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One-Time Colleague of Professor Dewey Succumbs at Age of 68 in Chicago

Special to The New York Times

CHICAGO. April 26 — Professor George Herbert Mead, chairman of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Chicago, and considered by scholars to be one of the foremost philosophers of the present, died suddenly last evening of heart disease at the home of his son, Dr. Henry Mead.

Professor Mead was born in South Hadley, Mass. sixty-eight years ago. He was educated at Oberlin College, Harvard, and the University of Leipzig and Berlin. Professor Mead was a colleague of Professor John Dewey at the University of Michigan and University of Chicago.

The teachings of Professor Mead won him recognition from philosophy groups, and last Winter he delivered the Carus lectures at the University of California under the auspices of the American Philosophical Association.

He published many important articles in philosophy journals. He cam to the University of Chicago in 1894. He tendered his resignation last autumn, to become effective at the end of the Spring quarter, to accept a year’s appointment at Columbia University, beginning next fall. Surviving Professor Mead are his son and a sister, Mrs. Alice N. Swing, who is now in London.


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