Review of Woman Under Monasticism

Woman under Monasticism : Chapters on Saint-Lore and Convent Life between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1500. By LINA ECKENSTEIN. Macmillan & Co. (Cambridge Press), 1896. 8vo, 496pp. $4.

A BOOK from the Cambridge Press bearing the title, Woman under Monasticism, naturally arouses all the interest of the student of sociology, who expects to find here set forth the influence of the medieval church upon womankind. The present volume, however, does not deal primarily with the influence of monastic upon domestic institutions, but is rather a history of those women who devoted themselves to the church, and of the convents in which they resided. It is consequently designed as a contribution to church history rather than sociology. It is nevertheless not only a most admirable work of its kind, but one of the most valuable books accessible to the student of the social meaning of sex.



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