Review of Life and Death: A Study in Biology

Life and Death: A Study in Biology. By DR. E. TEICHMANN. Translated by A. M. SIMONS. Chicago: Charles. H. Kerr Co., 1906. Pp. 158.

This small volume in the "Library of Science for Workers" is a clear and interesting account of the most fundamental life-phenomena, and represents what may be called the "missing link" in the modern system of education. It is an at-tempt to bring the results of scientific pursuit to the popular mind in a generalized form. Huxley did it successfully, and the magazines are doing the same thing. But in general the scientist is so intensively engaged that he will not present his findings in a generalized form, and they leak out as best they may. In the industrial pursuits, where money is involved, there is a class of specialists engaged in carrying scientific results over into practice. But the social interests are not so well served, and in consequence there is a sharp break between consciousness of the world at large and the consciousness of the scientific world. We are glad to welcome a book which. makes intelligence more general and consciousness more homogeneous.

William Isaac THOMAS


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