The American Social Hygiene Association, Inc [1917]

The American Social Hygiene Association, Inc

105 West Fortieth Street, New York City

Charles W. Elliot, Cambridge, Mass
Abram W. Harris, New York City

E. A. Alderman
Robert S. Brookings

William T. Foster
Felix M Warburg

Miss Jane Addams
R. Fulton Cutting
James Cardinal Gibbons
O. Edward Janney, M.D.
David Starr Jordan
Walter T. Sumner
Henry L. Higginson, Boston, Mass.
Donald R. Hooker, M.D., Baltimore, Md
Abram W. Harris, Chairman
Thomas M. Balliet, New York Henry James, Jr. New York
Hermann M. Biggs, M.D., New York Edward L. Keyes, Jr. M.D, New York
Hugh Cabot, M.D. Boston Delcevare King, Boston
Mrs. Henry D. Dakin, New York Lawrence Litchfield, M.D. Pittsburgh
William A. Evans, M.D., Chicago Thomas S. McLane, New York
Mrs. Martha P. Falconer, Darlington, Pa. James Bronson Reynolds, New York
Jerome D. Greene, New York Mrs. Raymond Robins, Chicago
William A. Greer, New York E. R. A. Seligman, New York
Thomas N. Hepburn, M.D. Hartford William F. Snow, M.D., New York
Donald R. Hooker, M.D., Baltimore Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer, Meadville, Pa.
Edward Jackson, M.D. Denver Percy Werner, St. Louis
William Freeman Snow, M.D.
General Secretary, Education Department
James H. Foster
Assistant Secretary
Timothy Newell Pfeiffer
Central States Division
Walter Clarke, Field Secretary, 122 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill
Western States Division
Bascom Johnson, Field Secretary, 637 Phelan Building, San Francisco, Calif.


Purpose: "The purpose of this Association shall be to acquire and diffuse knowledge of the established principles and practices and of any new methods, which promote or give assurance of promoting social health; to advocate the highest standards of private and public morality; to suppress commercialized vice; to organize the defense of the community by every available means, educational, sanitary, or legislative, against the disease of vice; to conduct on request inquiries into the present condition of prostitution and the venereal diseases in American towns and cities; and to secure mutual acquaintance and sympathy and cooperation among the local societies for these and similar purposes."

Membership: "Members of this Association shall be either individuals or societies." Individual members and their dues are grouped as follows: Founders: $1000 a year for three years or more; Patrons, $500 a year for a year or more; Benefactors, $250 a year for a year or more; Life members, $100 a year for a year or more; Sustaining Members , those who give $10 a year during their membership; Members, those who give $5 a year during their membership.

"Any society organized for or carrying out in whole or in part the general purposes specified in the constitution may be elected to membership in this Association upon payment of annual dues of not less than $10, but shall preserve its autonomy and independence as a local organization.



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