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University of Toledo Gives Him Chair of Economics and Politics.

    PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 14 — Dr. Scott Nearing, whose relation as Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania was not renewed, which action stirred up a controversy over academic free speech, has accepted the deanship of arts and sciences at the University of Toledo. He will teach economics and political and social sciences at the Ohio institution.

Special to The New York Times.

    TOLEDO, Oct. 14. — Toledo University authorities are jubilant over Professor Scott Nearing’s acceptance of their offer. The appointment, they say, is another instance of their desire to make the university of as much assistance as possible to the people. The appointment is in line with the social service plans of the university. Professor R. J. Colbert, Professor of Sociology in Toledo University, who has known Nearing for three years, said:
“Nearing is coming to Toledo to make good his ideas of the place a municipal university should hold in modern life. Nearing is a young man with a vision and he holds that vision of more value than a large income. Nearing sees in Toledo University great possibilities. He is coming to Toledo to help us build a great university, one that unites theory with practice and trains for life.


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