New York Times

No Enemy Alien Will Be Left Near Any Water Front.

Special to the New York Times

CHICAGO, Nov. 25. — Ousting of Germans from barred under President Wilson’s recent proclamation will begin in Chicago tomorrow under the direction of United States Marshal John J. Bradley.
    Male enemy aliens over age of 14 will be forced to move immediately from with 100 yards of all docks, wharves, and warehouses near the Calumet River and the Chicago River and its branches. Unless orders from Washington direct him to the contrary Marshal Bradley will force every German man living within 100 yards of the lake front from South Chicago to Evanston to move.
    “How many Germans the President’s order will affect here we do not know,” said Marshal Bradley tonight. “The Government census of 1910 shows that there were approximately 23,000 in Chicago. Of these I think about 12,000 would be classified under the term “male aliens over the age of 14 years.’ It is probable that only a small number of this 12,000 live within the barred zones.


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