New York Times

Chicago Overflow Meeting Broken Up by Insult to President.

CHICAGO, Ill., May 27. — While a "Terms of Peace" meeting was proceeding at the Auditorium this afternoon, members of an overflow peace meeting in Grant Park near by were in a riot. Government agents fought with the mob, and two patrol wagon loads of policemen answered a call. Eight men and women were gathered in, the police hitting every head that bobbed up.

The riot started after a crowd turned away from the Auditorium trooped over to the Park, and George Koop, once Socialist candidate for Mayor, mounted a soapbox and spoke.

"I will introduce a man who will tell you the workers’ idea of the war," Koop concluded, and gave up his soapbox rostrum to Dan S. Lyman.

"Why do you American workingmen want to fight the workingmen of Germany when we have such a ----- for President?" Lyman began.

"Hoch der Kaiser" came a cry from the crowd.

A newspaper reporter and a soldier rushed forward and swung their fists at Lyman. Both missed their aim, but the soldier’s fist felled one of Lyman’s supporters.

Frederick Pischel, a member of the Chicago Permanent Committee for Terms of Peace, disclaimed on behalf of the committee any responsibility for the overflow meetings. There was no disorder in the Auditorium, where the main meeting was held under the auspices of the committee. Federal Secret Service men and city policemen stationed inside the theatre had nothing more thrilling to do than join with the audience in the applause and in the singing of "America," "The Marseillaise," and "The Star-Spangled Banner."


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