World-Wide War on Vice

The Survey

The international order of B'nai B'rith at its recent convention held in Europe instituted a world-wide campaign against the white slave traffic and is informing organizations in different countries engaged in similar work of the action taken by the order, with a view of securing their co-operation. The plan of procedure includes the following policies: to enlist the press of the entire world in aiding the fight against the trade in girls and women; to organize special committees in the cities on the border and at harbors; to appoint well qualified agents to be their executives for supervision and control; to distribute warnings against the traders by printed circulars and notices; to unite women's organizations for preventing the traffic; to send itinerant speakers to all lands; to teach adolescent youth the dangers of the social vice; to establish in every country an information bureau which shall be responsible and effective; to organize in the greater cities agencies for the protection of women and girls who are traveling; and for the purpose of carrying out this work, to establish central bureaus of the order in Berlin, for Europe, and in Chicago for America. With special reference to the situation in the Orient, it was decided to investigate the laws and ordinances of Turkey for the purpose of securing the prevention of the white slave traffic by the punishment of the white slave traders; to investigate the traffic, the forms under which it is conducted, the customs to which it is related, the people who are engaged in it and the extent to which it is carried on; to advise with regard to the ways and means of fighting it in different localities; to provide for the supervision of boat and railway traffic; to make provision for girls and women rescued from the traffic and to secure agents to carry out these plans.


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