Review of The Polish Peasant in Europe and America

Albion Small

The Polish Peasant in Europe and America. Vol. I, Primary Group Organization. Pp. xix+526; Vol. II, Primary-Group Organization. Pp. 588. By WILLIAM I. THOMAS and FLORIAN ZNANIECKI. The University of Chicago Press, 1918.

The sociology staff in the University of Chicago has a peculiar interest in the Thomas-Znaniecki work, the first two volumes of which have just appeared. Under the circumstances it would obviously be improper for a member of this group to assume the function of reviewer. It will violate no propriety, however, to anticipate the review which will presently appear by advising general sociologists that the title of this work fails to indicate its relation to their special interests. The opening chapter, entitled "Methodological Note," occupies eighty-six pages. It is a discussion of certain fundamentals of method which, whatever be the appraisal of their value, no sociological investigator can afford to overlook.    A. W. S.


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