New York Times

People’s Council Will Take a Tent — Patriotic Meeting Indorsed

The People’s Council has lost the hall in which it planned to hold its peace convention in Minneapolis, beginning on Sept. 1. It now plans to hold its meeting in a tent.

A telegram was received at 70 Fifth Avenue, the headquarters of the council, yesterday from Louis P. Lochner, its Secretary, saying that he found it impossible to obtain the use of a large hall in Minneapolis and therefore had leased thirty-five acres on which to erect a tent or tents.

The convention which is to be held by labor leaders and patriotic Socialists at the same time as the pacifist meeting received messages of approval from all parts of the country yesterday. Among them was a telegram from Judge Ben B. Lindsey of Denver, saying: “Heartily favor plan. Add my name.” John H. Walker, President of the Illinois Federation of Labor, telegraphed that he was doing everything he could to make the patriotic meeting a success. The New Jersey State Federation of Labor, yesterday adopted resolutions denouncing the so-called Workmen’s Council and indorsing the Minneapolis patriotic meeting.


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