The Survey

After some discussion, due to the fear of some of the national agencies concerned that by joining the National American Council they would lose freedom of action or bind themselves to policies of which they did not wholly approve, twenty organizations engaged in Americanization work or in education in patriotism and citizenship, at a recent meeting in New York city, unanimously formed such a council and adopted the constitution referred to in the SURVEY for March 26 with certain minor changes. David Jayne Hill was elected president; Charles D. Orth, of the National Security League; F. W. Galbraith, Jr., of the American Legion, and Albert Shields, of the Inter-Racial Council, vice-presidents; Allen T. Burns, of the Interstate Council on Immigrant Education, treasurer; and James E. West, of the Boy Scouts of America, secretary. Local and state agencies with a local or state sphere of activity may join the council if willing to form national groups with others engaged in similar groups.


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