Review of The Races of Man

The Races of Man : An Outline of Anthropology and Ethnography. By J. DENIKER, Chief Librarian of the Museum of Natural History, Paris. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900. Pp. xxiii +603. With 176 illustrations and 2 maps.

THIS is a volume in the "Contemporary Science" series edited by Havelock Ellis, and is a very successful attempt to present the subjects of anthropology and ethnology in a single volume. While designed for the general public, the author justly anticipates that the work will be consulted with profit by specialists in ethnology and sociology. A surprising amount of detail is worked into the book, and the author is as safe a guide as one can follow in this field. The bibliographical notes are copious, and cover all departments of anthropology, ethnology, and folk-psychology, and the illustrations are excellent. A number of suggestive chapters are devoted to the sociological characters of the natural races. On the whole, Dr. Deniker's work may be compared very favorably with that of Mr. Keane in the same field.



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