University of Chicago Department of Social Science
 Listed and Cross-listed Courses Taught by Instructors in Other Departments, 18931930

The information in this table was build up through content analysis of course descriptions published in the University of Chicago's Annual Register. As with other tables in this series, "Department of Social Science" is used as a convenient name for the administrative unit that included Sociology, Anthropology and Sanitary Science. As far as this table is concerned, the last inclusion of Anthropology and Sanitary Science has little effect. During the reporting period, no courses of the type documented in the table were listed in the series of documents reviewed.

This table collects together two types of course taught by instructors from outside the department: "Listed courses" refers to courses included in the numbered listing of courses offered by the Department with no indication that the course is being taught outside of the department, other than the name of the instructor associated with the course. "Cross-listed courses" refers to courses included in the numbered listing of courses by the Department, identified as being taught in another department by addition of its alternative course listing in the other department. 

One entry in the table provides a good example. In 1914,  Professor Hoben from the Department of Education taught "Moral Education and Juvenile Delinquency." The course appeared twice in "the Department's" listings for that year (see Annual Register (1913-14): 161, 165), first cross listed among "Intermediate Courses", then listed among the "Graduate Courses" in the "Social Technology" area.

Example of a cross-listed course:
Example of Cross-listed course entry
Example of a listed course:
Example of listed course entries

Listed and Cross-listed Courses Taught by Instructors in Other Departments
Academic Year
1890s 1900s1910s1920s
2345678901234567 8901234567890123 456789Inst.Dept
The State as an Agent for Social Amelioration and Reform   l l l                                                                     Bemis PoEc
Trades Unionism and Cooperation     l l                                                                     Bemis PoEc
Egyptian Life and Antiquities             c c c c c c l l c c                                             Breasted VII
Development and Organization of the Press                                         c c                                 Grabo Engl
Social Psychology                                             c                               Mead Psyc
Introduction to Statistics                                             c                               Field PoEc
Elements of Law                                             c                               Freund PoSc
Abnormal Psychology                                             c                               Hayes Psych
Psychopathic, Retarded and Mentally Deficient Children                                             c                               Stevens Educ
Moral Education and Juvenile Delinquency                                             l                                 Hoben Educ
Evolution of Morality                                             c                               Tufts Phil
Psychology of Religion                                             c                               Ames Phil
Psychology of Religious Groups                                             c                               Ames Phil
Population, the Standard of Living, and Eugenics                                             c                               Field PoEc
Vital Statistics                                             c                               Field PoEc
Trade Unionism                                             c                               Hoxie PoSc
Family Rehabilitation                                             l                               Breckenridge HoAd
The Child and the State                                             l                               Breckenridge HoAd
The Economic Position of Women                                             l                               Breckenridge HoAd
Social Family Case Work                                                         l                   Young SSA
Social Insurance                                                         l                   Abbott SSA
Crime and Its Social Treatment                                                         l                   Abbott SSA
Social Statistics                                                         l                   Abbott SSA
Methods of Social Investigation                                                         l                   Abbott SSA
The Church and Society                                                   l     l l l l l l l l     Matthews SyTh
  l  indicates a listed course
  c  indicates a cross-listed course
  * Educ = Education; Engl = English; HoAd = Household Administration; Phil = Philosophy; PoEc = Political Economy; PoSc = Political Science; Psyc = Psychology; SSA = School of Social Administration; SyTh = Systematic Theology.


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