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Three Resign, Including D. F. Wilber of New York, Consul General at Wellington.
A. F. Tower and Two Others Are Called to State Department.

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WASHINGTON, May 13. — The following changes in personnel of the Consular Service are announced:

Consul Charles H. Albrecht of Pennsylvania, from Danzig to Bangkok.

Vice Consul Charles A. Amsden of New Mexico, from Marseilles to Basle.

Consul Norman Landerson of Wisconsin, to Melbourne.

John G. Atcherson Jr. of California, appoint Vice Consul and Interpreter at Changsha.

Paul Bowerman of Michigan, appointed Vice Consul at Berlin.

Richard P. Butrick of New York, to remain at Iquique as Vice Consul; transfer to Valparaiso cancceled.

Consul Parker W. Buhrman of Virginia, from Soerabaya to Aleppo.

Vice Consul Alfred D. Cameron of Washington, to Marseilles.

Consul Harold D. Clum of New Jersey, from Santiago de Cuba, to Consul at Königsberg.

Consul Alfred W. Donegan of Alabama, from Königsberg to Patras.

Consul Maurice P. Dunlap of Minnesota, from Bangkok to United States.

Vice Consul E. Kitchel Farrand of Illinois, to Buenos Aires.

Vice Consul Peter H. A. Flood, of New Hampshire, to Tampico.

Vice Consul Richard Ford of Oklahoma, to Columbo.

Vice Consul George G. Fuller of New York, to Jerusalem.

Hugh S. Fullerton of Ohio, from Lyons to Havre, temporarily.

Charles T. Hearin of Alabama, Vice Consul at Beirut, resigned.

Consul George Norton of Illinois, from State Department to Budapest.

Consul J. Klahr Huddle of Ohio, from Hamburg to State Department.

Vice Consul Joel C. Hudson of Missouri, to Wellington.

Vice Consul George R. Hukill of Delaware, to Batavia.

Consul Jesse B. Jackson of Ohio, from Aleppo to Leghorn.

Vice Consul William I. Jackson of Illinois, from Bordeaux to Hamburg.

Consul Edwin C. Kemp of Florida, from Budapest to Danzig.

Consul Fred W. Kliefort of Wisconsin, to the State Department.

Vice Consul Charles W. Lewis of Michigan, to Manchester.

Vice Consul John McArdle of Pennsylvania, to Mexico City.

Consul Lucien Memminger of South Carolina, from Leghorn to Bordeaux.

William J. Pike of Pennsylvania, Consul at Strasbourg, died April 23, 1923.

Vice Consul Austin R. Preston of New York, from Melbourne to Auckland.

Vice Consul Talbot Smith of Connecticut, from Tientsin to Berlin.

Vice Consul F. LeRoy Spangler of Kansas, from Berlin to Sofia.

Consul George K. Stiles of Maryland, From Patras to Stavanger.

Vice Consul Edward B. Thomas of Illinois, from Chita to Hamburg.

Arthur F. Tower of New York, newly appointed Consular Assistant, detailed to State Department.

David F. Wilber of New York, Consul General at Wellington, resigned.

Vice Consul Rollin R. Winslow of Michigan, from Batavia to Soerabaya.

Vice Consul Granville O. Woodward, of California, to Tientsin.

Cathey M. Berry of Arkansas, appointed Consular Agent at San Pedro de Macoris.

William H. Brown of New Jersey, from Port au Prince to Halifax.

F. P. Phillips Case of Michigan, appointed Vice Consul at Madras.

Charles B. Dyar of Massachusetts, appointed Vice Consul at Stettin.

William E. Holland of Tennessee, from Breslau to Leeds.

Walter J. Linthleum of Maryland from Palermo to Marseilles.

Daniel Miller of Maryland, appointed Vice Consul at London.

Joseph T. Moran of Massachusetts, from Santo Domingo to Port au Prince.

Charles F. Pennington of Maryland from Marseilles to Palermo.

Frederick S. Pray from New Hampshire, Vice Consul at Vladivostok, died.

Frank H. Rediker of Minnesota, from Stuttgart to Hamburg.

Harry W. Story of North Carolina, appointed Vice Consul at Santiago de Cuba.

Theodore J. E. Umbeck of Missouri, appointed Vice Consul at Bucharest.

Hernan C. Vongenitz of Ohio, from Oporto to Lisbon.

Frederick S. Weaver of Missouri, appointed Vice Consul at Vancouver.

Francis T. Wilson of Connecticut, resigned as Consular Agent at San Pedro de Macoris.


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