A Gallery of Presidents
 of the American Sociological Society and the American Sociological Association
(1906 to 1964)

We first put this page together when looking at links between mainstream Sociology, sociological Social Psychology and Mead.

Photographs with colored backgrounds highlight Presidents of the American Sociological Society who were notable contributors to the development of American Social Psychology. Those highlighted in black were students or colleagues of Mead.

A full list of Presidents can be found at the ASA website.  We have ended the list at 1969 because after that date, no President had a direct relationship with Mead.

There are larger images available by clicking on the thumbnails.  Where the names appear in bold face, biographical notes from Howard Odum's American Sociology (1951) are included. Those active in Social Psychology have the upper left outlined in yellow. Colleagues and students of Mead are outlined in red on the lower right edge.

Term Name Social
 to Mead
Lester F. Ward   Lester Ward
William Graham Sumner     William Graham Sumner
Franklin H. Giddings   Franklin H. Giddings
Albion W. Small   Albion W. Small
Edward A. Ross     Edward A. Ross
1916 George E. Vincent George E. Vincent
1917 George E. Howard     George E. Howard
1918 Charles H. Cooley Charles Horton Cooley
1919 Franklin W. Blackmar     Frank Blackmar
1920 James Q. Dealey     James Dealey
1921 Edward Carey Hayes     Edward C. Hayes
1922 James P. Lichtenberger     James Lichtenberger
1923 Ulysses G. Weatherly     Ulysses Weatherly
1924 Charles A. Ellwood Charles Ellwood
1925 Robert Ezra Park   Robert Park
1926 John L. Gillin     John L. Gillin
1927 William Isaac Thomas W. I. Thomas
1928 John M. Gillette     John Gillette
1929 William F. Ogburn   William Ogburn
1930 Howard W. Odum     Howard Odum
1931 Emory S. Bogardus Emory Bogardus
1932 Luther Lee Bernard L. L. Bernard
1933 E. B. Reuter E. B. Reuter
1934 Ernest W. Burgess   Ernest Burgess
1935 F. Stuart Chapin     Stuart Chapin
1936 Harry Pratt Fairchild     H. P. Fairchild
1937 Ellsworth Faris Ellsworth Faris
1938 Frank H. Hankins     Frank Hankins
1939 Edward H. Sutherland Edwin Sutherland
1940 Robert M. MacIver     Robert MacIver
1941 Stuart A. Queen Stuart Queen
1942 Dwight Sanderson   Dwight Sanderson
1943 George A. Lundberg     George Lundberg
1944 Rupert B. Vance     Rupert Vance
1945 Kimball Young Kimball Young
1946 Carl C. Taylor     Carl Taylor
1947 Louis Wirth   Louis Wirth
1948 E. Franklin Frazier     E. Franklin Frazier
1949 Talcott Parsons     Talcott Parsons
1950 Leonard S. Cottrell Leonard S. Cottrell
1951 Robert Cooley Angell     Robert Angell
1952 Dorothy Swaine Thomas   Dorothy Swaine Thomas
1953 Samuel A. Stouffer Samuel Stouffer
1954 Florian W. Znaniecki Florian Znaniecki
1955 Donald Young   Donald Young
1956 Herbert Blumer Herbert Blumer
1957 Robert K. Merton   Robert Mertom
1958 Robin M. Williams, Jr.     Robin M. Willliams
1959 Kingsley Davis     Kingsley Davis
1960 Howard Becker   Howard Becker
1961 Robert E. Lee Faris     Robert E. L. Faris
1962 Paul F. Lazarfeld     Paul Lazarfeld
1963 Everett C. Hughes     E.C. Hughes
1964 George C. Homans   George Homans
1965 Pitrim A. Sorokin     Pitrim Sorokin
1966 Wilbert E. Moore     Wibert Moore
1967 Charles P. Loomis     Charles Loomis
1968 Philip M. Hauser   Philip Hauser
1969 Arnold M. Rose     Arnold Rose
1969 Ralph Turner     Ralph Turner


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