The Chicago Sunday Evening Club

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A successful religious institution has been established in the business district of Chicago under the name of the Sunday Evening Club. The president and leader is Rev. Clifford W. Barnes, a young Presbyterian minister. The club holds two religious services every Sunday evening in Orchestra Hall. Its appeal is primarily to strangers and traveling men who are spending Sunday in the hotels; and through its Committee on Church Affiliation it also seeks to interest resident non-churchgoers, and to put such persons in touch with the Chicago churches.

The first meeting begins at 7 o'clock. This is a gospel song service and New Testament study, and has an attendance of more than 1,700. Close upon this comes the second service, which has an attendance of about 2,500. This is an inspirational and educational meeting, and is usually addressed by some speaker of national reputation. Many of the foremost clergymen of America and Great Britain, as well as men and women prominent in other walks of life, have spoken at these meetings. Over 75 per cent of the audience are men. Music is furnished by a trained choir of eighty voices, a quartette of soloists, and the Orchestra Hall organ. Further information about this vital undertaking may be had from the executive offices of the club, 10 South La Salle St., Chicago.


  1. This bill, with few substantial amendments, was passed by the Chicago City Council since the JOURNAL went to press and will probably be signed by the Mayor. At the behest of the United Societies all parts of the act tending to enforce the state law closing saloons on Sunday were eliminated and the inspection provided for in Section 26 was made the duty of the Inspector of Moral Conditions.

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