Review of The Evolution of Sex

The Evolution of Sex. By PROFESSORS PATRICK GEDDES AND J. ARTHUR THOMPSON. Second edition. London: Walter Scott; New York: Imported by Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901. Pp. xx + 342. $1.50.

THE student of any science is compelled to use the results of other sciences related to his own, though recognizing that these results are not complete or final ; and the student of society who is occupied with the question of the relation of the facts of sex and reproduction to social life finds, perhaps, in this volume the best statement on the biological side of the meaning of sex.

During the ten years which have passed since the first edition the authors have been diverging biologically —one toward a neo-Lamarckian position, the other toward a neo-Darwinian one; but they remain agreed in the main on the fundamental propositions of sex and reproduction set forth in the first edition.



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