the Characteristics of Handwriting Movements, with Special Reference to the Duration and Speed of Such Movements
1923 William Hiddleson Andrews A Study of the Educational Legislation and the Administration of the Public School System of Kansas
Lloyd E. Blauch Federal Cooperation in Vocational Education
Thomas Milton Carter A Study of Radiographs of the Bones of the Wrist as a Means of Determining Anatomical Age
Newton Edwards The Constitutional Basis of Public School Administrication, 1776-1917
Walter Scribner Guiler Specific Objectives and Pupil Activities in Arithmetic
Nelson Bollinger Henry, Jr. The Relationship of Expeditures for Schools to the Cost of Other Municipal Enterprises.
Roy Ivan Johnson English Expression: a Junior College Curriculum Study
William Harding Johnson The Mental Growth Curve of Secondary School Students
Hubert Wilbur Nutt Current Problems and Practices in the Supervision of Instruction in Public Schools
Charles Partridge Russell The Economic and Fiscal Requirements of Universal Education in the Kingdom of Egypt
Tenje Henry Schutte History of Educational Legislation in Pennsylvania, 1775-1850
George Walter Willett Indebtedness in the State of Illinois for Public Elementary Schools and High Schools
Ernest Richard Wood A Graphic Method for Obtaining Parial Correlation Coefficients and Partial Regression Coefficients of Three or More Variables
1924 Elam Jonathan Anderson Factors Determining Success in Teaching English to Chinese Students
William Henry Burton The Nature and Amount of Civic Information Possessed by Chicago Children of Sixth Grade Level
Lorimer Victor Cavins A Study of American Poems by Means of Standardized Tests for the Purpose of Grading Such Selections for School Use
Claude C. Crawford A Quantitative Study of the Results of Note-taking in College Classes
Shigeru Otomo An Experimental Study of the Eye Movements Made by Various Persons in Reading Japanese Texts of Different Forms
Homer Price Rainey A Study of School Costs in Ten High Schools in Illinois
Eston Valentine Tubbs A Study of Certain Items of Expenditure of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago
1925 Henry Eastman Bennett A Study of School Postures and Desk Dimensions
Nelson Louis Bossing The History of Educational Legislation in Ohio from 1851 to 1900
James Bartlett Edmonson The Legal and Consititutional Basis of the Public School System in Michigan
Carter Victor Good An Experimental Study of the Merits of Extensive and Intensive Reading in the Social Sciences
Harvey Christian Lehman The Play Activities of Persons of Different Ages
William Claude Reavis The Unit of School Finance in Illinois
Charles Henry Thompson Objective Determination of a Curriculum for the Training of Kindergarten Primary Teachers
Oscar Adolf Tingelestad The Religious Element in American School Readers up to 1830: A Bibliographical and Statistical Study
1926 Ernest Rudolf Breslich A Critical Examination and Experimental Reconstruction of Secondary School Mathematics
William Arthur Brownell An Experimental Study of the Development of Number Ideas in the Primary Grades
Joseph Cooper McElhannon The Financial Condition of Public-School Systems in Certain Texas Counties
Douglas Edgar Scates Selective Admission and Selective Retention of College Students at the University of Chicago
1927 Carl B. Althaus The Distribution of the Tax Burden of Township and Community High Schools in Illinois
Ralph Montague Hogan The Technique of Activity and Trait Analysis Applied to YMCA Executive Secretaties as a Basis for Curricular Materials
Milton Ezra Lazerte A Diagnosis of Difficulties Encountered in Solving Problems in Arithmetic
William Joseph McGucken Jesuit Secondary Education in the United States
Ralph Winfred Tyler Statistical Methods for Utilizing Personal Judgements to Evaluate Activities for Teacher-Training Curricula
James Vaughn An Experimental Study of the Effects of Various Types of Instruction on Behavior
1928 Fred Hayes Barber A Study of the Constitutional and Legal Basis of Public School Administration in Tennessee
Clarence Leon Clarke Tenure of Teachers in the Profession with Special Reference to Wisconsin
James Willis Clarson The Ability of High-School Students in Silent Reading and Its Correlation with Achievement in High School Subjects
Oscar Berry Douglas The Relation of Peripheral Vision to Reading
I Hu An experimental Study of the Reading Habits of Adult Chinese
John Munroe The Inconstancy of the Intelligence Quotient and the Influence of Environment upon Intelligence
John Marshall Newcomb A Comparative Study of Courses for the Training of Teachers
Edward Frederick Potthoff A Statistical and Analytical Study of the Selective Admission of College Students
Harold Herman Punké The Courts and Public-School Property
Calvin Schwartz Smith Public-School Land Policies of the State of Utah
1929 Aaron John Brumbaugh The Authority of Boards of Eduction in the Administration of Pupils and Teachers as Defined by the Courts
Russell Lewis Carl Butsch A Comparative Study of the Effects of Different Types of School-Building Ventilation on the Health of Pupils
Edgar Dale A Factual Basis for the Reorganization of the Curriculum in Arithmetic with Special Reference to Business Terms
William Henry Gray An Experimental Comparison of the Movements in Manuscript Writing and Cursive Writing
James Maurice McCallister An Analytical Study of Reading Deficiencies for Junior High School Pupils
Howard Yale McCluskey An Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Certain Conditions on the Reading of College Students
Josephine H. MacLatchy Attendance at Kindergarten and Progress in the Primary Grades
Ralph Henry Ojemann A Study of the Relation of Handedness to Speech with Emphasis on the Technic of Testing Handedness
Gordon Nevin Sanson The Diagnostic Value of a Test in Relation to Its Difficulty
1930 Wilbur Lee Beauchamp An Analytical Study of Attainment of Specific Learning Products in Elementary Science
Warren Daniel Bowman The Constitutional and Legal Basis of Public-School Administration in Virginia
Edwin Scott Lide Legal Basis of the Organization, Support and Control of City Schools
Harmon Luther Lowman The History of the Teacher-Training Institutions of the Gulf States
Herbert Theodore Olander Experimental Determination of the Degree of Transfer between Taught and Untaught Combinations in Simple Addition and Subtraction
Mary Christine Pavey Discrimination Difficulties in the Learning of Tense Forms in Irregular Verbs and of Case Forms of Pronouns
Herman Glenn Richey The Blood Pressure in Boys and Girls before and after Puberty and its Relation to Growth and Maturity
Dott Earl Zook A Study of the Physical Growth of Boys by Means of Water Displacement
1931 John L. Blair Significant Factors in the Prediction of the Success of College Freshman
Luther C. Gilbert An Experimental Investigation of Eye Movements in Learning to Spell Words
Herbert M. Hambin A Case Study of Teacher Training in a Separate Land-Grant College
William C. Hoppes The Development of Written Expression among Children of Elementary School Grades
Raymond W. Porter A Study of the Musical Talent of Chinese Attending Public Schools in Chicago
Henry C.Witherington A History of State Higher Education in Tennessee
1932 Helen C. Davis Specific Values of Educational Films Used as Supplementary Aids
Lee O. Garber The Legal Implications of the Concept of Education as a Function of the State
Katherine L. McLaughlin A Study of Number Ability in Children of Ages Three to Six
Harry A Perrin The Administration of the State Distributive Fund in Illinois
Herber H. Ryan A Study of the Concomitants of Disparity between Scholarship and Ability in a Secondary School
Robert C. Scarf Special Disability in Reading and Arithmetic
Clem O. Thompson The Extension Program of the University of Chicago
Arthur E. Traxler The Measurement and Improvement of Silent Reading at the Junior-High-School Level.
1933 Ethel M. Abernathy Relationship between Mental and Physical Growth
Arthur C. Boyce A Comparison of Two Forms of Persian Writing by Means of Scales Constructed and Standardized for the Purpose
Charles D. Flory The Physical Growth of Mentally Deficient Boys
Beatrice E. Leary Elements of Reading Materials Contributing to Difficulties in Comprehension on the Part of Adults
Clifford R. Maddox Marking Practice in Undergraduate Courses of the Various Departments of the University of Chicago
John A Nietz The Constitutional and Legal Bases of the Public School System of Pennsylvania
Arlyn Rosander The Construction of Social Attitude Scales
Fung C. Wang An Experimental Study of the Eye-movements in the Silent Reading of Chinese
1934 Ivan A Booker The Measurement and Improvement of Silent Reading among College Freshmen
Vincent A. Davis The Literature of Advanced School Readers in the United States, 1785-1900.
Joseph a. Humphreys Changes in Certain Aspects of the College of the University of Chicago Following the Inauguration of the New Plan (1931).
Santo A. Isidroy The Development of Written English Expression of Filipino Children
George C. Phipps An Experimental Study of the Reading of Shorthand
Paul R. Pierce The Origin and Development of the Public School Principalship
Stephen P. Ryder An Experimental Study of Potential Failures in College
Ernest T. Walker The Relationship of the Housing of Students to Success in a University
1935 Jordon Cavan The Student and the Financing of College; A Study of Student Fees, Student Aid, and Factors Affecting the Proportion of the Cost of Higher Education Born by the Student
Minnie Giesecke The Genesis of Hand Preference
Thomas M. Gilland The Origin and Development of the Power and Duties of the City-School Superintendent
Harold B. Lamport A History of the Teaching of Beginning Reading
Rhey B. Parsons Teacher Education in Tennessee
Alfred J. Pyke Functional Thinking and the Study of Functional Relations in Elementary Algebra
Donald L. Simon Turnover Among Teachers in  the Smaller Secondary Schools of Indiana
James F. Webb A Study of the Business Administration of Teachers Colleges
David S. Woods Financing the Schools of Rural Manitoba


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