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Eleven Vice Consuls Assigned — Eight Other Changes Made in Foreign Service.

 Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. The consulate at Toronto has been raised to a consulate general and Emil Sauer of Doss, Texas, the consul there, has been promoted to consul general.

Other changes in the foreign service the past week were announced by the State Department today as follows:

MONROE B. HALL of New York City, vice consul at Kobe, who has been temporarily serving as vice consul at Dairen, Manchuria, assigned vice consul at Mukden.

JOHN K. CALDWELL, of Berea, Ky., now detailed to the Department of State, assigned consul general at Sydney, Australia.

EDWARD B. RICHARDSON of Boston, consul at Antfagasia, Chile, on leave in the United States, assigned vice consul at Medan, Sumatra.

EDWARD B. THOMAS of Illinois, consul at Mukden, assigned consul at Dairen, Manchuria.

JOHN M. Allison of Lincoln, Neb., vice consul at Kobe, assigned as language officer at the embassy in Tokio.

MAURICE J. CHILTON of San Francisco, vice consul at Toronto, appointed vice consul at Sherbrooke, Canada.

H. CLAREMONT MOSES of Sumter, S. C., former vice consul at Rosario, appointed vice consul at Saltillo.

OVERTON G. ELLIS Jr., of Tacoma, confirmed as Foreign Service officer, unclassified, a vice consult of career and secretary in the diplomatic service and directed to report to the Foreign Office Training School for instruction.

MILTON K. WELLS of Bristow Okla., and FRANCIS L. SPALDING of Brookline, Mass., confirmed as Foreign Service officers, unclassified, vice consuls of career and secretaries in the diplomatic service and detailed to the Department of State for Duty.

The following officers have been confirmed and assigned as vice consuls:

L. RANDOLPH HIGGS of West Point, Miss., at Tampico.

GREGOR C. MERRILL of Berkeley, Cal., at Bucharest.

CARL BREUER of Locust Valley, N. Y., at Zurich.

FREDERICK E. FARNSWORTH of Colorado Springs at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

PATRICK MALLON OF Cincinnati at Nassau, Bahamas.

JAMES E. HENDERSON of San Francisco at Vancouver.

DOUGLAS JAMES of Brooklyn at Alexandria.

REGINALD S. CAREY of Baltimore at Berlin.

REGINALD BRAGONIER Jr. of Baltimore at Warsaw.

ROBERT M. McCLINTOCK of Altadena Cal., at Panama.

ORRAY TAFT Jr. of Santa Barbara, Cal., at Guadalajara Mexico.


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